Author's notes: I got inspired to write this at first thinking about a couple of things: First, I pondered what would happen if Loki were to ever interact with Darcy, since I definitely sense a spark in both of them that craves being a bit of a smart-ass, and both have gifts that largely go unrecognized. (Darcy doesn't know much about astrophysics, but she sure can make a mean fake ID.) Secondly, the more I thought about their similarities, the more I saw them as counterparts to Thor/Jane. Whereas the former couple is like the captain of the football team and Homecoming Queen, Loki and Darcy would be the members of the fantasy literature and A/V club. So in summary, this story's how I'd see them coming together, and how they draw strength from the other. No OCs here, everything's owned by Marvel, you know the gist. Enjoy!

"No, Loki."

There was no one better than the black-haired god who knew just how powerful words could be.

It was true that actions spoke louder than words, yet words could act as a weapon as harmful as any blow. They could disguise the truth, or reveal it. They could restore hope, or they could shatter it. And with just two words, Loki was convinced he had nothing to return to, and silently said good-bye to everyone and everything he had ever known. As he let go, darkness enveloped him with a deafening roar. All he could do now was think about why this was happening.

Has my fate always been to suffer? He mused. How could it be from the very beginning I was shunned? He thought of Odin's explanation for how he found him and struggled to search for logic he knew was missing.

If I really was left to die, then I must have had no value to the Jotun. And if that were true, why then, would they accept me as their king if I was of no use to them in the first place? And even if I was accepted, Thor would have been made king of a world that had always loved him, and I would be made king of a race I knew only from stories told to me as a child where they were always described as savage. How could the All-Father possibly think that would work? How could there possibly be peace through me? Unless...

Something snapped in his mind, and all the pieces of the puzzle that had come together instantly shattered.

This whole time he was grooming me to look down on my own kind. My only purpose was to be the ruler of Jotenheim who always had allegiance to Asgard.

He thought he would go mad from laughing so hard.

Now I know why so many have called me a puppet master. It was because I learned from the best of them all.

His laughter was interrupted by a sudden surge of pain that shot through him. It intensified as he could feel himself falling at a faster and faster rate. It was as if every cell in his body was being ripped away from him.

So this is how I'm to die. So be it. The only question I have left is why after everything I did to Thor, he still showed grief upon seeing me go.

Then his consciousness dissolved, and all was still.