Mysteries of the Past Unfolds

A Supernatural and Multiple Crossover Story

Chapter One

Author's Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. Eric Kirpke is the one that created the wonderful world of Supernatural. I do not own anything from Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is the one that created the amazing world of Harry Potter. I do not own anything from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon is the one that created the brilliant world of Buffy. The only thing I own is my imagination (You can't have it!) and how I make my ideas for this story come true. :)

Summary: This is a new version of the story! It all began with a deal and then soon ended with the death of a mother. As John Winchester tries to overcome his sorrow and pain at the death of his wife, he begins his own mission for revenge. As the oldest, Harper Winchester is forced with the weight of protecting and watching over his three younger brothers, taking care of his father when he forgets, training to become a hunter like his father, and trying to keep his siblings oblivious to the darkness in the night.

As the second oldest, Dean Winchester learns just what the meaning of being "the middle child" really is. Dean soon discovers that perhaps he'd been fortunate to not be the oldest and deal with the pressure his father puts on his big brother. Though Dean still deals with the weight of watching his baby brothers Sam and Alex. While also trying to keep his brother from collapsing at the weight he's been forced to hold on his shoulders.

As the twins and youngest of the family, Sam and Alex Winchester have never truly wanted the life of traveling to town and cities, from hotels and motels and never really making friends. At lease they were fortunate enough to have each other, and their big brothers. They loved their family and the meaning their life gave them, but sometimes they wished for the normal life, with a backyard, a pet and a mother that took care of them.

The Winchester siblings have long since dealt with what it really means hunting Supernatural creatures, losing loved ones, dealing with their own personal problems and fighting between each other. With the job of a hunter, they discover that perhaps finding out the mysteries of their pasts isn't a very good thing after all.

Pairings: Undecided

Setting(s): Pre-Show, Season One to Present Season. This story will be AU. There may be some BTVS and HP character appearances later in the story.

Ratings: NC-17 or M at times

Warnings (Including but not limited to): Violence, Supernatural Creatures/Monsters, Strong Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex (Maybe), Alcohol Use, Mention/Show of Martial Abuse, Mention/Show of Child Abuse, Drug Use, Mention of Drug Use, Suicide, Rape, Nudity, Fights, etc.

Song: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

1st May 2008

In Bobby Singer's cluttered, dirty kitchen a thick silence settled upon Dean and Sam Winchester as they sat in the uncomfortable wooden chairs before the aged oak table. Books and papers surrounded the two, filled with indecipherable scribbles and rare languages. An uneasy feeling churned in their stomachs as they desperately tried to find something to save Dean from his imminent death by hellhounds the next day. Sam gave an annoyed sigh; his eyes pulsed and burned from lack of sleep and desperate attempts at finding something to save his big brother from Hell.

"God damn it," Sam cursed under his breath. The stress and lack of sleep was beginning to take a toll upon the younger man. Tears of helplessness and agitation filled his sea green eyes as he glared harshly down at the table. Hands calloused from hard work and training rubbed his face. The palms of his hands pressed against his eyes, making the blackness become colored with stars.

Dean looked up from his bookwork. His bright hazel green eyes held a trace of fear, aggravation, and sadness in their depths as he looked at his brother with a raised eyebrow. His own eyes also burned with exhaustion from their long nights of researching for something that could or would be able to save him from Hell. He didn't regret selling his soul so that his baby brother could live, but that didn't mean he wasn't terrified about dying if they didn't find something. "I'm sorry Sammy," the oldest Winchester finally stated. His voice sounded hoarse and tired as he ran a hand roughly through his light brown hair. His mouth thinned as he looked at the haggard features being expressed on his baby brother's face.

"For what, Dean?" Sam inquired with a furrow of his eyebrows. His expressive eyes looked at his big brother, trying to discover what his brother was thinking. Dean was being unusually emotional.

