I love fanficton and Avalon Code is my favorite game. Therefore, I should be doing some writing, shouldn't I? I fell in LOVE with this game when I bought it! The blend of romance and adventure is perfect and the characters are awesome! However, it seems that some receive more love than others. There are many fics on Anwar and Ur, and I can see why (especially for Anwar). Yet, there are practically none for poor Duran and not nearly enough for Rempo. So, I decided to make a series of oneshots that covers everyone! I may do another one for all of the girl love interests as well. We shall see... Enjoy!

The sun was warm and the grass was soft and green. There wasn't a monster in sight. Tia was lying quietly on her back, a ray of soft light illuminating her peaceful face. Hovering close by was Rempo, who kept alternating between gazing at the Chosen One and clenching his recently-released hands, reminding himself that they were still there.

"Hmph. You're as lazy as always." The fire Spirit shook his head at Tia, grinning slightly. "If some new threat arose, I dunno if you'd be able to handle it."

Tia opened an eye and smirked. "Watch it. You don't want to anger the one who controls the Book, do you?"

"You couldn't get angry with a stud like me." Rempo protested. "Bad feelings fade away in my presence." He waved his hands mystically.

Tia burst out laughing.

"See?" The boy smiled triumphantly, lying back on an invisible bed of air.

Tia regarded him silently, her gray eyes softening as they caressed his familiar figure. In the afternoon sun, his skin seemed to turn as gold as a hearth fire. His spiraling horns were a beautiful shade of dark crimson, like twin blades of burning coal. His hair looked as soft as an untouched candle flame.

What did his hair feel like? Was his skin as warm and soft as it looked?

Tia tilted her head thoughtfully. It was strange: She was so accustomed to the Spirits' presence. They were constant companions and friends (in Rempo's case, boyfriend). Yet, she had never touched any of them. She had never felt Ur place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Mieli never hugged her. Neaki never offered a brief brush of a hand on her arm.

Rempo never kissed her.

"Hey, Rempo...?" Tia ventured softly.

Rempo opened a yellow eye. "Yeah?"

Glancing at the ground, Tia whispered: "C-Can I...touch you?"

"Huh?" The fire Spirit sat up, blinking.

Tia blushed brightly. "W-Well, you say you l-love me all the time. I'd like to sh-show you that I feel the s-same way."

Rempo's expression became guarded and wary. "I know how you feel. You don't need to."

"I want to, though." She glanced toward him, swallowing her nervousness. "Don't you?"

"Yeah, but..." Rempo trailed off, shaking his head. "I don't know if you'll be able to."

Tia scooted closer. "What's the harm in trying? You can affect the physical world. Why shouldn't you be able to be felt by a human hand?" She reached out, only to have her beloved fire Spirit shy away.

"I affect the physical world when I burn it!" Rempo said, the panic in his voice obvious. "How do we know what'll happen if you have any physical contact with me? I could burn you to a crisp!"

Tia frowned. "I doubt that. Would the Book Creators make it so that the Chosen One could die just by touching one of the Spirits?"

"I don't want to risk it." He replied stubbornly.

Tia frowned, stroking the Book slowly. "I can touch the fire that comes from my weapons, even though they burn everything else. You can be close to me, but I only feel a harmless warmth. If I was the same distance away from a normal ember, my skin would burn." She moved until she was inches away from Rempo. "A few seconds couldn't hurt, at least."

Rempo looked at her for a moment before sighing. "Fine. But, if you get burnt, you pull away. Got it?"

"Of course." Tia agreed readily, leaning forward. She paused, allowing her hand to hover a mere centimeter away from the fire Spirit's face. A pulsing warmth tingled on her palm as she locked her gray eyes with Rempo's yellow ones. With a gentle smile, she allowed her hand to touch his cheek.

The sensation was like nothing Tia had ever felt before! If air could be on the very border of being solid, that would be the best way to describe how Rempo's skin felt. It was there. Its presence couldn't be argued. Yet, it was not there in the same way human skin would be. It was like stroking a piece of solidifying, mild fire. It was softer than the fur of a baby bunny and as dry as a bone with a certain warm roughness that felt perfect when considering Rempo's personality.

As Tia stroked his cheek, Rempo's eyes rolled back before closing blissfully. "W-Wow..." He leaned his face into her hand. "Keep doing that." His voice was like a whimper as the sensation of the young human's hand on his cheek overcame him. Her hand felt nice and cool. It wasn't the coolness of Neaki, though. It was like the gentle kiss of a spring morning. He couldn't get enough of it!

Before Tia could stop herself, she was wrapping her arms around Rempo's back and pulling him close. Her entire body became warm as she embraced his nearly-solid form. His down-soft hair brushed her face as she nuzzled his neck. "I love you." She murmured against his skin.

Rempo readily returned the embrace, breathing a sigh as Tia's cool, gentle aura enfolded him. "Love you, too." He replied, his voice uncharacteristically quiet.

It was so easy guiding her face to his and kissing her deeply. His lips parted and that delicious chill shot through his veins as her tongue stroked and caressed his own.

Tia smiled in the kiss, threading her fingers through his partially-intangible hair. After a few minutes, she pulled back, her face flushed and warm. "See?" She whispered tenderly. "No burns." She lovingly stroked his gold-flushed cheek.

The fire Spirit opened his eyes, grinning brightly. "Heh. That was pretty awesome." He curled his arms around Tia's waist, pulling her onto his lap. "But, you just gave yourself a new problem!"

"What's that?" Tia smiled, closing her eyes and moving down to snuggle against Rempo's chest.

Rempo smirked in reply, resting his head in her earth-smelling hair. "I don't think I'm gonna let you go any time soon!"

Did you guys notice how the Spirits never actually had physical contact with the character, even during the romantic scenes? I thought it would be fun to address it here. Please review, but don't flame. Only Rempo is allowed to flame, and I don't think he will. ^_^ Peace out!