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Artemis was not happy.

In fact, one could say that she was bordering homicidal rage at the moment.

Some of which was aimed the large glob of glue stuck to her hand.

But most of it was towards the redhead, whose hand also had glue on it.

The exact same glob, as it so happened, that was attached to her own.

What had started out as a rather simple school project had now turned into the archer's own little corner of hell.

So no, Artemis was not happy.

"Artemis, quit looking at Wally like that. It's making me nervous," M'gann said as she held the couple's hands under warm water, trying to dissolve the glue.

"You're not the only one, babe," Wally agreed nervously, "I think Artemis could give Medusa a run for her money, given the chance."

Glare deepening, the archer said in a low voice, "Wally. Unless you want your death to be even more slow and painful then it is already, you will shut up. Right. Now!"

Withering under her gaze, Kid mumbled, "Geez, what did I do?"

"'What did you do?'" Artemis snapped. Splashing water everywhere, the girl yanked her right hand, and subsequently his left, out of the sink and shoved it an inch from his face.

Seething she said, "Because of your bone-headedness, my hand is now stuck to yours with rubber cement!" she shook the two fists for emphasis.

"It's not my fault!" Wally cried indignantly, "You're the one who kept hogging all the glue!"


"If you'd been a better sharer, this wouldn't have happened!"

"If you had taken a hint and left me alone, I would've finished sooner and you could've had the glue!"

"Yeah right! If I'd done that, you would have blown up the kitchen with your stupid rocket!"

"Um, guys-" M'gann tried to talk, but was cut off.

"It's not armed, Kid Idiot! There's nothing to blow up!" Artemis replied, getting in his face.


"I'm sure you would have found a way! You are a blonde after all!" Wally remarked, leaning closer to the blonde.

"What'd you say, you redheaded little-"

"GUYS!" the Martian yelled.

Shocked by M'gann's outburst, the two teens jolted apart from eachother, only to be brought to a painful halt by their conjoined hands.

Hands on her hips, Miss Martian huffed and said, "Thank you. Now will you please explain to me exactly how you two got like this?" indicating their hands.

"Gladly," Artemis replied as she tried to cross her arms. After glaring at Wally when she couldn't, she settled for placing her free hand on her hip.

"I was here in the kitchen, trying to finish up on a project I had for school…

'I'm seriously starting to get pissed,' Artemis thought as she cut out a tailfin for her rocket.

Two weeks ago, the archer's science teacher had decided to give the class a more hands on lesson about rockets by having them build their own. Each student had two weeks to make their rocket, and launch it during class on that Monday.

Artemis had finished designing her rocket the very day it was assigned; but between her other homework, training, chores, and team missions, she hadn't had enough time to work on it.

It was now the Friday night before the assignment was due, and Artemis was determined to at least finish the body of the rocket that night so that she could spend the weekend working out any bugs it might have.

Thinking she'd have more space to work with at the Cave, not to mention a private beach to practice launching from, the blonde zeta-beamed over, set up shop at the kitchen counter, and got to work.

She'd been at it for over two hours and was just about to finish cutting out the rocket's last tailfin when a voice from behind her said, "Whatcha working on?"

Jumping nearly a foot off of her barstool, and banging her knee in the process, Artemis cursed and twisted around to glare at the speedster who had seemed to pop out of nowhere.

Annoyed at the interruption, she said, "First of all; pull a Robin on me again and I'll break your teeth. Second: I'm working on a rocket for school. Now go away so I can finish." Not seeing if he left or not, the archer turned back around and continued to cut the sheet of metal in her hands.

Leaning over her shoulder, Wally said, "A rocket, huh? Neat."

Choosing to his ignore his presence, the archer said nothing as she finally finished cutting out the tailfin and examined it for any defaults.

After making sure that all four tailfins were the same, Artemis was about to attach them to the rocket when Wally said, "That won't work."

Sighing, she replied, "What won't work, Baywatch?"

"Your rocket."

Putting down the tailfin, Artemis spun around on her barstool and nearly crashed into the speedster's face, not realizing how close he had been. Composing herself, and managing not to blush, she glared the redhead in the eye, and responded, "What do you mean, 'it won't work?'"

