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Atobe was smoking, no, literally. His face was so red that it could put Kintaro's hair to shame. Suddenly, his phone rang. And his face turned into a brilliant smile when he read the name.

"Brat!" it was an affectionate nickname, and Atobe was too proud to admit, even though Ryoma already knew it.

"Monkey king." The little prince drawled in a bored voice.

Atobe smirked, "We're going on a date today and you're not allowed to say no! Ore-sama will pick you up at eight, get ready!" and he terminated the call. He started unbuttoned his pyjama as he walked to the shower room.

"Ore-sama will not let you run away again, Echizen Ryoma!"

His phone bip-ed, but Atobe was occupied with the shower to hear.


Was it wrong for him to start wailing to heaven about this unfairness he was feeling? Why did the fate playing twist with his beautiful self? Were they too jealous of his magnificent skill, grace and look? He, Atobe Keigo was the king of Hyoutei!

"Oh fate, why are you being cruel to ore-sama?" he asked mournfully. Oshitari was wondering to heaven what he had done to deserve this.

Somewhere, in another dimension, a certain Hyuga boy suddenly activated his Byakugan.

"Neji, what's wrong?" his female teammate, Ten Ten, asked.

"I sense someone using fate's name in hate."

"Atobe, listen to me. Maybe you should let Echizen finish this, whatever business he's having, first before you start talking to him about your problem." He stated. Atobe snorted in response.

"Ore-sama can't believe he went to Nami-whatever it was without telling ore-sama first! Ore-sama had gone to his small house while wearing ore-sama's most beautiful suit! And guess what Rinko-san told ore-sama? He went to that undeveloped place with his old friend!"

Oshitari sighed, "Well, I guess it is partly Echizen's fault, after all. He should've explained something to you first without letting you hanging like now."

Atobe groaned, "He wouldn't explain anything to ore-sama, Yuushi, not if ore-sama doesn't being persistent about it. Ore-sama will confront him tomorrow when they're coming to Hyoutei for the practice match."


"Well?" Atobe stared down at his smaller lover. Ryoma stared back whatsoever.

"Well what?" he asked back. Atobe frowned.

"Where have you been, ahn?" he crossed his arms. Ryoma only tugged down his white cap.

"Around." He answered. They ignored their respective teammates that were currently eavesdropping on them outside the clubroom.

Atobe frowned harder, "Ryoma." He said in warning. Ryoma only shrugged him off.

"What were you doing in Namimori?" Atobe finally asked. Ryoma looked at him in the eyes.

"Nothing, just taking a short walks with a friend."

"Sawada Tsunayoshi." Atobe stated. Ryoma shrugged again, not really surprised that his boyfriend knew about Tsuna.

"He's a friend, monkey king. No need to get jealous over him." Ryoma smirked at the disbelief expression on Atobe's face.

"You brat, ore-sama is not jealous over that little pint sized snobbish rich kid!"

Ryoma rolled his eyes, "Sure, monkey king, sure."

Atobe gritted his teeth, "You brat…."

"Aren't we going to practice already?"

Atobe stared at his bratty boyfriend intently, "No."

And with that, Atobe pushed Ryoma down and claiming the pink lips.

Outside, the tennis players backed away from the door and walked to the tennis courts while blushing.

"Those two, I can't believe they're getting at it in the clubroom, where anyone could walk in." Oishi massaged his temple with a light pink blush on his cheeks.

Mukahi and Eiji snickered, "I bet they wouldn't even bat an eyelash if someone does walk on them." Mukahi suggested.

Fuji pulled a thoughtful poses, "Saa, aren't we supposed to warn Tezuka, Oshitari-san, Kaidoh, Oohtori-kun and Taka-san to not go to the clubroom?" he said while smiling.

Inui grinned and pushed his glasses up, "Where's the fun in that?"

The next day, both teams were given the pleasure of seeing Tezuka and Oshitari blushing like there's no tomorrow.


"Aren't you going to tell ore-sama about your friend, Ryoma?" Atobe asked as he snuggled closer to his boyfriend. Both tennis players were currently in Atobe's bedroom after a long making love session.

Ryoma huffed, "It's not my place for me to tell, Keigo, at least not now. But I'll tell you soon, when Tsuna's agree. I made a vow I won't tell anyone. His arrival at Japan was severely secured that only certain people of their family know. He said it's a pain in ass when some of those oldies of Sawada family make many arrangements for him for different reason. One of those that I manage to catch was marriage arrangement."

