Welcome to Pandora Hearts Truth or Dare! The Characters in the first chapter are: Oz, Gil, Break, Vincent, Oscar, Ada, Lotti, Sharon, Alice, Elliot, and Leo. This is my first try, so be nice please? And if you have any questions or dares you want included in the next chapter, comment with them please! Thanks:)

The white haired man chuckled to himself, and turned the locks on the large mahogany doors. He turned to the attentive audience sitting before him, and dramatically raised his arm in a sweeping gesture. "I have called you all here on urgent business that could impact all of your lives!"

Elliot raised himself from one of the large armchairs arranged in a semi-circle, and loudly protested, "Then just tell us what it is!" His valet tugged on his sleeve and muttered an incoherent scolding, muffled by the thick book that was nearly touching his nose.

"To put it simply, that wasn't true. There is nothing important that I can think of at the moment. I was merely bored and wanted to put everyone in a room and play a game with your minds." He smiled menacingly, and pointed to Ada. She instinctively leaned back in suspicion, and everyone else turned to stare at her.

"Please ask someone the following question," he paused, as if to add suspense, "Truth or dare?"

Ada stared in confusion for a moment, then turned to look at Elliot, then Oz, then someone she had seen around Vincent quite often. This would be the perfect opportunity to test Vincent, and make sure he really was all hers, right?

She shifted in her chair for a moment, then asked the pink haired girl, "You! What's it going to be, truth or dare?"

The girl licked her lips, pausing before loudly proclaiming, "Dare!"

Not entirely sure what to do next, she hesitated, but decided to have the girl kiss one person in the room. "I dare you to.. Kiss one person in here!"

Lotti giggled, "Awww, that's not fair! How can you expect me to pick just one?" Ada sighed, and bit her lip, trying not to blurt out an insult. "I guess, I choose you then.. may as well, right?" She pushed herself out of the chair and walked over to where the blonde sat.

"Wait! You can't be serious!" Oz shouted, leaping out of his chair to stand between the two girls. "Not my little sister! Pick someone else!" Lotti took one small step forward and licked her lips. She placed one hand on Oz's shoulder and whirled him around quickly. A small amount of force was enough to make him fall on the ground with her sitting on him.

"Unless of course, you'd rather…" She let the sentence trail off, and when he didn't answer, she got up, and skipped over to Ada, fairly confident he'd be too surprised to stop her this time. She leaned over the girl and brushed her lips over the blonde's. Oz glared at her from where he lay on the ground, and Break simply chuckled.

"That means it's my turn now!" She smiled, and spun in a circle on her toes, pointing her finger out in front of her. When she stopped, she was pointing at Gil. "Ah, Mr. Raven! Now then, truth or dare?"


"You love the little Vessalius boy here, don't you?" She stared at him steadily.

He blushed a bright shade of red, and stuttered out a response, "Well, that's— you can't possibly—Oz is my master!"

"Oh, well I had no idea you were into that kind of thing, Mr. Raven." She glanced over at where Oz lay, and laughed at the irritated, somewhat scandalized look on his face.

A loud voice cut in, "It doesn't matter anyhow, Gil is mine, and soon he'll realize that!" The blonde had crossed the room, and now sat on Gils lap, hugging the older man tightly. Of course Vincent Nightray had an objection to her question. Gilbert was attempting to push the younger off him, but not succeeding.

Alice was getting bored with this conversation, and began whining for someone else to ask a question. So after a few insults, Gil scanned the room to choose someone to get a confession from, or some revenge on.