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The gentle expression on Gil's face was contrasted dramatically by the bored glare on Vincent's. "Can you maybe act like a model brother somewhere else?" He tapped his fingers against the wooden floor, making a repetitive clicking sound.

"I-I'm not supposed to be… um… a model brother… I'm supposed to be a cute, little brother." The look on his face was almost pained, and the sound of his teeth grinding was standing out among the near-silence of the room, but he kept up the charade of childishness. "And y-you should be nice to your little brother… and your older brother too."

Pursing his lips, Vincent waited a moment before answering curtly, "I am being nice to him. If I wasn't being nice, we would be having an entirely different conversation. Not that I would ever consider being mean to Gil~" He tightened his vice-like grip around his brothers waist, nuzzling into his side.

"Nn, Vincent, at least don't suffocate me," He pleaded anxiously, "I can't breathe!"

With a mock confused look etched on his features, the blonde began to speak again, "Well if you couldn't breathe, you would be unable to talk…"

After a moment of consideration, the raven-haired man's answer came, "I can't breathe properly with you crushing my ribcage!" The end of the sentence was noticeably higher pitched than the rest due to the lack of air getting to his lungs.

"Viiiiiiincent! Leggo of 'im!" Switching speech patterns again to an even more childish tone, Elliot whined, "You're gonna hurt him!"

There was no response, just shocked expressions from everyone except Leo, who was smirking happily. "So this is what a young Elliot behaved like, hmm?" He looked back down to his book, flipping another page absentmindedly.

"Of course not! I'm trying to act cute!"

The noirette laughed, fitting words between bursts of amusement, "That's what you consider cute? Oh dear, that's a bit frightening."

"I don't think it's cute! I'm supposed to act like a little kid, and that's what I'm doing!" He thought for a second before stomping his foot angrily and making an unintelligible noise. "Don't be stupid!"

If it was even possible, the silence got even louder in its utter lack of noise. Everyone wanted to see how Leo was going to react to being called stupid, but without being within the general vicinity of the two boys.

True to form, he maintained composure in the most intimidating way possible. Setting his book down slowly, he tilted his head ever-so-slightly and stared directly at the noble. "Hm." Nothing more, but it was much more terrifying than an angry outburst would have been.

"It's something a little kid would say… right?" He looked towards Break, then Oz, then Gil, looking for confirmation; but receiving none.

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