Title: Things That You Make Me Do, Brat

Rating: K

Summary: Atobe was feeling paranoid with his boyfriend lately. And now there are rumours going around that Ryoma are spending more time with some new kid, rather than with him! "Who is that bastard thinking he is that he can steal ore-sama's property!"

Disclaimer: I own neither POT nor Sawada Tsunayoshi from KHR. Tsuna's part in this is not enough to be consider as crossover

Warning: boy x boy, obviously. I'm only putting this because I know there are still people out there that hate yaoi

Oh, this is maybe will be only five or four chapters. And they will be short.

Start chapter.

Atobe Keigo was a very possessive man. He took care of his property with utmost care. And as a return, his property would make themselves very tidy, clean, neat and of course, beautiful. He never asked for more. As long as they were usable and good looking where he can stare or touch, it's all no problemo.

But you see; the rule can be applied only with things that had no mind of their own. And now, HE WAS DOWNRIGHT PISSED!


Oh, let's not forget the fact that Hyoutei's regulars were suffering from his tantrum.

Oshitari Yuushi was a very patient man. But there are limits for everything. And now, he swore that Atobe was like a woman on PMS. He pinched the bridge of his nose to avoid an incoming headache.

"Atobe, you're being distrustful with your boyfriend." He said, trying to reassure his best friend.

Atobe ignored him as he glared at the tennis ball in his hand before served his trademark move, Tannhauser. Poor wall have to endure the heavy serve.

The other regulars looked at each other.

"N-Ne, buchou, why don't you ask Echizen himself? Surely he has answer for this." Oohtori said rather meekly. They were currently at the street tennis court. Today was quite lucky. They had the court to themselves as there were no people present in the court. The regulars were sitting at the bench while Atobe clear out the steams from his head. Kabaji stood a little far away behind Atobe.

Atobe sighed heavily, something that he seemed to be doing a lot lately. He stopped serving and glared at nothing in particular.

"Ore-sama doesn't blame Ryoma for this. It's that guy! Who does he thinks ore-sama is! Ore-sama is one billion times better than him! And Ryoma! He should never go with that guy! Ahh! This sucks!" he threw the racket to the ground. The regulars flinched except Oshitari and Jiroh who was currently sleeping on one of the bleachers. It was rare seeing the diva this frustrated. And the only person that can make him like this was Ryoma.

It had all started innocently. Atobe brought his regulars over to Seigaku for a practice match like he had done for the pass months. Imagine his surprise when he couldn't find his boyfriend. Ryoma never skip practices unless it was something important. And the explanation that the brat's teammates were giving was unpleasant.


"Hm, Echizen? His friend came over just now, saying something about catching up with Echizen. Maybe they were old friends from America, since the guy's accent sounded weird and the two of them talked in English." Inui said. Atobe decided to approach him since Tezuka was still in the office with Ryuzaki-sensei, discussing about something for the upcoming ranking match.

The Hyoutei captain frowned. What friend? Ryoma never told him anything about a friend from America.

"What does his friend looks like?" he asked out of curiosity. Fuji came up to them with his usual smile.

"Saa, that guy looked like he's older than Echizen. And he must be a rich kid, since his clothes, watch, shoes and rings looked so expensive. The rings on his hand were rare jewels. I've never seen that type of jewel before, must be a family heirloom." The tensai answered. Atobe frowned harder.

"And they were so close nya~! Ochibi even bumped fist with him~! I wish ochibi would be like that to me." Kikumaru whined as he and his doubles partner approached the trio. Oishi sighed at his friend's antic.

"Fuji, did you remember what they were saying in English earlier?" Inui asked the resident sadist of the team. Fuji put a hand on his chin.

"Hm, the kid's saying something about wanted to spend more time with Echizen, then Echizen looked quite surprise and disappointed and said 'okay, if that's what you want'. After that, they left. I wonder what they were talking about. It's not like Echizen to follow what people want." Fuji finished with his usual smile.

End flashback

Atobe scowled. This is annoying…..


Okay, that was the third time this week Ryoma skipped practice and not answering his call!

