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Chapter 1

Ichigo was walking home from school with his friends Uryu, Orihime, Chad, and Keigo, who knows that Ichigo's a soul reaper because Ichigo saved Keigo a bunch of times. They walked Orihime home first and then Keigo went his way home with Chad. Before Chad left, he pulled Uryu over and said, "Pretend that you are leaving to go home, then follow Ichigo."

"Why do I need to follow Ichigo?" Uryu asked, confused.

"I don't know, but I have a bad feeling," Chad said "Oh, and hide your reiatsu so he doesn't know you're following him" And then he finally left with Keigo.

"Fine." Uryu said, walking away.

2 minutes later

Uryu was walking with Ichigo and when they arrived at the drop off point, he said bye and then turned the corner. He waited a few moments, slowly decreasing his spiritual pressure, so that Ichigo would be fooled. He waited a few moments and then started following Ichigo. Uryu stopped walking and hid behind a telephone pole, he looked out and saw that Ichigo had stopped walking and started looking around. Ichigo started walking and so did Uryu but when Uryu started walking, he saw a hollow behind Ichigo; he noticed that the hollow had his spiritual power hidden as well. Uryu did the only thing he could. He yelled at Ichigo, "Kurosaki, look out!"

Few minutes before it happened

Ichigo felt like someone was following him, only when he turned around, he did not see anyone. "Kurosaki, look out!" Ichigo turned around and saw Uryu running toward him with his arrow drawn and started shooting at the hollow, but was knocked out by another hollow. Ichigo started to reach into his pocket for his badge but he was hit in the head and he collapsed into the hollows arms, which immediately grasped him and ran off.

30 minutes later

Uryu heard some noise in his sleep and when he opened his eyes, he saw an orange haired girl and asked, "Where is Kurosaki, Orihime?"

"When we got there, we were too late to get to him. The hollows were already leaving." The black cat said.

"Wait, how did you know I was there?" Uryu asked.

"Yoruichi was meowing at my door and told me to follow her to where you and Ichigo were." Orihime answered.

"What should we do?" Uryu asked pushing up his glasses.

"We go to Urahara's place and wait," The black cat known as Yoruichi answered.

Hollow realm AKA Hueco Mundo

Ichigo was just now starting to wake up and noticed he was in a dark place. To no one in particular, he asked "Where am I?"

"You are in the hollow realm," said a hollow, out of nowhere.

"I thought this place was destroyed," Ichigo said.

"It was, but it rebuild itself by using the reiatsu in the area."

"Why am I here?"

"We want you to be our king."

"Why do you want me to be your king?" Ichigo asked the hollow, while giving him a dirty look.

"You are both soul reaper and hollow, yet you are respected very well by the soul reapers."

"I won't become your king and hurt my friends."

The Hollow gave him a smirk and said, "You don't have a choice."

Ichigo was about to say something to the hollow but the latter left.

Few minutes later

Ichigo was sitting in his cell and went into his inner world and saw Zangetsu and Hichigo playing chess. Ichigo walked over to them and said, "Hey Zangestu, can you talk to other people other than the wielder of the zanpaktou?"

"Only if the wielder allows it," Zangetsu answered.

"You do know you can become me and break out right?" Hichigo said.

Ichigo ignored him and told Zangetsu to go to Urahara's house, so he could tell him what happened to him.

"I shall go but don't cause any trouble, Hichigo."

"Fine." Hichigo said.

Same time outside of Ichigos cell

"Find an arrancar that can hypnotize or erase memories," said the Hollow in charge.

"I know who to ask," another responded and left.

World of the living

Zangetsu was on his way to Urahara's and said to himself, "I must get to Uraharas and tell them what misfortune has fallen upon Ichigo."

The only person that knew who Ichigo's Zanpaktou was Yoruichi. He was on his way to Urahara's house when he saw a little spirit girl crying. He asked her, "What's wrong, little one?"

"I'm lost," replied the little girl.

"I shall help you cross over." he turned into a zanpaktou and performed a console on her and, as she left for soul society, he continued on his way to Uraharas house.

Few minutes later

Zangetsu got to Urahara's and went to Yoruichi's room to find out that the latter was asleep so he entered her dream and somehow ended up as a fish. "This is not what I expected at all to happen," he thought to himself.

He saw Yoruichi picking up fish and eating them so he swam over to her and said, "Yoruichi, you need to wake up now."

Yoruichi stopped eating and yelled, "The fish talked!"

"It's me, Zangetsu, Ichigo's sword." Zangetsu, the fish said.

"What are you doing here in my dream? Where's Ichigo?" Yoruichi asked, concern plain in her voice.

"Get everyone up, so that I can tell them where Ichigo is." And with that Yoruichi woke up and went to Urahara's room and woke him up.


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