"For leaving you here, by yourself, without anyone to watch over you," Dean wasn't usually expressive with his emotions, but how could he not be now? After all, within a day, he'd be dragged to Hell, leaving no one to watch over him.

"We'll find something Dean," The younger Winchester insisted. He wasn't going to give up. He would save his big brother. He could feel something heavy settle in his stomach at the way his brother was talking. It almost sounded like Dean was giving up. He never gave up.

Dean gave a halfhearted smirk at his brother's stubbornness. It was a Winchester gene; every one of them was stubborn as a mule. "You know, I wish we had more Winchesters than just us. Imagine, another big brother to help with the pressure dad put on me and a twin to keep you in check," He chuckled, never realizing that saying the 'W' word always led to bad things happening.

"Done!" A loud voice suddenly exclaimed in the room and with a flash of white light, the deal was done.

In London, England and Cleveland, one Harry James Potter and Alexander 'Xander' Harris disappeared from their homes, never to be seen again.

Lawrence Kansas

2nd November 1983

Mary Winchester walked into the decent sized nursery where two small six-month-old children lay, squirming and gurgling to each other. At the sound of her youngest boys a soft smile graces the young woman's lips. Beautiful blond hair lay over her shoulders in waves. Striking sapphire eyes looked upon the small children as she makes her way closer to the babies. Her skin almost glows in the dim yellow light of the nursery, and with her white nightgown silently swinging about her ankles, the mother of four looks like an angel.

A seven-year-old boy, with locks of raven black hair, holds his mother's left hand as he silently watches his surroundings. Eyes of emerald green swept over the crib were his baby brothers lay awake. A smile crosses his pink lips at the sounds his younger siblings make. His younger brother, by three years, was held in their mother's right arm and was also silent. Hazel green eyes lock onto the crib before him where his younger brothers now lay silent.

"Come on guys, let's say goodnight to your brothers," Mary says in a soft voice. Dean Winchester gives an eager smile and quickly drops to the floor onto his feet before hurrying toward his brother's crib. Lifting himself up on the railing, he leans forward and lays a soft kiss upon the twin's heads. With a shake of her head she releases Harper's hand and allows him to follow his younger brother. Mary smiles softly as she watches Harper keep a hold of his younger brother; making sure he doesn't fall, as the seven-year-old gives his twin baby brothers a kiss.

"Night Xander. Night Sam," Dean whispers as he looked lovingly down to his baby brothers. The six-month-old babies, Alexander and Samuel, coo up at their older brother. Alexander's eye color is a light blue, the color of their mother's eyes and he has dark brown hair. Samuel's eyes color is a sea green, the color of their father's eyes with some blue in them and he has lighter brown hair. They are fraternal twins rather than identical, which makes it easier for the family to figure out the twins.

"Night Alex. Night Sammy," Harper Winchester mutters softly. He grins happily as his brother's give a gum filled smile up at their oldest big brother.

"Night loves," Mary whispers to her twin sons with a large grin. She glows with happiness as she looks down at her boys. Bending forward, she kisses Alexander and Samuel on their foreheads. Running her hand through Harper and Dean's hair she lightly taps them upon their shoulders, silently telling them to get down from the crib.

John Winchester leans against the doorway of the nursery, watching his family with pride in his eyes. His dark brown hair, much like Harper and Alex's, falls across his forehead. His eyes sparkle from the light in the nursery as he gazes at his family. John is a very happy man. He was proud to have four beautiful children, all of them boys, and a loving wife. His life was perfect in his eyes.

"Hey Dean, Harper," He says suddenly up from the doorway. A large grin appears on Dean's face at the sound of his father's voice. Turning towards their father, Dean quickly brightens as he runs towards his father and lunges for his legs with a loud exclamation.


John catches his son in his muscular arms with a chuckle, "Hey buddy! What do yah think? Do you think the twins are ready to play a game of two against two with you and Harper?" Their father questions him. He ruffles his son's hair lovingly as he looks down upon his second oldest.

