Midnight Musings

Sometimes I wonder if this is all dream;
I'll lie awake at night watching you sleep
It's all so real yet I still wonder…

You picked me up and held onto all
the pieces as I fell apart in the
Sanctuary of your arms at night,

Do you remember when you told me
Once that we could give it all up;
That we could run away from everything
so that we could be by ourselves?

What I would give to have this future
With you and never wonder if this is a dream
Lying by your side I can almost convince myself
That this is true without a doubt.

You roll over onto your side a sleepy
Look in your eyes as I run my
Hand down your side with a smile…

Pale blue against pale pink
A mummer and the lightest of kisses
Holding you tight as I curl up against you;
This is… we are… this is real
This is where I belong.

A/N: This turned out a little different than the original draft, but the ending feels better. I'm curious though if there's too much or little emotion, etc... Let me know what you think! And yes this is from Shepard's viewpoint