"Seven… eight… nine," Jade continued counting. What is he waiting for, she wondered. Only silence answered her.

"Ten" she finally let herself say with a heavy heart.

It was then that the truth sunk in. Beck wasn't coming after her. In a moment of weakness, Jade reached tenderly for the Vega door, but she stopped herself and backed away. If Beck wasn't coming for her, why should she go for him? So she did the only thing a strong Jade West would do; she walked away.

Slamming her car door, she started the engine and wasted no time in driving away. She gave Beck a choice already and he made it. Why wait any longer for a boy who wasn't going to come? The rest of her car ride was in numb silence. She couldn't seem to feel anything, much less think. Finally she arrived home. Jade slammed her car door again – for good measure – and walked up to unlock her front door. It was empty, as usual; her mother must have been working late again. She closed the door behind herself, locked it, and continued into the still-dark home.

As she walked upstairs and into her bedroom, it finally hit her. She and Beck were over. She would never hear him say "I love you" to her again. She would no longer be able to hold his hand or touch his lips. Like at the Vega's doorstep, the sadness made her long to just go running back to him.

But along with the sadness came anger. How could Beck just let her walk away? After all they'd been through together, how could he just let her go so easily? She gave him a choice, damn it, and he chose wrong. Did she mean anything to him at all? Jade could just imagine him continuing the game of cards without her, laughing and smiling with all their friends and not even giving a second thought about the breakup.

Suddenly, she felt something wet slide down her cheek. That couldn't be right though, she was supposed to be mad at him, furious even. More tears fled down her cheeks, coming faster and faster. How could he? How could he just let her go? She repeated these questions in her head as she tried her best to hold her tears back.

"Why?" she asked herself through her tears. Why was she crying over this stupid boy? Why did she have to care? Why didn't he open up that door to follow her? Why did he let her walk away?

Why… did she have to love him so much?

Finally, she gave up on holding her tears back and freely began to sob. Alone and in her dark bedroom, Jade West cried her heart out. She would have plenty of time to be furiously angry tomorrow, but tonight, she would cry herself to sleep. And maybe, just maybe, the heartache would be gone by the time she woke up. Maybe.

The End

Just a short little one-shot I thought I'd write. I saw the Victorious episode "The Worst Couple" and just found it so sad when Jade realized he wasn't coming after her. It kinda hit close to home since an ex-boyfriend of mine and I had a slightly similar situation. Sooo yeah, anyway, sorry it's so short and if it's a little OC for Jade x_x my writing hasn't really been up-to-par since I've kinda lost my motivation for it. I'm hoping that doing this small thing will help that out... at least a little bit. Please review~ It makes the world of authors go round ^^... or it makes ME happy anyway..