"No dad," Dean replies shaking his head. A small laugh escapes his lips at how silly his father was.

"No?" John questions with a chortle. Harper gives a smile at his baby brother before quickly running past his mother and over to his father.

"Dad!" Harper hugs his father tightly. He feels calm and content when his father's strong arms wrap around him too.

"Hey Harp," The older man runs his fingers through the seven-year-old's hair and gives him a kiss on the top of his head. Mary grins as she looks on at her husband and their oldest sons together. John lifts the seven-year-old and four-year-old up into his arms, keeping them close to his chest.

"You got them?" Mary asks as she brushes her blond hair out of her eyes and walks away from her sons crib and over to her three boys. Running her hand through Harper's hair she kisses him on the cheek before looking at Dean who looks back at her before glancing at his big brother. She walks slowly over to Dean and runs her hand through his messy light brown hair too. Rubbing his back, she smiles as she walks out into the hallway.

"Yeah, I got them," John affirms as he turned the lights off beside the door. He looks at the crib with a loving smile on his face, "Sweet dreams Alex, Sammy," He whispers tenderly, before walking out of the nursery doorway. He closes the nursery door only partly behind him, leaving it partly open. John remains holding Dean and Harper in his arms while he and Mary walk down the hallway together and into their son's shared bedroom. They each lay one of them down in their own bed.

"Angels are watching over you," Mary assures Dean and leans down to give him a kiss on the forehead. She grabs the comforter and pulls it up over him to keep him warm during the night. The room was painted both a dark blue and green color. Two nightstands are placed in between the beds that Harper and Dean sleep in. A dresser was placed against the right wall next to the closet. Bookshelves hang on the walls and are filled with both school and storybooks.

"Love you mom," Dean yawns. Casting a loving smile at Dean, Mary turns and walks across the room to where Harper is anxiously waiting for his mother in bed. Harper looks up with bright emerald green eyes. They always amaze the young mother with how bright they are, considering John's eyes are a jade green. A tired smile crosses his face when he looks up at his mother. Mary smiles and her hand combs his mess of raven black hair before giving him a kiss on his forehead.

"My sweet little boy," She says with love, "you are loved and watched over by Angels."

"Love you mom," Harper whispers sleepily while he snuggles into his pillow. With a smile at her boys she walks over to where John stands in the doorway. Mary's footsteps were light and barely heard on the hardwood floor when she stops beside her husband.

"I'm going to head to bed John," She tells him softly and wraps her arms around his waist. Leaning up on her toes, she gives her husband a soft kiss on the lips before pulling slowly away. A smile spreads across her lips when she looks into her husband's loving eyes. "I love you John," She whispers sweetly. Her eyes trace over his face, engraving the image in her mind. With one last kiss to his lips she she turns away and walks out of her boy's bedroom and into the hallway. The sound of Mary's footsteps disappear when she disappears from view.

"I love you too Mary. I'll be in bed soon," John calls after her. He watches her disappear into their master bedroom.

"Dad?" Harper calls out softly to his father who is still standing in the doorway. He doesn't want to wake up his baby brother who has fallen asleep. John pauses when he moves to head down the hallway to the stairs, at the sound of his oldest calling his name. John turns to look at his son with a tired smile and a raised eyebrow. His bare feet slap the ground with light thumps when he walks towards the twin size bed.

"What is it Harper?" He questions as he sits himself on the edge of the bed. The blankets rustle when Harper squirms in his wooden bed. Dean's soft snores echo in the silence of the room before Harper speaks once again, breaking the silence between father and son.

"Why can't Alex and Sam stay in our room?" Harper questions. The nightlight in the room is plugged near the closet and gives John enough light to see Harper's curious green eyes looking up at him. John smiles and shakes his head with amusement. Raising his arm he playfully messes up his son's hair.

