Chapter 1:Signal! Dawn's Alive!

The PowerPuff Girls Z,and RowdyRuff Boys Z,were enemies at first. Then love came upon them and they became lovers,and had kids. They're 18,and their kids are still 1. But one of them disappeared. One of them who was strong,she had guardian charas still,and she has pokemon too.

"Any Luck yet girls?"asked a girl with orange hair. She had a pink bow in her hair,along with pink highlights in her hair. She wore pink tank top with a black skirt,pink high tops,and a black leather jacket matched with her hot pink leather gloves.

"Nope."said a girl with black hair. She wore a yellow top with black sleeves,matched with a black skirt,black boots,and a pair of pink leather gloves.

"Momoko,we searched everywhere,i give up."a girl with blonde hair said to her friend. She wore a blue jacket with a white shirt,blue skirt,and black boots.

"We can't give up."said Momoko,looking down."Dawn's our friend."


5 girls were on the ground,bleeding like crazy. Then a group of 5 other girls were with 5 boys,also known as the girls' lovers. The boys tried to help the girls on the ground,but the other girls held them back. Their children were with the professor,crying about their parents. But one kid was with her mom,she was barely born yesterday. And her dad never knew who she was.

"Dawn!"shouted the boy.

Then after the battle,the kids looked everywhere for her and her daughter.

"Dawn-chan,"said The boy softly. "Hiroshi,"said Nexa. "Dawn..."he said with tears in his eyes.

Naman came along with the rest."Hiroshi..."

Hiroshi glared at them with tears in his eyes.

"We have to find her."said Kaoru.

"Guys! I found her signal!"said a voice. They turned around to find the RowdyRuff Boys Z running toward them. "Kaito!"said Momoko.

"I found her-signal..."said Kaito giving Momoko his compact.

Momoko looked at the compact. The signal was a thunder bolt,glowing neon blue. "It is her!"said Momoko. "well? What are we waiting for? Lets go find my Dawn and my daughter!"said Hiroshi.

The kids transformed,and they flew off to Dawn's location.

"Where is she?"asked Hiroshi impatiently.

"it said shes here."said Brick. Then a shadow passed by them. Then a pair of neon blue,not dark,bright,like water,neon eyes were glaring at them.

"W-what the-?"asked Blossom.

"Who are you?"said the shadow,revealing its identity. Bat smiled. "Dawn-chan!"

Dawn glared at them. Then 5 little shadows were behind them. "Careful,they might be tricking us..."said Emi,Dawn's samurai guardian character. Dawn glared at Bat with anger.

Dawn then jumped onto the ground,not taking her eyes off them. Bat ran to her and hugged her. Then Dawn pushed him to the tree,and held a knife by his neck."Dont touch me."

Dawn walked away.

Five minutes later...

The kids found themselves hanged up in the tree,and their children were tied to a piece of wood. Hiroshi woke up,and found a group of people,watching them."Good job Dawn,you managed to catch the PowerRuff Kids Z."said the leader.

Dawn glared at them,"Yes i did."

Dawn took off her cape that covered her hair. Her hair was half black and half blonde! Her bangs and head were black,but her ponytails were blonde. She wore her blue neon PPGZ uniform,but the white parts were all black and it was all torn. Hiroshi glared at the leader."What have you done to Dawn?"said Hiroshi with anger.

"Shut up you bitch!"said Dawn with anger.

Hiroshi stood silent. S-She'd never call me Bitch...she only called me retard,but never B-Bitch...

Dawn glared at him,and the leader put a hand on her shoulder. "Calm down Dawn-san."said the leader. "Ok master Zane."

Zane looked at Dawn and smiled. "Mom!"

Hiroshi looked at the 7 year old girl running toward Dawn. "Mom! you're back!"

Dawn smiled,"Hey Katy."

Hiroshi looked at the girl shockingly. she wore a black ripped dress with a pair of black gloves,black sneakers,and a headband in her hair with two ponytails. her hair was blonde too! and half black just like Dawn's.

"D-Dawn,what did you do to our kid?"asked Hiroshi with anger.

"Your kid? i had her by myself when my idiot boyfriend fucking abandoned me!"said Dawn with more anger.

Hiroshi gasped,and the group stood silent. Dawn had tears in her eyes. she stood silent,with Katy holding her arm. Then Kaoru got free without anyone noticing,and she grabbed the leader by the neck. the team got free and they began to attack the group. Katy attacked Kaoru,but Kaoru's attack was strong. Dawn gasped. Dawn began to have a dark aura around her. her eyes then glowed red,and she attacked Kaoru. but her leader walked towards her,and calmed her down,then Dawn's eyes turned back to neon blue. Dawn gasped,and then she collasped to the floor. Hiroshi tried to walk to her,but Brick held out his arm in front of him.

Dawn then got up,and she tied them up again. Nexa tried to break free,but she couldn't. D-dang...

She glanced to Naman,he was also trying to get out. Naman looked at Nexa,and they nodded. KIDS! Come and save us!

7 year old Angeline was walking home from school with her brother Shay. then she suddenly stopped. KIDS! Come and save us!

Shay stopped as well."Whats wrong sis?"asked Shay,worried.

"Its Mom and Dad,they're in trouble."said Angeline.