Henrys POV

Something is not right.

I can feel it deep within my bones.

Something is wrong.

And that is when is smell the smoke

Everything is so dark, but I can feel the heat of the fire, it is coming close.

I begin to panic. I need to find Kate, she doesn't know.

I feel like I'm blind, as I grope through the darkness for something to hold onto, as I search for Kate.

My hand comes in contact with a wall, it burns red hot and I wince in pain as I feel blisters forming on my already rough hands. I grit my teeth and ignore the pain as I use the burning wall as a guide.

It will get me out of here

It will help me find Kate.

I call for her as loud as I can with the smoke that is entering my lungs making it hard to breathe.

"Kate" I scream, it makes me cough but still I call for her, she has to hear me.

And then I see the flames.

Their sudden brightness hurts my eyes; everywhere I look is dominated by the red and orange flames. I try to exit the way I came but I am surrounded by the fire, it is creeping closer. There is nowhere to go.

Nowhere to hide.

I feel the intense heat of the flames as they engulf me, oh how they burn. I can feel my skin melting off. There is no room in my lungs for another breath, and just when I feel as if it can't get any worse, as I am about to succumb to the pain.

I hear her voice.

She is calling out for me. "Henry" she yells.

I can hear her voice so clearly, she is close. I can feel her.

She screams for me "Please Henry, help me". The agony in her words awaken something inside me. A deep urge to protect her. To make sure she is safe.

But her next words are the ones that truly hit home.

"Henry I need you" she pleads. My wife needs me. And I need her.

Despite the pain, her voice in my ear motivates me. I push aside the pain, and charge through the walls of fire, eyes looking, heart searching for her.

And that is when I see her, surrounded by flames she stands in tattered clothing. There is no fear in her eyes, only sadness and dismay but she is beginning to fade.

I push harder. I move faster. I need to get to her in time, before it's too late.

I'm almost upon her. I'm so close I can practically touch her, almost feel the silkiness of her hair between my fingers to run my hand over her smooth perfect face, to take the heartache out of her eyes.

But just when I reach her, she disappears along with the fire, the smoke, and the pain. They are all replaced by the wetness of a tongue and I awaken to the site of pogo sitting upon my chest staring down at me with his large puppy dog eyes.