"Tezuka! Ore-sama demands you to call Ryoma now! To the school ground! Ore-sama doesn't care where he is! Ore-sama needs to see him and get a well deserve explanation about what is going on!" Atobe bellowed at the Seigaku captain. Tezuka sighed.



"Shut up."


The atmosphere at the Hyoutei's courts could not get any worse.

"Hoi! Who said you can rest! Get your ass back and do five hundreds swings!" Atobe barked at some first years. The underclassmen all flinched and unwillingly do what Atobe said. Oshitari almost groaned.

"Atobe, at this rate you'll scare away all the freshmen and soon it'll be only the regulars left, though I doubt Gakuto and Shishido would last too. They look ready grovel down to their feet to skip practice." He said frowning at his captain. The 'Ice King' ignored him as he looked at the entrance of the court. There stood a brown spiky haired boy. The boy was wearing a casual clothes and he looked left and right, seemingly looking for something or someone. Atobe walked up to him as the other members looked at them curiously. The regulars followed behind their captain.

"Who are you? You are not from this school right? Are you looking for someone?" Atobe stated coldly. The boy looked up at the Hyoutei captain and they could see that he was nervous and kind of scared.

"S-Sorry, are you Atobe Keigo-kun, Ryo-Ryoma's boyfriend?"

Atobe's eyes narrowed in suspicion at the mention of his boyfriend's first name. Who is this stranger calling Ryoma with such familiarity?

"Yes, I am. What of it and you haven't told us your name." He said with such coldness that could freeze Sahara desert. The brunet shivered.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi! I'm looking for Ryoma since Tezuka-san said he already left. I asked them where possibly he could be. They said this is the first place he'll most likely be." He finished sheepishly.

Atobe growled, "What business do you have with Ryoma?" why does the Sawada name sounded familiar to him?

Before Sawada could reply, his cell phone rang from his pocket. The boy hurriedly slipped a hand into his pocket and a split second later, he brought up an orange cell phone.

"Hello, Ryoma!" the boy said with such relief flooding.

Atobe and his regulars snapped their heads to him and listened intently to him.

"I-I'm at your boyfriend's school, at the tennis court. Where are you? I can't find you anywhere!"


Sawada's eyes opened wide, "Oh shit, I forgot! W-Wait, how long have you been waiting?"


Sawada laughed nervously, "I'm sorry. Okay, stay there, I'll come in five minutes!" the boy closed his phone and smiled hesitantly at Atobe.

"S-Sorry, it seems I'm mistaken about something. I'll go now. Bye!" he turned on his heel.

"Wait!" Atobe demanded. Sawada turned around nervously.

"Y-Yes?" he squeaked.

"Are you really the Sawada Tsunayoshi, the young heir to the Sawada and Vongola family?"

Oshitari's head perked up at the mention of the Vongola.

"Err, yes. What about it?" Sawada asked with a curious face and tone. Oshitari stepped forward.

"Hm, fancy meeting the heir to the most influential family in Italy here in Japan, and all alone to boot. I never knew you were fluent with Japanese, even though your accent is rather weird, I admit." Oshitari said with a hint of smirk. Sawada scratched the back of his head.

"W-Well, I need to learn different kind of language since Vongola and Sawada are international level companies. So far, I only know seven languages. And my tutor keeps saying my Japanese is the most horrible one. I mean, it's not my fault I was raised in Italy all my life." He pouted a bit. Oohtori blushed, as well as the other regulars.

"What relationship do you have with Ryoma?" Atobe growled. Sawada cringed.

"He's-" before he could say anything, his phone rang again. Sawada flipped his cell-phone open.


"! ! ! !"

Sawada took the phone away from his ear for a moment before he cautiously put it back, "Hai, hai, I'm coming now. No need to bite my head off." He grumbled a bit. He walked away, leaving behind a stunned whole tennis players while still talking on his phone.

Oshitari sighed as he pushed back his glasses with his middle finger, "Well, Atobe-buchou, looks like you really have some tough competition. That was the heir of two international companies. He's bound to be more pampered than you. Ganbatte ne, buchou."


The tensai of Hyoutei bit back a smirk as he went off to do his laps.

End chapter.

Yes, I love Hyoutei and their pampered asses. This is going to be good…