Author's Note: Hello everyone! Yes, it has been awhile. I'm sorry that I have left you all hanging for so long. If it gives you any consolation, there were many times during my time away when I felt terrible for not updating. It has been so long that I almost wondered whether or not I should finish, but I've decided I want to stick through with it! I don't want to leave people hanging. Even though I feel like my writing style has evolved since I last updated, I still want to be able to finish this story for people to enjoy!

Onto the point of this update, I'm looking for two to three people to help me finish of the story! I will be doing the writing, but I really want your opinions. (A bit of nagging wouldn't hurt as well.) I've been reading the reviews for this story, and I realized that many of my reviewers read deeply into the story. I found it extremely useful to read these many perspectives, so I wanted to be able to communicate with some of you.

I will respond personally to any reviews left on this chapter. Please tell me all of your thoughts on this story. Are there any issues you'd like to see addressed? What events to you think have been neglected? What have you enjoyed? Is there anything you'd like to see more of? I can't promise that I'll use any suggestions, but hearing ideas gets my mind jogging. Ideas spark ideas, and even though I know where I want the story to generally go, I want to draw inspiration from the people that have really encouraged me to return to writing.

Thank you so much for reading this long-winded message! I'm sorry if you were expecting a chapter, but look to see one in the future! Next time I update, it'll definitely be a chapter! ^^

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