"They're babies Harper and they need their own room." His father replies with a twinkle in his eyes. "The only reason why you and Dean share a room is because Dean feels protected and safe when he's around you." John remarks with a smile growing across his lips at his oldest son's look. Harper's eyebrows scrunch together and his lips purse in thought. He didn't like his father's answer but he could understand Dean's need to be around him. He was the oldest and he was supposed to protect his younger brothers.

"But if they're in another room…I can't protect them; not like I can protect Dean in here," Harper states very seriously. John's heart warms at his son's words. He feels proud that Harper takes being a 'big brother' so seriously. Dean was the same way when it came to the twins.

"You can protect them when you wake up tomorrow." John tells him. He pushes himself off of the bed and adjusts his pajamas and robe. "Get some sleep Harper," He states firmly but in a soft voice, "You have your self-defense classes and equipment practice to go to tomorrow." As a former soldier, John always figured that his oldest son was better equipped to be able to protect himself then not be able to even raise a fist.

"Love you daddy," Harper whispers as he turns on his side and buries his head into the pillow once again.

"Love you too Harper," John replies just as softly. Walking out of the room he leaves the door ajar; enough for the soft glow of the halls own night-light to slip through.

Alexander and Samuel lay in their crib wide-awake. The two remain silent as they look up at their mobile that slowly begins to spin on its own accord. The clock on the wall across from the crib stops on twelve ten with a final tick. The nightlight that is plugged in the outlet besides the nursery door starts to flicker erratically. The once noisy room; with sounds from the small ceiling fan and the ticking clock stop, leaving the room in silence. The drapes that hang above the window sway with an unexplained breeze.

A figure unexpectedly appears over the young twin's crib with a sinister air about him. The young babies' eyes begin to water as tears cling to their eyelashes, before slowly slipping down their creamy white cheeks. Alex and Sam cry silently as their little mouths begin to quiver. They don't like the dangerous and dark feeling of the man. Even though they do not yet understand why they were feeling so frightened.

Mary sleeps peacefully curled up beneath the comforter of the bed. The baby monitor that sits on top of the dresser releases the faint sound of crying as Sam and Alex release their tears. Mary stirs in her sleep and readjusts the blankets covering her as she awakes tired. Her long blond hair falls messily into her face when she raises her head off of the pillow.

"John?" She calls out groggily. She looks over her shoulder and notices that the right side of the bed is empty. Yawning in fatigue Mary shakes her head tiredly. Swinging her legs over the bed she rubs her eyes in exhaustion. She stands up gradually from the bed and heads out of the bedroom and towards the twin's room. Her feet silently and delicately tap the chilly wood flooring. Her nightgown sways around her ankles from her movements and the breeze from the air conditioner. She makes her way to her son's nursery.

Mary reaches the end of the hallway and stands silently in the nursery doorway. Seeing a figure of a man already standing over Alex and Sam's crib she speaks quietly. "John…are they hungry?" Mary asks her husband. He remains facing their son's crib; his back to her. He doesn't fully answer her; only shushing her with a finger to his lips. Shrugging her pale shoulders she mutters softly to herself. Making her way back down the hallway towards her oldest son's rooms to check on them, she notices the hallway light flickering crazily, causing shadows to dance on the walls of the hallway.

Mary's lips purse and her eyebrows furrow as she walks over to the hall light's switch. She raises a pale hand and taps the light gently, trying to make it stop. "Hmm," she hums to herself in thought before the sound of the television causes her to look towards the stairs. 'John must have left it on,' she thinks to herself with a disapproving frown.

The young mother makes her way down the stairs with a creak. The glow of the TV gives Mary enough light to see where she was walking, so she doesn't trip and fall down the stairs. She freezes on the fourth step down when she notices that the sleeping figure in an armchair in front of the television was John. A feeling of dread and terror sets in her chest as she realizes the figure inside her son's room was not her husband. With a twist of her torso, she hurriedly makes her way back up the staircase in a panic. Her feet make light patter noises on the wooden stairs as she heads towards the nursery.

