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Chapter 1 The Kids part 1

"Mom!" A distinctly feminine voice called out. The woman in question was currently in the kitchen making lunches for her 3 children. Her blond hair was tied in a bun as she finished the sandwiches.

"Yes?" She called up to the voice.

"Where is my favorite blouse y'know the pink one?" the voice said sounding agitated.

The two children (one with black hair blue eyes, the other with blond hair green eyes and a melon shaped head) who were sitting at the kitchen table eating their cereal were giggling. Most of their older sister's blouses were pink, but their mother behind them seemed to know what she was talking about and answered the girl.

"It's in your closet Rachel" she called up to her eldest daughter.

"I looked in there…" The voice carried off as the girl, Rachel, obviously found the item she had been looking for. "Never mind" the voice said sounding embarrassed and slightly angry. Five minutes later a blond haired girl with blue eyes came down the stairs. Of all the women's children Rachel was the only one who resembled her that much …with the exception of the distinctly 2 eyebrows instead of the one that their mother …Helga had worn well into her late teens before she started waxing and shaving it off. She had also inherited the large overbite but 2 years of braces from 6th grade to 8th grade and a year of retainer had fixed it.

"Nice shirt" the black haired boy said before he began to break out laughing. The melon headed boy just nodded in obvious denseness. Rachel glared at the black boy who stopped laughing and visibly gulped.

"Thanks Mom" She said smiling at her mother, before rolling her eyes.

"No problem Rach. Now sit and eat." Helga said pointing to the seat. Rachel dutifully sat down and took a bite of the toast that was on her plate.

"Where's Dad?" Rachel asked taking another bite.

"Your father had to leave early this morning to spend time with a client" Helga said.

Rachel nodded in understanding. "That makes sense" She said. She jumped up when she heard a car honk. "That's my ride" She exclaimed jumping and grabbing her lunch and running out the door. As Rachel left Helga heard Rachel yell quite audibly "Stop honking will yah I'm coming"

Helga laughed for a moment before turning to her younger kids.

"Now Simon and Phil finish your food we need to be out of here by 8"

"Yes Mom" Phil the blond haired boy said. Simon just rolled his eyes and continued eating as quickly as possible.

Once Rachel had entered the car she closed the door and glanced at the person beside her. He was a red head. He had the look of hardened criminal but Rachel knew it was just for show, it also told her that something had happened at home. The look then changed into another expression. After noticing expression change on the persons face she sighed and buckled up.

"That's better" He said seemingly pleased. Rachel just glared at him

"I would have done it anyway" She snapped.

"Right" The red headed boy's eyes took on a sarcastic look to them and he drove off.

"You are so full of it Derek so very full of it" She said hoping for a retort.

"I know I am" he said know full that was not what she wanted.

"I hate you" She huffed after a moment.

"You can walk" he retaliated in an I-will-do-it tone.

That shut Rachel up exceedingly quickly after she muttered an apology. Instead opting to ask what had happened that morning to make him look so angry.

"Simon, Phillip, will the pair of you knock it off" Helga said her eyes angry in the rearview mirror.

"He started it" Phil said pointing to Simon. Simon rolled his eyes staring at the out the window.

"I know he did and I would have done something if you hadn't retaliated" Helga said keeping her voice calm.

Phil nodded and sat back ashamed with himself. Simon tensed slightly- so slightly that if you just glanced at him one wouldn't have noticed- As Helga turned her attention to him.

"Now Simon you did not have to flick your brother in the ear."

Simon just shrugged angrily and continued looking out the window. Helga sighed angrily. Before asking him why he did it.

"I don't know he was annoying me"

Helga sighed angrily getting annoyed. "Fine then you are grounded"

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In Case your wondering Simon is 11 and in grade 6, Phil is 9 and in grade 4, and Rachel is about 16 and is in Grade 11.

Also the reason I made Simon black haired is because a) the grandfather had black hair (Grampa Phil) and b) haveing all kids have blond hair seemed a bit repetitive.