The twins had fallen into a light nap as they sat in the chair close to the Interceptor's engine room. The warmth radiating from the room was warm and soothing, fueling the want for a nap in which they could enjoy the warmth. They were so sleepy and content that they did not stir when they were picked up and set back down in someone's lap. In fact, they didn't even realize they had been moved until after they had awoken. When they did, though, they smiled a bit and cuddled into the person holding them.

"You're back-"

"daddy." Razer petted their heads soothingly, causing them to droop back off into slumber.

"That's right, I'm back," he mumbled, "now you two just go back to sleep." They nodded their sleepy little heads and let themselves doze off again. Under his breath, Razer hummed a melody he remembered from when he was a child. The soft, constant sound soothed the twins and allowed them to sleep peacefully and without any dreams. Razer was just beginning to feel himself fall asleep as well, when he heard the door to the Interceptor open. He clutched the two close to him, shielding them from the blast of cold, until the door was closed once more.

"Hey Razer, we're back. Miss us?" Razer stared at Hal without care.

"Not especially, I was actually just enjoying the lack of annoyances until you returned." Kilowog repressed his inner drill sergeant's urge to smack him on the head for talking back to a 'superior officer'. To prevent this, he crossed his arms and spoke through gritted teeth.

"Bundle up, Poozer. You're coming into the caves with us. Hal wants you to help us set up defenses in the tunnel networks. Razer tried his best to look unknowing of the situation.

"Defenses? Against what or whom?"

"Space pirates," Kilowog said simply. Razer narrowed his eyes at the phrase. There were many people he despised. One of which was space pirates, who ranked right below warlords in his books. He shook the two on his lap awake, and they climbed sleepily off of him and stood rubbing their eyes. With a grimace, Razer picked up his children and made sure he had up a barrier of red energy before they even opened the door. The snow was so thick and the wind so strong, they could almost see the wafting threads of cold pass around the red energy.

"You doing okay, Razer?" Hal asked as they floated the gap between the ship and the caves.

"Only being fueled by the fear of my blood freezing in my veins. Other than that, I'm feeling absolutely wonderful," Razer snarked in a deadpan tone. Aliana and Raxor shivered and whimpered at the view of the cold around them, which only fueled Razer to want to get inside to someplace warm as quickly as possible. It took only a couple of moments in reality to get to the hidden cave entrance, but by the time they managed to get inside, Razer already felt himself begin to slow down.

"See? That wasn't too horrible, now was it?" Hal asked in a cheerful tone. At Razer's feet, the twins were shivering and huddled together for warmth. Razer, though normally with a faintly bluish, was a bit white at the edges.

"Oh yes, forcing three cold-blooded creatures, two of them barely more than children, to be exposed to an environment that would invariably be hostile to them and could possibly cause them death. It was not horrible in the slightest." Hal kept a straight face through the deadpan insult Razer had just dished out. Kilowog was annoyed by the Red Lantern's complaints, but knew he had a point. His Red Lantern suit may have given him a certain level of protection, but the children were still exposed and dependent on the shields to keep them from freezing.

"Well, we're here, and that's all that matters," Hal said, trying to keep the mood light. "So, Mr. Red Lantern Army strategist, we could use some help in planning a defense against some space pirates. Feel like lending a hand?" Razer gave him a cold look and crossed his arms.

"Seeing as you've already dragged me out here, I may as well." He followed them to the main room, and the children looked around with interest at the intricate carvings on the cave walls, most likely done for decorative or cultural purposes by the inhabitants.

"Daddy, how is the cave staying bright-"

"-when we're getting so deep underground?"

"Glow worms," he said simply. Kilowog paused and looked at him with mild interest.

"Wait, how did you know that?" Razer showed no sort of emotion as he went ahead walking.

"Simple. I looked up." Kilowog frowned and made it so he was at pace with Hal and Aya.

"I'm serious, doesn't anyone else get the feeling that the Poozer is hiding something from us?" Aya looked straight ahead as she responded.

"Probability highly suggests so, however, I feel that now would not be the best time to ask such, considering we are preparing to fight a group of pirates." Kilowog grunted and sent a look back at Razer, whose focus was on his children at the time.

"Well, either way, I'm keeping a close eye on him."