I reached the surface and broke through the water gasping for air. The last thing I remember was fighting an Oni and a Raum demon; just about to finish the battle when I heard the sound of metal falling apart and then I was falling into a dark, never-ending abyss. I was on some huge boat that the Conclave ordered us to go to. Everyone was decked out in full armor and prepared for a tough fight against Valentine and demons. When the Conclave ordered for all of the city's Shadowhunters, I figured that I might as well join the party. Besides, they didn't necessarily give an age limit on who they wanted there.

I looked out over the East River to see several boats filled with Shadowhunters leaving the shipwreck scene. I wanted to call out to them, in hope that they'll come back and get me, but my lungs were burning from the salty water.

I saw an abandoned sheet of steel from the boat floating by and I used it to pull myself from the water. As I laid across the freezing sheet of metal, I tried to come up with what I should do next. I shivered and turned on my stomach then began paddling my way against the current. I was going to have plenty of time to clear my head before reaching land since there was a vast space of river between me and the shore.

As I silently paddled, I couldn't get one image out of my head. The image of a girl, about my age or younger, being escorted off the boat with what looked like acid burns on the skin near her throat. She was wearing a jacket in which most of the venom had gotten on. But, it wasn't just the fact that she had gotten injured that made me remember her. It was also the fact that she was extremely gorgeous and I had never seen her before.

When I saw something shiny in the water, I stopped paddling and picked it up. It was a seraph blade and from the looks of it, a very sharp and battle-worn one too. I gripped the hilt of it and closed my eyes, trying to concentrate. When I finally found the answer I was looking for, I opened my eyes and continued paddling. Samandiriel. That's the seraph blade's name. With one hand on Samandiriel and the other carrying the heavy piece of metal, I walked the rest of the way through the shallow water. I threw the metal down and put the seraph blade into my belt.

Looking up into the sky, I noticed that the sun was beginning to rise. It is definitely time for me to go home. Only problem was my house was on the outskirts of the city. This meant that the ride all the way home would be torture, considering that I was soaking wet and the wind seemed to be picking up. As I found my way to the subway station, I tried to come up with a good lie to tell my adoptive parents. I already know the questions they are going to be asking.

Where were you last night? Do you know how dangerous the city can be at night? Why didn't you call us? Why would you put us through this worrying all the time about you young man? This was going to be a hard one to explain.

I rode on the subway quietly and when I got to my house I decided to go through the back door which was closer to the staircase towards the bedrooms. Hopefully, everyone was still asleep. I crept slowly into the house and tiptoed up the wooden, old stairs as they cried out to in me in an angry voice of their own as if to scold me for coming in after being away in a dangerous battle.

Once I reached the second floor I could tell that they had left their bedroom door open in hopes that they'll catch me coming into the house. I knew that my dad was probably going to get up sometime soon for work and mom was going to get up with him to begin making breakfast. I gracefully turned the corner into my room and gently shut the door all in one swift movement. There isn't any full-blooded human who could've expertly executed that. I grinned to myself as if in accomplishment and turned towards the bathroom. I peeled my wet gear off and jumped into the steamy warmth of my shower. As I let the water wash warmly over my dark curls, the steam completely filled the bathroom and for the first time in weeks I felt relaxed.

When I returned back to my room, the sunlight from my window spilled into the room. As I retreated to the warmth and comforting softness of my bed, I looked over at Samandiriel. It was just like me: damaged and lost from its true owner and true family with hardly any recollection with its own history. That was my last thought before I drifted to sleep.