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Chapter 3

Santana looks around her new bedroom in silence, well aware of her owner standing in the doorway..feeling her eyes on her. She hadn't been surprised when Brittany had led her into her own bedroom and pointed to the closet, it is customary for personal slaves to be close to their owners during the night. What she hadn't expected was the single bed and carpeted floor inside the closet. Her last owners had made her sleep on the floor of a dusty closet that was never used but here, here she has a bedroom, albeit a tiny bedroom, but a bedroom all the same. She gazes around the tiny room and takes in the cream walls and navy carpet, unable to speak due to the lump in her throat that catches her off guard.

"You do as I say and you'll be looked after" Brittany states. "Go against me and you'll regret it" she adds coldly, sending a chill through Santana's body. Her dark, almost black, eyes lock onto the metal ring that is screwed to the wall above the bed, a chain and shackles dangling from it. . Brittany follows her gaze and smirks as she walks further into the room, her hand pressing against Santana's lower back as she pushes her closer to the bed. Santana watches as her owner pulls the chain and attaches the shackles to Santana's wrists, the latina instantly rebelling against the restraints and trying to pull away. "Stop!" Brittany's terrifying yell causes Santana to freeze and she glares at her owner, her chest heaving with the force of her breaths. "I was showing you what would happen if you can't control yourself, are you going to listen to me or do I have to keep you shackled?" Brittany asks menacingly.

"I'll stay calm, ma'am" Santana grinds out, having to force herself to be respectful and to listen to her owner.

"Glad to hear it" Brittany states with a smirk as she unlocks Santana's wrists, the latina instantly snatching her hands away and folding her arms across her chest. "Hands by your side!" Brittany snaps. "Learn to show some respect!" The tall blonde hooks her finger into her slave's collar and yanks the girl from the room, into her own bedroom where she motions for the latina to sit on her bed. Santana watches warily as Brittany crosses the room and opens the other closet door, pulling out a long cane and closing the door again. She's angered people enough in the past to know what the cane is for and, as much as she doesn't want to admit it, she's terrified.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to freak out..I just panicked" Santana quickly chokes out, her eyes never leaving the wicked looking cane.

"Relax, little girl" Brittany chuckles. "You're not being punished..yet. I'm just showing you what will happen when you do earn a punishment. Although, if you continue with your disrespect and speaking out of turn, you'll feel this before the day is done" she adds darkly. "Count yourself lucky that I was the one who bought you and not my father, that little tantrum you just threw would have earned you a taste of his whip. There will be no more of that, do you understand me?" Brittany questions furiously, surprised at how natural this all feels to her. She relishes the control she has over the tanned beauty that sits in front of her.

"Yes, Ma'am" Santana whispers. She continues to watch as her owner lays the cane on the bed, inches from her foot, and starts to rummage through the chest that sits at the bottom of the bed. What Brittany doesn't tell her slave is that it's unlikely she will ever be caned, she has felt the cane on bare skin herself and it's a kind of pain she would never wish to inflict on anyone; not even a slave. She will if Santana forces her to though. Santana isn't surprised by any of the implements her owner pulls from the chest, her last owner had used them on her before. She knows she's lucky to have been born a girl, she had witnessed a male slave being punished before and it was much harsher than anything she had even been threatened with before.

"Are you even listening to me?!" Brittany's furious voice cuts into her thoughts and Santana whips her head around to face her, the fear on her face telling her owner that, no, she hadn't been listening. Blue eyes bore angrily into dark brown for what feels like hours before Brittany reaches into the chest again and pulls out a leather leash. "Well, little girl, it seems like you've already earned yourself some time on the leash" Brittany states and Santana swears that she can see disappointment, not anger, in her deep blue eyes but only for a fleeting moment, cold anger replacing the disappointment as quickly as Santana had seen it. "Perhaps I should borrow my Father's whip, maybe that would instill some obedience in you or perhaps I should invest in one of my own" Brittany murmurs dangerously.

"That won't be necessary, Ma'am" Santana whispers, "I'll do better next ti.." She's cut off by the stinging slap her owner leaves on her face.