"Alex! Sam!" she shouts, her voice cracking with terror at what could be happening to her sons. Mary raises her hands and slams the door open before walking further into the room. She comes to a stop in the doorway near the wall. The moonlight's rays that enter through the windows give enough light to see in the room. The nightlight besides the doorway gives the room an eerie glow as it continues to flicker erratically. She freezes as she notices what was standing in front of her son's crib.

John jolts awake from the comfortable chair as the high-pitched scream of his wife echoes through the house. John jumps up from the chair and thunders up the stairs. His heart pounds painfully against his chest as thoughts filter through his head; all filled with horrible things that could have happened to Mary. "Mary! Mary! Mary!" He yells out with fear as he runs down that hallway towards the nursery. He glances to his son's rooms and notices, thankfully, that their door remained partly open, just as he had left it.

Reaching the nursery he rushes through the open door and looks around for the source of the scream. He remains frozen for a short few seconds as his eyes glance around the nursery hurriedly. Finding no one in the room he slowly makes his way towards Alex and Sam's crib. Glancing down at his two boys with a smile he notices that they are awake. Both of their faces are red and their eyes are watery from crying. "Hey Alex, Sam, you're okay," He tells them soothingly, looking down at his unharmed children. Using both hands he leans over the crib's railing and gently rubs both of their stomachs, trying to calm their squirming. His eyebrows scrunch together in confusion as he notices a red substance between their heads. Raising a tan hand, his pointer finger lightly touches it.

Fear and dread spread throughout John when another droplet falls upon his hand. Pulling his hand away he notices that the red droplets continue to drip down. His heart pounds painfully in his chest. With a heavy feeling of dread settling over him he raises his head slowly up to the ceiling. "No…Mary!" He shouts in horror and grief as he falls to the floor in distress. His wife is pinned to the ceiling with a gash on her stomach that bleeds freely. Her beautiful face holds an expression of pain and her mouth is open in a silent scream. John continues to stare at his wife with wide eyes and releases a startled cry when his wife's body suddenly burst into flames that quickly spreads across the ceiling and down the walls.

John remains frozen in shock at the sight until the sound of Alex and Sam's cries cause him to rise up from the floor and hurriedly pick up his youngest children, blankets and all, in his arms. Running out of the room he stopped at the sound of his sons calling for him. Relief filled him as he realizes that his other sons where unharmed. 'Thank god. I don't know what I'd do if they got hurt,' He thinks in a jumble of thoughts. 'I've got to get them out. They have to get out. Alex and Sam have to get out of here, safe with Harper and Dean.'

"Dad!" Harper calls out in fear.

"Daddy!" Dean cries in terror.

The young boy's cries have John quickly handing Alex to Dean and Sam to Harper. He looks Harper in the eyes and hurriedly starts talking. He knows Harper would take care of his younger brothers. "Take your brothers outside as fast as you can. Don't look back. Now Harper, go!" He orders hastily. Harper nods and grabs Dean's arm. Harper runs down the hallway with his grip on Dean's arm tight.

John watches his sons go before he runs back into the nursery and noticed the whole room is almost in flames. He uses his arms to block the heat from his face and continues to fight to save his wife. "No! Mary!" He yells out in anguish before turning on his heel and running out of the room and down the hallway, following after his sons.

Harper makes his way out the front door with Sam in his arms and Dean holding onto Alex. Harper tries to console his baby brothers, all three of them, but is unsuccessful as he too tries to contain his terror. The four siblings have no clue about what is happening. Harper pauses half way down the front lawn and looks up at nursery window and sees the glow of flames. Looking down he can still hear his brother's crying. "It's okay Sammy. I'm here," He murmurs softly, trying to calm the crying baby. "Dean…Alex, you're okay, I'm here and I'll protect you, I promise," Harper vows. He tries to fight off the tears in his own eyes. He knows his mommy is hurt. He just hopes his daddy got her out okay. Dean sniffles and raises his small arms for his older brother to take Alex. With practiced ease, the seven-year-old holds both Alex and Sam in his arms. Wiping his face, Dean leans forward and lays his head on his brother's shoulder.