Straightening up and putting his 'behold-the-awesomeness-of-my-genius' face on, Wally stated, "Well, it'll work, it just won't work as well as it could have if it had been done by a true scientist. Such as me," he gloated, gesturing to himself.

Taking a deep breath and counting to three, Artemis said, "Thanks for the insult, Kid Idiot, now go away and leave me alone. So long as the rocket goes up and comes back down in one piece, I don't care how high it goes or how well it flies." She turned back to the countertop.

"Sooo, you admit that I'm a better scientist then you?" he smirked.

Whipping back around she retorted, "If constantly blowing things up make you a better scientist, then yes!"

"I do not constantly blow things up!"

"Oh no? Then why is it that we've had to buy three new fire extinguishers for the Cave's lab?"

"Hey! That was when I was making fireworks! FIREWORKS! They're supposed to blow up!"

"Not indoors, Kid Idiot!"

"The point is," he growled, "That I can make a better rocket than you can!"

"Can not!"

"Can too!"

"Can not!"

"Can too!"

"Can not!"

"Can too!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Then prove it!"

"I WILL!" With that, Wally sped out of the kitchen and towards the Cave's lab.

Artemis laughed to herself and said, "That outta keep him busy for a while," before she went back to work.

Fifteen minutes later, the blonde girl was about to put the fourth and final tailfin onto her rocket when Wally came to a screeching halt next to her and reached for her glue.

"I need to borrow-hey!" he said as Artemis snatched the glue out of his reach and glared at him, yet again.

"Not yet, Baywatch! I only have one tailfin left to do and there is no way I'm giving you so much as a drop of glue before I'm done. Got it?" she growled.

Wally pouted, "Aw come on, Arty, you've had the glue for hours, I just need it for a second," he reached for the glue again, but missed.

"Call me Arty again, Baywatch, and I'll never give it to you!" she glared, holding the glue as far away from him as possible.

Determined, the redhead replied, "Fine, then I'll just take it!"

With that, he zipped to the other side of the counter and tried to snatch the container by force.

Unfortunately, for both of them, Artemis expected this.

The second she saw his face, the archer had instinctively tighten her grip on the glue. She ended up gripping it so hard, that the cap popped straight off of the container and a giant glob of rubber cement squeezed out of it and onto her hand.

Shocked at the sudden cold and wet thing appearing on her hand, Artemis let go of the container, allowing the glue to flow onto her palm as it fell away.

It was at that exact moment that Wally reached for her hand with his left and….

"And that's how you two got stuck?" M'gann asked.

"Yes!" Artemis stated, continuing her glare at Wally.

He stuck his tongue out in response, causing the blonde to start yelling at him again.

When M'gann finally got them to stop, she questioned, "Glue takes a minute to dry, so why didn't you two let go as soon a you grabbed her hand?"

""Uh…we-you-he-it was….uh,"" The two teens instantly turned red and began to stutter incomprehensible words simultaneously.

Neither one wanted to admit that after Wally had grabbed her hand they had just stood there staring at eachother, with blushes on their cheeks.

"We didn't let go because-because-" Artemis struggled.

"Because we were too busy fighting with eachother!" Wally suggested.

"Yes, that's it!" the blonde rapidly agreed, "We were fighting eachother-"

"And by the time we realized what had happened-"

"The glue had already dried to much for us to separate!"

"Exactly!" Wally finished. The two smiled at eachother in triumph before realizing who they were smiling at and returned to glaring.

"Riiighhht," M'gann replied with her eyebrow cocked. 'Oh, how cute! They're still in denial,' she thought.

'I think I'll have a little fun,' the Martian thought deviously.

Out loud she said, "So, you were fighting?"

""Yep."" They both answered.



"The whole time?"


M'gann placed her chin on her hand and looked at the ceiling.

"Huh, that's weird? Because when I walked into the kitchen, you two were just staring at eachother quietly," inwardly she thought, 'I'm evil.'

The stuttering returned.

"Uh-that was-"


""WERE IN A LULL!"" they both yelled.

"A lull?"

