The sun beat down on me as I ran and my hair flew out behind me. I was gasping, my lungs on fire, but I still heard them coming up behind me, shouting insults and firing their guns at me. I also heard the leader of the groupI with shouting at the to stop. That was Rick. He was the leader if the group that was passing through since the Zombies had attacked their home and overrun the place they were staying. I came to a stop at my Softball field, stepping inside the dugout to see Daryl, hand-cuffed to the chain link fence serperating the dugout to the field. He was unconscious, which is saying alot.
I stopped, putting his head in my hands. I knew they were coming and they were going to kill me. The two woman came up, both their guns their guns pointing at my chest. There were no zombies in sight. Both of the woman were breathless, pushing their curly black hair out of their brown eyes. They looked the same, so they were obviously twins.
"Don't move!" On shouted, pointing the gun at Daryl. I stepped to the side. She shot him so fast I couldn't react. Now I knew there was something wrong with them. They looked at me with crazed eyes like they were angry. Rick came up behind them. They looked relieved. Obviously they trusted him. "If you want to shoot her correctly," Rick started, moving one's gun. "Then aim at her like this." He looked at me nervously,
obviously signaling me to go. I looked at both the woman and I knew I would never survive if I tried to go. I took one look at Daryl's body and knew I would end up like that too. His blood pooled onto the ground and he hung limp on the ground. Rick had seen him too, his eyes shining with grief. I took a step away and one of the two shot me in the chest. I fell to the ground,
watching as Rick cried out and ran to my side. The I floated away into the darkness of death.

A/N: This was a dream I had last night, it was really , Rick and Daryl are from the Walking Dead, thats the whole Point because it really was them.