I heard Ava's uncontrolled sobs, I saw Henry pacing nervously across the throne room. I felt life slowly begin to grow inside of me.

Colors were vivid and sharp. I saw Henry devastatingly handsome as always. I watched as he argued with the counsel. His lips were moving but I heard no sound come out.

Next I saw my mother wandering aimlessly through the garden. I could almost smell the flowers that surrounded her so delicately.

I saw Ingrid lying in the grass eyes closed looking content, suddenly she sat up and she looked straight into my eyes as if she could see me. She gave me a small smile. And then she was gone

Scenes of my friends and family flashed before my eyes and disappeared just as quickly. James strolling through the mansion. Persephone embracing Adonis. I even saw Pogo sleeping soundly on the bed.

Finally I heard Calliope's laughter. It was a cold hard sound that held no amusement but sent chills down my spine and made my hair stand on end.

Everything began to spin. The scenes of my family began to fade. Henry was so close I could almost touch him. But I could do nothing as they were ripped from me and I woke up.

I wished I hadn't

I was lying on my back, chained to the floor.

A ball and chain were attached to both of my ankles. Cold metal links were wrapped around my forearms. A long chain was draped over my chest and was attached on the floor to either side of me, pinning me to the ground.

I panicked.

I kicked my legs but only managed to move them the length of the chain, since the ball refused to budge no matter how hard I tried. The chains around my arms were no better. They coiled around them like bracelets and when I tried to lift them up I felt the strain of my arm muscles, and managed to get them a few inches off the ground until I could hold them no longer and they fell back to the floor. Metal ringing.

The one across my chest was the worst though. It prevented me from sitting up. Desperately I pushed my body up against the chain. My abdomen muscles tightening as I fought against the unyielding metal. I could feel the skin of my collar bone begin to scrape off, but still I pushed. Hoping that by some miracle the chain would break and I would be able to see something other than the ceiling.

No such miracle. The chains stayed as strong as they were when I first woke up. With a whimper my upper body fell back to the ground, defeated. I began to sob. I wasn't in very much physical pain. Nothing hurt and yet this was the worst of all torcher, and Calliope new it

I was trapped within my own body. I felt all the blood rush to my head and I became dizzy. My muscles ached to move, I needed to sit up, and look around. But all I could see was what was above and beside me.

What I saw didn't comfort me. Above me there was nothing. No ceiling. No end. Just a vast darkness that seemed to go on forever. When I looked to my left and right, in the darkness I could make out stone walls. When I turned my head, the side of my face became damp. The floor was wet.

If I listened closely I could hear the drip of water hitting stone. I could smell the metallic scent of stagnant water. Slowly my sobs ceased. Since I could not lift my hand to wipe my cheeks, the tears stayed on my face and began to dry, making my skin feel tight.

As I stared up ahead unable to move, I thought about Henry and if he still thought I was searching for Rhea, safe up on earth. I thought about Ava and as much as I wanted to be mad at her I couldn't. She had done something rash in hopes to save someone she loved. I had done the same thing. Many times. I thought about my sister and felt a stab of jealousy that she was in the arms of the man she loved and I was here. Trapped. I thought about Calliope and what she planned on doing to me. I could think of quite a few things actually, and none of them were good.

Most of all I thought about the baby growing inside of me. Wondering if it would survive the months to come. If it would be a boy or a girl. If it would have its dads eyes and my smile. If It would grow up to be as stubborn as I am and as beautiful as Henry. Wondering how Henry would react about the news of parenthood.

With great effort I managed to lift my arm just enough to place my hand on my abdomen. I couldn't feel anything. Not quite yet, it was too soon. But I knew that I had already begun to love the little embryo inside of me and new that I would do whatever it took to protect it. I just hoped I could stay alive long enough to give birth to it.