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Chapter 5 Rachel's Bully, Helga's Thoughts, Phil's Teacher and Simon's sleep Part 2 (Rachel's bully)

Sophie shortly afterwards left to her own class. She had AP Math (something she detested) Her mother had 'advised' her to take it and she finally gave in after the 10th piece of 'advice'. She was good at it but she was just so bored most of the time. She hated math but her mother had begged her to take because the University's would take interest in not just her grades but also what types of courses she took. She hated math she found it boreing and would have preferred to be with her friends in music class. Unfortunately she was 'lucky' enough to have private lessons at home. Meaning her mother had not allowed her to take music with her friends.

None the less Sophie left to her AP math class while Rachel and Derek went to their music class. It was actually band class. Rachel was vocals and Derek was the class was fine no one looked at her oddly and everyone just paid attention to the lesson. It wasn't until the bell rang signaling everyone to go to their 2nd period class that things started to go down hill.

While on their way to second period, they heard a snobbish voice yell out. (Though it had an odd lisp to it) "Oh look it's the thycho Bitch and her boyfriend" Rachel stopped for a moment actually contemplating attacking Regina. Just for the sake of her sanity, though she really did not feel the need to get grounded again.

Derek was looking at her worriedly. Rachel generally did not start a fight. If she wanted one she provoked the other person until that person attacked but very rarely was it that Rachel's fist flew out first. There were three things that made her forget that: People making fun of her friends, her family and people making fun her or her family's sanity, and had Derek been a little less experienced and slightly smarter he would have said something to prevent a possible slaughter that was about to occur, but Derek respected Rachel enough to stay out of it and let her fight this herself.

Then Rachel did something unexpected.

Rachel just squared her shoulders and continued walking to her class. Her eyes were hard calculating and angry. It also looked as if she was desperately restraining herself from doing something.

Do not do anything stupid do not do anything stupid she chanted to herself as she continued walking to class. She really did not need to be grounded for another x amount of time. She may have a plan on how to sneak out for one night but…

"Oh ith the thycho walking away? Trying to prove to everyone that your not?" Regina said effectively stopping Rachel in her tracks.

Do not attack. It will just make everyone hate you more. She said to her self. Derek put a hand on her shoulder as a show of support she smiled at him and kept walking.

"I heard your mother wath a thycho too, even had to go to a local thrink." Regina's lisp voice rang out. The student body began speaking and gossiping to each other about this new piece of news. Her mother was notorious at the school for being a first class bully but an even better author. Helga had been very sure at hiding that piece of information so no one could tease her or her family about it. How had Regina found that out?

Derek's eyes widened and turned to look at Rachel now very afraid of her reaction. His hand that was on Rachel's shoulder was shrugged off. Rachel's eyes were wide and angry. Helga had told her that she had gone to a psychologist when she was younger but it was as a good thing the psychologist had helped Helga calm down, allowed her to get passed the anger she had been holding onto since birth.

Inside Rachel's own mind she was going over everything she had learned about Regina's own life: The divorce between Regina's parents, her crazy father, her crazy brother, the fact that Regina and her mother were the biggest snobs in Hillwood etc the list went on and on and she had even more dirt then anyone else in the school because she and Regina used to be friends. Rachel knew she could easily rip Regina to pieces and quite easily have the biggest fight Hillwood High had ever seen. Blood shed, tears and both teenagers leaving with more than a few broken bones on eachother.

The question was… would Rachel risk her mother's wrath and the wrath of the principle if she did, or even worse the look of her father's disappointment?

Rachel did not want to risk it…

But she also desperately wanted to wipe that smirk off of Regina's snobbish face.

What would she do?

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