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When Brittany turns 18, her father takes her to buy her first slave, Santana, and the high standards she holds herself to no longer matter as she and her friend, Quinn, push the boundaries of ownership.

Warnings: contains non consensual DD that is harsh at times and later chapters can only be described as kinky as hell so obviously, rated M.

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Chapter 1

Brittany frowns from her place at her bedroom window as she watches Quinn tug harshly on her slave's leash, snapping at her to move quicker and bundling her into the red Mercedes that sits idly by the edge of the sidewalk. She can't imagining forcing her future slave to wear their leash every single day like Quinn does to Sugar. The leash was supposed to be used when your slave is being unruly or at important gatherings so that people know who they belong to. She's excited about going with her father to pick out her own slave today. She had spent the whole of her eighteenth birthday, the day before, telling everyone that would listen about the type of slave she was looking for, a muscular and tall man who could tend to every single one of her needs. Of course, she must be careful while choosing her slave as there is one need he is forbidden to tend to. The law states that no slave can participate in sexual relations with their owners and there is only one punishment for breaking this law, death. The only way a slave can get out of this punishment is if they can prove their owner forces it upon them and no proof will be taken seriously unless someone other than a slave can back them up. That had never happened. Brittany is pretty sure that Quinn's last slave died for nothing, the smaller blonde may look cute and innocent to outsiders but Brittany knows differently. She's almost certain that Quinn's last slave hadn't been the one to initiate the more intimate side of their relationship but, of course, saying so out loud would only make a bad name for herself.

"Hey Princess, you ready to go?" Richard Pierce asks from the doorway, his face splitting into a beaming grin as he gazes at his youngest child. "So grown up already" he adds, mainly to himself.

"Sure Daddy, let's go" Brittany replies eagerly, grabbing her jacket as she quickly follows her father, the greying man placing an arm around her shoulders when she catches up with him. They are silent as they walk down to the large garage, comfortable in each other's company and Brittany notices her father's slave, Finn, following behind them at a respectful distance. She wonders how she will feel having someone follow her around for the rest of her life, having someone that's only priority is tending to your needs and doing exactly what you tell them to do, no matter how irrational it is. She nods to the slave when he opens the car door for her and she slides into the back seat with her father, Richard ordering the driver to turn the radio off.

"Now Pumpkin, we need to talk about what's going to happen today" he says to his daughter as the car rolls out of the garage.

"I know Daddy, we've gone over the rules several times, I know everything I need to know about owning a slave" Brittany states, rolling her ice blue eyes.

"Yes you do but I'm talking about what you have to do today princess. I can't come down to the cells with you, when a person turns eighteen it's a right of passage for them to choose their slave by themselves. The guards will try to talk you into picking who they think is right but it's extremely important that you choose one that you want, pick one that you think you can live with for their rest of your life. It says a lot about a person if they have to return their slave, none of them good and I don't want that kind of stigma attached to our family" Richard states seriously. "Also, you're young and still understanding the ways of the world so I don't want you to get upset with the conditions of the slaves' living quarters at the board house, remember that they are not like us and they don't need or deserve anything more than they have. They are slaves, unimportant and small and easily replaced if they are too weak to survive"

"I understand Daddy" Brittany responds with a firm nod.


Brittany walks along the concrete floor with a look of disgust on her face, wrinkling her nose at the strong scent of body odour that lingers in the air. She looks in each barely furnished cell as she passes them, taking in the ragged and dirty appearance of each man, noting how scrawny they all look. She glances at the warden and shakes her head, the man nodding and leading her through the heavy metal door at the end of the corridor.

"Are you sure you want you want a female Miss Pierce? I was under the impression that you wanted a male, the females aren't as strong" the warden explains to her.

"From what I've seen, the men aren't all that strong" Brittany remarks and the warden relents, walking ahead of her to talk to the other guard while she makes her selection. Brittany slowly walks passed the row of cells, eyeing each girl carefully and noticing that none of them make eye contact, which pleases her. She stops outside one of the cells, it's inhabitant catching her eyes. This girl isn't hiding in the corner of her filthy cell like the others, she's sitting on the edge of her bed and gripping the worn sheets in her hand, looking more furious than scared. Dark, almost black, eyes meet Brittany's, her gaze strong and defiant and her jaw set. Brittany takes in the girl's appearance, her jet black hair and tanned skin setting her apart from the pale washed out girls she shares the cell block with.

"You don't want her Miss Pierce" the warden tells her, she's previously owned. Her owners didn't want her anymore, she's more vermin than the rest of them" he adds, sending the Latina a look of disdain. "She spends more time being whipped than the rest of them together" the man sneers.

"Details?" Brittany asks sharply, ignoring his previous statements.

"Santana Lopez. Seventeen years old and trained by the Hummels" The warden tells the young woman, looking rather put out at being brushed off in such a manner. "Really Miss Pierce, you don't want her" he adds.

"How much?" The blonde asks, gazing curiously at the tanned girl in the cell.

"Three thousand"

"I'll take her" Brittany states firmly, smirking at the scowling Latina. Santana keeps her dark gaze locked with her new owner's piercing blue one, her tanned, beautiful features twisting into a lock of pure disdain as she eyes the other girl while the warden watches in interest, deciding the young blonde had bitten off more than she can chew. He mutters into his radio and waits until a guard enters the corridor before he appoaches the cell, carefully watching the slave girl as he unlocks the barred door of the cell and pulls it open. The guard pointedly tap his hand against the baton that hangs from his belt as he slips an old, ratty collar around her neck and uses it to forcefully pull Santana from the cell before clipping the leash to it and silently handing the leash to Brittany.

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