John exits out of the front door and swings Dean into his arms while grabbing Harper's shoulder. He pushes the older boy beside him to run. Harper holds the twins in a carefully tight grip so he doesn't accidentally drop them. Dean wraps his arms tightly around his father's neck. John and Harper run across the grassy front yard and towards the end of the driveway. Behind them the nursery window explodes outward, causing Sam and Alex to cry louder and Dean to look around in confusion and panic as he realizes his mommy wasn't with his father. Harper ignores the pounding of his heart and the pain he feels at the realization that his mother is not with them. "I gotcha," John declares gently to his crying sons.

"Shh…I've got you Sam, Alex," Harper whispers soothingly as he continues to run beside his father.

An ambulance and a fire truck pull up to the burning house a few minutes later. The firemen grab a hose and jog over to the flaming house. The sounds of people yelling can be heard over the sirens as police try to push away onlookers.

John silently sits atop his black 1967 Chevy Impala with Dean on his right beside him, leaning against him. Harper sits on his left and is silently staring in front of him while he holds little Sam who has finally gone silent. Little Alex is held tightly but gently in his father's arms. John looks at his four children with grief and pain filled eyes but his face is a blank mask.

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I wanted to do something original, so this story popped into my head. My first version I didn't really like, so I decided to go with canon's version, but added Harry as Harper and Xander as Alexander.

In this story the two will be different, of course they'll be different, they're going to be raised by John Winchester as soldiers, especially Harper. He's going to have the weight of caring for his baby brothers, watching over his father and helping his father hunt, while keeping his brothers oblivious to it for as long as possible, on his shoulders. Then there's Alex/Xander who will be more self-confident, intelligent and strong. But he'll (hopefully) still be the one that cracks jokes and goes a bit sarcastic when the going gets tough. Just as a warning, those two will be different. Especially Harper, who will not be called Harry that often, to make it more original, it's going to be an annoying nickname his brothers give him, just like Sammy is annoying for Sam.

Update 04/18/2012: I'll be doing six chapters of their past as children/teenagers up until Sam and Alex turn eighteen, in which Sam (in the show) leaves for college. I have yet to decide if Alex will be doing the same, it depends on how I make his character mature over the years.

I hope these chapters are interesting as it does show some memories, basically, of when they're children and teenagers. To those of you that wonder why Dean is the second oldest, I've always thought Dean deserves to have a childhood for once, and so, Harper is the one that never gets to experience a childhood.


John Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Age 29)

Mary Winchester - Samantha Smith (Age 29)

Harper Winchester - Chandler Canterbury (Age 7)

Dean Winchester - Hunter Brochu (Age 4)

Sam Winchester - Baby Sam (Pilot Episode) - (Age 6 Months)

Alex Winchester - Baby Sam (Pilot Episode) (Age 6 Months)

Flashback/Memories Chapter Ages

Chapter Two - 1983 & 1986 - John is 29 & 32, Harper is 7 & 10, Dean is 4 & 7, and Alex and Sam are 6 months & 3.

Chapter Three - 1989 - John is 35, Harper is 13, Dean is 10, and Alex and Sam are 6.

Chapter Four - 1992 - John is 38, Harper is 16, Dean is 13, and Alex and Sam are 9.

Chapter Five - 1995 - John is 41, Harper is 19, Dean is 16, and Alex and Sam are 12.

Chapter Six - 1998 - John is 44, Harper is 22, Dean is 19, and Alex and Sam are 15.

Chapter Seven - 2001 - John is 47, Harper is 25, Dean is 22, and Alex and Sam are 18.