"Speak when you have permission to speak, slave" the blonde woman bites out. Santana bites her tongue and gazes back at her owner in confusion. She had told her to only speak when spoken to but hadn't she been speaking to her? Santana begins to feel uneasy, her owner isn't being clear and she isn't allowing her to ask questions, how is she supposed to stay on Brittany's good side if the rules aren't clear. Unless..this is Brittany's plan, a way to keep her on her toes or maybe she wants the slave to slip up..maybe she wants the oppurtunity to punish the girl. Brittany clips the leash onto Santana's collar and tugs sharply, the slim latina painfully lurching forward. "Move" the owner snaps simply, pulling her slave from the bedroom and down the hall. Santana keeps her gaze focused on the plush, red carpet as she is led towards the foyer, jogging to keep up with the taller women so as to relieve some pressure from her neck.

"Sweetheart, I've been looking all over for you!" Brittany stops abruptly when she hears her Mother's voice, Santana almost bumping into her.

"Mom, hi" Brittany smiles as an older version of herself walks over to them, Santana noticing that the smile is strained and doesn't reach her owner's eyes. "Did you think to check my bedroom?" Brittany asks in a sickly sweet voice.

"I was just about to. I heard about your..purchase" Susan Pierce states, her eyes raking up and down Santana's slim body in disgust. "You know, your sister went out of state to find herself a decent male slave, we can always take you to find one" she adds, ignoring the fact that Santana is right there, and can hear her. Santana doesn't react, she used to it. Slaves were always treated like this and, as much as she doesn't like it, she accepts it.

"I doubt that will be necessary, Mother" Brittany replies formally. "Santana knows my rules, I'm sure her training will go well" she adds coolly.

"Well as strict as I'm sure you are, perhaps you should ask your sister to show you the ropes" Susan suggests, her judging gaze glued to her youngest child.

"I don't need Ashley's help, Mother" Brittany replies in a clipped tone. "I'm quite capable of handling a slave by myself"

"Very well" Susan mutters. "Anyway, I just came to let you know that I will be accompanying your Father on his business trip this weekend. The guards will be here if you need anything which I doubt you will, considering you are capable of handling things" she adds, Santana swears she can hear sarcasm in the older woman's voice and she instantly dislikes her, something that confuses her. Her owner hasn't exactly been nice to her, why would she feel this sudden urge to protect her from her mother. Santana opens her mouth to say something but is stopped by the violent tug on her leash, Brittany giving her a warning look. "Enjoy yourself at Quinn's party, dear." Susan offers as she turns on her heel and walks back down the way she came.

"You came very close to earning a punishment, I don't ever want to have to warn you while we're in the company of my mother again. Do you understand me?" Brittany demands, her sky blue eyes shimmering with anger as she glares at her slave.

"Yes, Ma'am" Santana mutters.

"Don't you ever be alone with her" Brittany murmurs darkly. "I don't want you being alone with anyone apart from me but I especially don't want you alone with her" she adds seriously. Santana frowns as she nods, desperately wanting to know why her owner is so distrustful of her own mother but knowing it isn't wise for her to ask. She remains silent as Brittany continues walking, dragging her along the hall and into a large dining room. "Sit" the blonde orders, pointing to a chair next to the one that she sits in. Santana is surprised, her old owners made her sit on the floor and would allow her to eat their leftovers but here, here she has a plate in front of her and a seat to sit in. "What's the problem?" Brittany asks, watching her slave curiously.

"There's no problem, Ma'am. It's just different than what I'm used to" Santana stutters.

"Would you rather sit on the floor?" Brittany questions, a small glimmer of amusement in her eyes.

"No, Ma'am!" the slave replies quickly, suddenly wondering if she had just lost herself this privilege by questioning it.

"You follow my rules and you will have basic privileges, you cross me and you will lose them. Not only will you be punished but you will be confined to your shackles at all times until I say differently. Now, while we are waiting on our food, I would like to talk to you about tonight. Miss Fabray is a close family friend and I want you to be on your best behaviour. I will not hesitate to punish you in front of everyone. In fact, you will most likely see other slaves being punished while you're there and if you step out of line in Miss Fabray's home, she will see to it that you are suitably dealt with. Do you have any questions?"

"Are slaves kept in a seperate room?" Santana asks, remembering a time when she was locked in a room during a party while she was still with her old owners.

"They are unless their owners decide to keep them with them. You will be with me during the party, I want to keep an eye on you" Brittany tells her. "Do not make me regret letting you off lightly for your tantrum" she adds in a deadly calm voice as a maid brings their food to them. Santana nods, her mouth suddenly dry as she stares down at her food, no longer hungry.

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