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"These are everyone's comms just put them on as usual. These are the plans if anything happens, Kuchiki you will be in charge of evacuation A area, Abarai B, Matsumoto C, Ono, Sasazaki, Suzuki, Ogawa Stage. You`re comms have an on/off switch so you can turn them off when you`re performing." Toshiro commanded as everyone put the small piece of wire in their ears.

"Now let`s get this party started!" Rangiku announced.

"Ohh and don`t let Matsumoto anywhere near the drinks." Toshiro ordered

"That`s not fair!" Rangiku cried.

"Come on let`s just finish the decorations." Rukia said dragging her away.

"Alright we`ll be going back stage to set up our instruments see ya!" Haruna said. Then she Mami, Tomomi and Rina walked over to backstage.

"Mmm you know I would really like to get my hands on them…"

"Yeah but Aizen sama said that tonight's not the time"

"I'm getting impatient come on it won`t hurt to not listen for once will it."

"Alright my bass is tuned! Let me put it on the stand…."

"Hey Haru can you help me with this mic stand it`s kinda stuck….." Mami asked.

"Mmmm… just a bit tighter here…."

"You`ve got to unscrew this first before you adjust the height…"

"Hey Rina-san! I think the drums are a bit too much on the left." Momo Shouted to Rina from down stage.

"Right! I'll try and move it a bit."

"Hey Ran, hold it here while I get some tape" Rukia said

"Hey Ichigo! Can you help me with this amp! It`s dead heavy!" Hisagi asked.

"Hisagi-kun, it has wheels so you can push it you know." Tomomi suggested

"I'll go and get the other one now that you know that you can push it." Ichigo offered.

"Thanks for helping us with the amps it would`ve taken us forever to move them." Mami thanked.

"Azusa! Do you know where the name lists are?" Mio asked

"Nel`s got them, she`s taking a photo copy of them and looking for a clipboard and pen."

"Naomi, can you help me with my guitar here? Just keep on strumming it." Haruna asked.

"Sure, Yumichika and Renji I'll leave the food to you guys." Naomi said.

"Once the streamers are done, put the poster`s up. I'll do the posters outside" Toshiro commanded

"Granz, is everything set?"

"Yes your majesty, C14 and B16 will be going out tonight, everything is going according to plan."

"Tell them to act covertly if they get caught, they`re in big trouble."


"Good evening everyone It`s SCANDAL!" Haruna said through the mic however she forgot to switch off her comms so her voice boomed in everyone eles`s comms.

"Hey Haru switch your comms off we`re gonna get deaf." Rangiku whispered into her comms.

"Sorry" Haruna replied and quickly switched off her comms

"How is everyone enjoying the party tonight?" Tomomi asked

"It`s a pleasure to perform here in front our class mates again!" Mami said

"I hope everyone has a good time tonight" Rina said

"Our first song is Doll." Haruna said and Mami began the intro to the song (A/N: If you`ve never heard it before just search it on youtube, SCANDAL DOLL it`s really nice.) Then the other instruments joined in on the cue of haru kick!

"Rina is sooooo cute."

"Our very own guitar godness"

"The queen of Basses~" (A/N: These are just random admirers XD)

"Nice party there Toshiro, everyone in the senior seems to like it." Shinji a senior said.

Everyone was dancing in the gymnasium and enjoying their time dancing to the music, sitting on the bleachers chatting or just taking a sip of punch.

Rukia walked towards the bleachers sitting down on the highest row so that she could over look the whole party.

"Hey." Ichigo said walking up taking a seat next to Rukia.

"Hey" She replied

"Why aren`t you down there havin fun?" Ichigo asked

"Well I'm not really into dancing that much and I like high places so usually in parties I would watch from above it`s actually really fun and you sometimes get some blackmail material haha." Rukia explained

"Well I haven`t been to a party like this before cos usually I would`ve stayed home and do homework or revise cos I didn`t really think parties were fun but I really doubt that I was right now." Ichigo said.

"Really you`ve never been to one?" Rukia asked a bit surprised.


"Hey see that, Rangiku as always has a bunch of guys surrounding her. Mio over there is with Hisagi while Azusa, Nel, and Naomi are just randomly chatting with different people. Toshiro as always is bored but has a bunch of girls surrounding him. Renji is flirting with a few girls." Rukia said

"Wow you sure see a lot. Mmmmm lemme see…. Is that Momo over there? She seems to be holding hands with Toshiro….." Ichigo said

"Wow I didn`t see that." Rukia said

"I bet all those girls a jealous now." Ichigo betted

"So…..you have a girlfriend?" Rukia asked.

"Nahh I used to be popular in my old school but I didn`t like anyone. I didn`t really put any time into romantic relationships, when I was bored I`d rather revise. How bout you?"

"I used to have a really close friend that was a boy, he taught me a lot of stuff as a sempai and a friend but he died fighting. At least his killer is arrested now." Rukia said

"Wow that must be harsh. So what got you in to the club?" Ichigo commented

"Well you know Kuchiki sensei? That's actually my brother in law, I live with him because my parents and sister died. Kuchiki sensei trained me to enter as he was also one of the teachers." Rukia explained

"So you`re his sister in law…." Ichigo said

"Hey guys!" Mio greeted with Shuhei beside her.