Atobe's eyed darkened upon hearing the marriage arrangement, "Must be hard being him. I know what's it feels like when you're force into a marriage. Luckily, I managed to free myself from such ridiculous arrangement. Of course, ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na!"

Ryoma rolled his eyes, "You're so egotistical, monkey king. It was your father that threatened the old council of your family to permanently remove them from the Atobe's family tree if they arrange a marriage for you. I must say, Keisuke-jii-san was quite scary when he says that. I swear some of them wet their pants." He smirked.

The Hyoutei captain softened his eyes as he smiled, "What can I say? Kaa-sama and tou-sama is so attach to you."

Ryoma snorted and smirked, "I know, monkey king. I'm so cute that they would kill to get me as their son's boyfriend."

"Now who's the egotistical one, ahn? Ore-sama is not as bad as you think."

"Mada mada dane, monkey king."


Oshitari blinked his eyes at the sight of Atobe…sparkling. He took off his fake glasses to make sure that he was not seeing things.

And he did not.

Keigo was practically beaming like a pregnant woman, or someone who got laid. Oshitari decided that the latter was more likely. Especially the former was ridiculous, not to mention disturbing.

"So how's thing with you and Echizen-kun?" he sat on the bench beside Keigo, and almost fall.

For the latter was smiling at him, as in, 'I'm happy and even if you ask me to shave my head bald I would gladly do it' happy, it was a rare sight.

"What the hell, Atobe?" Oshitari did not realize he had just cursed. But Keigo's good mood saved him from more laps around the court.

"Well, Yuushi, my man, isn't life so perfect at the moment? We were given such wonderful opportunity to live our lives to its fullest. Ore-sama couldn't be more grateful."

Oshitari wondered if he belonged to some asylum or a mental institute now.

For he was hearing Atobe called him by his first name and used my in his sentence.


The Hyoutei regulars blinked at the sight if their buchou's boyfriend walked into the courts like he owned it, which was most likely since Atobe did kind of does.

"Atobe's at the clubroom, Echizen-kun. He will be out shortly." Oshitari said as he continued his rally with Hiyoshi. Ryoma hummed and nodded. He stood there, watching the tensai's match with the future captain of Hyoutei.

After almost half an hour waiting, Ryoma was scowling as a dark aura surrounded him. The regulars backed away from him cautiously.

"Ano, Echizen-kun, are you okay?" of course, sans the meek and soft spoken Oohtori.

Ryoma growled, "No, I am not okay. If that vain stupid over narcissist bastard doesn't come out in two minutes, I'm telling him no physical contact for one month."

The regulars winced at that. They weren't sure of they can handle Atobe if that happens. Atobe-buchou in full bitch mode was harder to tolerate than his usual self.

It would be maddening.

"Well, what do we have here? Are you waiting for ore-sama? Ore-sama feels honoured that you are willing to wait for him."

The overly annoying but sexy voice made Ryoma wanted to maul the oblivious older male.

He turned around with a dark scowl on his face.

"I'll kill you. I'll cut off your hands and legs then feed your inner organs to rabid dogs and let them have a taste of your dick then I'll chain them for days until they couldn't take it anymore and the only thing that they want would be the last thing they tasted which would be your dick and they would craved for your flesh. Oh yes, they would eat your whole body like they never eaten before in their lives." He muttered darkly as a malicious smirk formed on his lips.

They regulars went green at the mental image. Hiyoshi, Shishido and Mukahi went so pale that they could've been zombies. Oohtori looked ready to pass out as he hid behind his doubles partner. Jiroh for once was awake since the whole thing started and looked as if someone told him that his mother was a prostitute. Oshitari was looking at anywhere except Ryoma with his face green and a hand on his mouth, looking like he's going to throw up. Kabaji…..he was standing behind Atobe quietly.

And Keigo blinked.

"Ryoma, koibito-chan, are you okay? Should ore-sama call the family's doctor to check up on you?"

Ryoma's anger was slowly forgotten as he saw pure concern on his boyfriend's face, "I'm not sick, monkey king. What took you so long?" he crossed his arms and glared weakly.

Atobe only smirked, "Well, ore-sama was only taking a shower since practice was over."

Ryoma wondered what in heaven's name made Keigo took a shower like a girl.

"Whatever, you said practice's over. That's good. You're coming with me to Kanagawa."

"What for?"

A smirk, "We're going to Rikkai Dai."

End chapter.

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