"Yeah a lull," Artemis answered, "We were both yelling so much that we both had to stop to-to-"

"To catch our breaths!" Wally added.

"Yes, that's right! And at that time, you came in! During the lull…. in our fight…"

"Mm-hm," M'gann commented.

'I should probably point out that neither of them was breathing heavily when I came in. Or that I didn't hear any shouting before I entered the kitchen, buuut, I think I've tortured them enough.'

Picking up the glue container up off of where it had landed on the floor, Miss Martian read the back while the two teens tried to look everywhere except at eachother.

Finally M'gann said, "According to the container, the glue company makes a solvent for this exact glue. They probably sell it at the hardware store here in town."

Both teens perked up immediately and said, "That's great!"" before turning to eachother and saying, ""Stop copying me!"" ""No, you!"" ""No, you!""

Not even bothering to stop them, M'gann said, "Anyway, you two wait here and I'll go buy some." With that, the Martian flew out of the kitchen and towards the hanger.

It wasn't until they heard the hangar doors close did Wally and Artemis realize that they were alone with eachother.


They stood there in an awkward silence for a minute, neither one entirely sure what to say or do.

Eventually, Artemis decided to switch to default mode.

"Well this is just great!" she sneered, "Not only can I not finish my project, but I have to be stuck to you in the mean time!"

"Well, excuse me," Wally retorted, "For trying to make a rocket!"

"That's my line!" she yelled turning to face him and realizing how close he was.

He must have realized it too, because they both backed up as far as their arms would allow them and returned to looking at everything but eachother.

After a few minutes of silent blushing and fuming, Wally finally sighed and said, "Look, I'm sorry."

Startled, Artemis looked at him like he had grown an extra head and squeaked, "What?" before silently kicking herself for squeaking.

Still not looking at her, he continued, "I guess it's my fault that we're like this- with the glue, I mean, and just… I'm sorry, okay?"

Staring at him openmouthed for a moment, the archer contemplated saying "You guess?" but ultimately decided against it.

Instead she said, "Apology accepted, Baywatch."

Now it was Wally's turn to look at her like she was speaking a completely foreign language.

Swallowing her pride, Artemis looked away and continued, "And, I guess I'm sorry too. This rocket is due on Monday and I guess I acted kinda snappy earlier."

Smiling, Wally pointed out, "There is a whole lot of guessing going on in the kitchen today, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess there is," she replied, smiling back.

Both of them smiled at eachother before blushing, looking away, glancing back at the same time, and looking away again while blushing even harder.

"Let's watch TV while we wait for M'gann to get back," Wally blurted out while rubbing the back of his head.

"Great idea," Artemis agreed. The two teens moved to go to the couch only in different directions, jerking to a stop because of their hands. After glaring at the conjoined limbs for a second, the two heroes finally managed to move in the same direction and were soon seated side by side in the middle of the couch.

Having grabbed the remote as soon as they had sat down, Wally began flipping through the channels trying to find something they could watch. He was going so fast, that Artemis couldn't even tell what channel they were on, let alone what was on. Still, she decided that he would find something eventually, so she wouldn't get on him about it.

She lasted five minutes.

"Would you pick something already?" she snapped.

Glaring at her while still surfing, Wally responded, "I can't there's nothing on!"

Throwing her free hand in the air she asked, "How can you tell? You're going so fast I can't even tell what's on!"

"Well I can, and the answer is nothing!"

"You're not even looking right now!"

"I can tell by what's being said!"

"By what's bein-look, just give me the remote, I'll find something!" she said as she reached for his right hand. He easily dodged and held the remote farther away from her while still flipping channels.

"Puh-lease, if I left it to you, you'd probably pick some girly chick flick with a ton of kissing," he teased making a kissy face.

"Would not!" she growled, lunging yet again.

"Would too!"

They went back and forth like for a minute, with Artemis reaching and Wally dodging while still channel surfing.

Fed up, the archer growled and launched herself at the remote, leaving her seat in the process. Finally snatching the remote from his hand, Artemis cried out triumphantly and turned to Wally to gloat. Before she could start, however, she notice that the boy had turned as red as his hair.

She wondered why for about half a second before looking down and realizing the position they were in.