"Hi." Rukia replied.

"Watcha doin there?" Shuhei asked

"Just chatting. Hey do you guys want any drinks I can go and get some." Ichigo asked

"I'll have sprite thanks." Rukia said.

"I'll go with you." Shuhei offered

"I'll have coke thanks take your time there`s no rush we girls need to catch up a bit." Mio said

"Right girl talk, we`ll be back in a while." Shuhei said

"So how`s it going with Shuhei" Rukia asked.

"Great as usual he is so sweet." Mio

"That`s nice you sometimes make me wanna get a boyfriend but seeing some other couples makes me think twice" Rukia admitted

"Well I'm only guessing but I think you`ve found you`re Mr. Perfect" Mio said

"I doubt that come on." Rukia said

"Well it`s the first time for long that you`ve been that happy and comfortable with a guy." Mio said

"Really? I'm comfortable with all of them." Rukia said

"No your not." Mio said

"Hey we`re back you guys done girl talking?" Shuhei said walking towards us with Ichigo each with two cans.

"Sure I was actually starting to get thirsty." Rukia admitted

"Thanks." Mio said as she got her can of coke and pecked Shuhei on the cheek.

"Hey Azusa are planning to get a boyfriend any soon?" Nel asked.

"Nah maybe when we`re juniors I don`t have my eyes on anyone now." Azusa replied.

"What about you Nel?" Naomi asked

"You guys know about my memory lost right. Well I don`t know who it is but I know I my eyes on someone but I really don`t remember who it is even if it`s just a feeling I think I should wait. What about you Naomi?" Nel said

"Well I go flirting with a few guys once a while to see if I find the right one but I haven`t found him till now." Naomi revealed.

"Hey Momo do you have a bad feeling coming, I don`t think that this party will end peacefully." Toshiro asked

"Well think positively it really may help." Momo replied

"Hey let`s go grab so drinks, I'm so thirsty." Tomomi said

"Haru should be the one to say that she`s the one who sang the most but I agree lets get some drinks!" Mami said

"Actually our feelings are mutual, my throat is nearly dry." Haruna said and the four walked over go get some drinks.


"Did you feel that Timo?" Mami asked shocked from the alarm.

"Who wouldn`t?" Tomomi said

"Take place everyone, evacuate the students in all area`s A, B, C, and stage….." they heard through the comms. Haruna gave all three girls a nod and they started working into activating the exit. She turned off her comms and pulled a mic from the stage.

"Alert please evacuates to lock down rooms there will be people showing you to one of them please go to the nearest one…" Haruna announced.

Mami and Tomomi opened the trap door while Rina turns on the air conditioners in side by connecting the wires. Haruna turns her comms back on and guides all the students in to the underground room. Mami pressed the button to pull the stage back into the walls so that it was like it was never there.

"How is everything?" Momo asked as she, Naomi, Toshiro and a few others run towards the burst of aura.

"Everyone is in the underground rooms guarded by members, the others should be contacting staff, analyzing or coming over here." Toshiro informed.

"It`s here but I don`t see anyone." Naomi reported

"Hey what`s this doing here?" Nel said pointing to a black metal box with lot`s of buttons and a timer.

"Don`t touch it everyone it`s a bomb." Toshiro ordered.

"I'll get Nemu san and Mayuri over to deal with it." Naomi said

"It`s not sure if there is an attack but it may be dangerous so we are all going to be here until it is absolutely safe, in here it is 100% safe so please calm down." Rukia informed everyone in the room.

"Hey Haru is anyone in our room?" Mami asked

"Yep I asked Azusa to help with that." Haruna replied.

Tomomi, Rina, Haruna and Mami were guarding the entrances to the underground rooms as the others managed the inside.

"Nemu bring me the tweezers." Mayuri ordered.

Mayuri and Nemu were working on the bomb that was due to explode in 10 minutes everyone was watching from a distance nervous about each move they made.


"It`s ok everyone now, the timer has stopped." Nemu informed.

Everyone felt the aura of the bomb die away and started to relax.

" Scan the place for anything else, Nakura if not, tell them that they can return to their dorms." Toshiro ordered

"Sure." Naomi replied and sweeped the area around to see if there were any more auras and there were none.

"Report report, Nakura here all students maybe now released but please tell them to return directly to their dorms, a bomb was found in area 0061 but has been deactivated bye Kurostuchi." Tomomi heard threw her comms. She went to open the trap door to inform Rukia as she was underground, her comms didn`t work.

"Ah finally we can go back to our dorm!" Rina said slumping on her bed after retrieving all their instruments and putting them back down at the band room.

"Well at least we did enjoy a whole 2 hours of parting until we had to evacuate." Mami said.

"Yeah I thought it would be in the middle of our live." Tomomi said

"7minutes that`s quite good but not good enough"

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