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Chapter 5

Isshin entered the world of the living and saw a Hollow dissolve. He looked around and saw a Quincy. He went up to the Quincy and he noticed that it was a woman. She turned around and said, "Hello, my name is Masaki Kurosaki."

"My name it's…." Isshin was about to say.

"Isshin Shiba and you are a soul reaper, aren't you?" Masaki asked, smiling at Isshin.

"How did you know that?" Isshin asked, amazed.

"Quinces can tell these things just like a soul reaper can." Masaki said this mysteriously.

"Masaki where are you at? You keep on disappearing and that gets very annoying." said a person with white hair. He looked at Isshin and got into a defensive position and asked. "A Soul Reaper! What are you doing here?"

"I came here to fight a hollow."

"There is no Hollow here! I bet you came here to kill a Quincy and you saw my cousin and thought that she was an easy target! Good thing I came, isn't that right?" He shouted at Isshin. The last part, he directed to Masaki.

"He's telling the truth, Ryuken." Masaki confirmed.

"Oh." said Ryuken, slightly disappointed.

"My goodness, you always go to the wrong conclusion."

"Sorry," Ryuken said as he rolled his eyes.

"Let's go before you cause some more trouble."

"I shall go too."

"Okay. Bye Soul Reaper."

Soul society

Urahara waited by the gate and Isshin came out blushing and Urahara was slightly amused by the blush in his friends checks and decided to torture him some. "Why are you blushing?"

"Can you keep a secret?" said Isshin.

"Sure, I can keep a secret." After all, Urahara thought to himself, I do many things that not even the General Commander knows about. He cackled manically in his head, before tuning into the real world.

"I like someone from the world of the living."

"What but that's forbidden."

"I know but you said you would keep it a secret."

"So who do you like from the world of the living?"

"It's a Quincy that has a Quincy weapon but it's like a Zanpakutō."

"What are you going to do? You know the law."

"I know I'll tell CaptainYamamoto that I want to leave the soul society."

"You're an idiot you know that."

"What are you going to do? You're the captain of 12th Division?"

"I have one person on my side that will escape with me."


"Lady Yoruichi will come with me because we have been friends for a long time."

"When will you come?"

"In two years."

"Wow that is long." Urahara whistled. "Tell me one more thing about the lady you want to marry."

"She's a fortune teller and her Quincy powers go in and out."

"What's her name?"

"Her name is Masaki Kurosaki."

"That name, it sounds familiar. Come with me so I can look up that name."


"Let me see Kurosaki….Kurosaki…..Kurosaki ah hah found it."

"What does it say?"

"She is a Quincy and her family died. She lives with the Ishida family and is to marry her cousin, Ryūken Ishida."

"The guy that was stuck up…wow," Isshin said as he whistled.

Urahara sighed at Isshin, "You should sneak out then." He then, walked the other way.

Isshin watched his friend, feeling love bubble in his chest at the thought of seeing Masaki once again. He went into the human world.


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