Note: This idea has been nagging me ever since I had my first taste of Ethiopian cuisine over the summer. It's much more original than the previous three chapters.

"The Blue Nile? That's an interesting name for a restaurant!" Ash exclaimed.

"I eat here all the time." Anabel replied as she opened the door to the restaurant.

"Table for two?" asked Jafar, the waiter. Ash and Anabel nodded.

"I never knew you were into Ethiopian Cuisine!" said Ash.

"The trick is to keep your mind wide open." said Anabel.

Meanwhile, Pikachu was chugging away from a red bottle.

"Oh noes!" Meowth cried. "That's not ketchup Pikachu! That's hot sauce!"

"Chiaaaaaaaah!" Pikachu roared and spewed fire out of his mouth.

The mouse burnt down the entire restaurant. Ash and Anabel had to pay $69000 in damages.

On the bright side, Pikachu learned Flamethrower!

To be continued…