After launching herself from her seat, Artemis somehow managed to end up straddling Wally's lap, facing him.

Looking back at Wally's face, the archer tried to open her mouth to apologize but nothing came out. Her head was buzzing and the only clear thought was, 'Wow, he has beautiful eyes,' not knowing that the exact same thing was going through his head as well.

Staring at eachother, it occurred to the two of them how close their faces were to eachother. They were close enough for her to count each individual freckle on his face. Close enough for him to realize that her eyes were a stunning stormy gray color.

Close enough to kiss…

Freaking out somewhat, the blonde decided to keep going and landed in the seat on his right, forgetting that their hands were still conjoined, meaning that when she sat down, her right arm was pulled in front of her body, the same with his left.

It was slightly painful, but the two teenagers were stunned and couldn't find any words to say. For umpteenth time that day, they blushed and looked away from eachother.

As they tried to mentally sort out what the hell had just happened, they finally noticed that the TV had stopped on a 24-hour music channel and was starting a new song.

Absolutely no one who knows me better

No one that can make me feel so good

How did we stay so long together?

When everybody, everybody said we never would

And just when I

I start to think they're right

The love has died

There you go making my heart beat again

Heart beat again, heart beat again

There you go making me feel like a kid

Won't you do it, do it one time?

There you go pulling me right back in

Right back in, right back in

And I know I'm never letting this go

I'm stuck on you

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, stuck like glue

You and me baby, we're stuck like glue

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, stuck like glue

You and me baby, we're stuck like glue

At the start of the chorus, Artemis smiled and had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing. Next to her, Wally was starting to shake and make weird noises.

The two of them looked at eachother, saw the face the other was making and busted out laughing as the song played on.

"Wha-ha-ha-ha!" Wally guffawed.

"Wha-what are-haha-what are the odds!" Artemis asked as she held her side with one hand.

Wally shook his head and mouthed 'I don't know' but was laughing so hard that no words came out, just this weird wheezing sound.

At that, Artemis laughed even harder, tears streaming down her face as she brought her knees up and leaned against Wally's shoulder.

They were like that long after the song had ended, just laughing and laughing at the stupidity of it all and the looks on each other's face.

After what seemed like an eternity, the two teens finally reduced their laughter enough so that they could actually breath, leaning against eachother while they caught their breath, Artemis resting her head on his shoulder, while he had his on her head.

Eventually, Wally lifted his head up and began to move.

Artemis looked up at him, confused, before she realized he was moving his right arm from between them and wrapping it around her midriff, pulling her closer to him.

The blonde was shocked by this action and froze, her mind racing.

'What the-is he-did he just-why that little-what the hell does he think he doing!' she mentally ranted as she tensed up, 'He actually had the gall to-I never said he could-I'm gonna hit him so hard! He better not let go!' her mind blanked at that last thought.

'I don't want him to let go?' she asked herself.

'No, I don't,' she answered.

'But it's Wally?'



'Kinda cute.'

'Is not!'

'Quit being in denial. He is. You like him. End of story.'

'But but but-'

'Besides, looks like he likes you too.'

'He does?'

'Would he be holding you if he wasn't?'

Artemis had to admit she was right.

As she had a conversation with herself, she didn't notice that the boy in question was staring at her, waiting for her to make a move. He had thrown his arm around her on an impulse and had instantly regretted it the second she tensed up.

'Smooth move, Wally,' he berated himself, 'You just grabbed a girl who, A) hates to be grabbed, and B) loves to punch the people who've grabbed her. I.e. you!'

Looking at the beautiful blonde next to him, he couldn't help but smile and added, 'But in the end; totally worth losing my teeth.'

Resigned to his fate, the speedster's heart nearly stopped when he felt Artemis relax and lean against him again with her eyes closed, completely at ease with his arm around her.

Feeling like an angel was playing a harp made of his heartstrings, Wally smiled lovingly at the girl next to him before putting his head on top of hers again and sighing contently.

They stayed like that for a while.

Neither one moving or speaking.

Just sitting together and listening to the songs on the TV.

Both of them just happy to be where they were at that exact moment.

Not realizing that they had an audience.

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