Blood of Venom and Tears







Harry dodged just as the blinded snake smashed the stone column he was leaning against.

"If you can kill me, do it! Kill that Bastard too! Protect the Egg!" the blinded 'king of serpents' hissed at the young Gryffindor, as she pulled back to lunge at him yet again.

As she lunged at him, the sword slid past her teeth, through a venom sac, and into her brain. A mix of both her blood and venom washed over the boy.

How he returned to the young girl's side, he had no idea. But got there he did. "Ginny, wake up!"

Tom just crowed over the two children. "I knew you were no match for the greatest Wizard of the century."

Glaring at the semi-solid prefect, Harry pulled the snake fang from his arm and stabbed the journal in Ginny's hand. As the ghostly Teen exploded into mist, Fawkes landed on the boy's shoulder, it's tears raining from its eyes, along the shiny beak and into Harry's many wounds. As the wave of dark magic rippled through the Chamber only to rush back and wash over the be-speckled boy as he grasped her hand, Harry collapsed into a pile beside the young girl.

Poppy was just finishing pouring the last of the restorative potions to her charges. This time a few drops at a time from a eye-dropper. As the drops landed in the mouth of one 'Ms. Norris', the stiffness melted from her form. To the experienced eye of the med-witch, she could see the years melt from the kneazle half breed. The cat being of a magic nature, closer tied to her core, the potion was rolling back the years she spent bound to her wizard. For some reason, squibs bound better to their familiars then

other wizards. Most likely because the magic had to go somewhere...

Fawkes exploded into the room, hovering over one of the beds, and dropped the Weasley girl, and flamed out...only to return a minute later with Potter.

As she waved her wand over the children, Mr. Potter seemed to warble something at room.

Fawkes squawked before returning returning first with the brainless buffoon, who for some reason was even more brainless then before, and then with the youngest Weasley boy.

As she waved her wand over the two new comers, she grinned at the blond's misfortune.

Then it all went to hell.

A ripple of pain washing from his toes to his head and back ripped the boy from the black of oblivion.

As he stood and lunged into the closest clear space, avoiding the grasping hands trying to hold him back, he exploded into flame!

As his clothes turned to ash, everything about him morphed. His bones straightened, his muscles became lean, and tight. His eyes flashed first yellow then blue, before returning to his normal shade.

Nurse Poppy grabbed a robe and flung it over his shoulders, he quickly shrugged into it. She looked at the pool that was his slagged glasses, before looking closely at his eyes. "I guess you wont be needing your glasses anymore, Potter."

"I am but gone two days, and you disrupt my school, yet again, Mr. Potter." the twinkle in his eye and smug grin on his face gave lie to the words spoken by the headmaster.

"Sorry sir. Damsel to kill, Monster to save, you know, Thursday night."

"Harry, don't you mean Damsel to save?" Ron asked from his bed.

Harry turned to look at the red head. "Sorry, muggle joke."

A commotion was heard out in the hall, just as Malfoy burst into the Medical wing. "What are you doing here? I thought you were dismissed from your post?" the slimy blond hissed at the headmaster. But Harry saw the house elf, Dobby, at the wizards feet. Now a few things made sense.

"And the true snake bastard slithers in"

Harry snapped around to look at the speaker, only to find Fawkes. He just grinned.

"Ah, but that ruling was overturned. It seems that that the other board members were under the impression that you were threatening them with some serious curses." the headmaster spoke in a calm and measured tone.

An idea popping into his head, Harry turned to his first human friend. "Ron, can I have your sock please."

Ron nodded and stripped off the easiest to reach.

with the worn, patched item in hand, Potter approached from Malfoy's rear. "Sir, I want to thank you, for all that you did to … ensure this outcome." he pressed the sock into the man's hand.

With an oath, the snake oil seller cast down the sock and stormed out of the room.

Everyone in the room looked at the elf, standing there, with a sock covering his left eye.

"Dobby is free!" the small humanoid squeaked.

"Not quite." Harry picked the little fellow up and set him on the closest bed, "I seem to be in need of an elf. I also need a way to protect myself from you. To my relief, the best way to solve both problems, is to take Dobby as my personal elf."

the small guy started to shake. "Yous wants Dobby?"

"If Dobby will serve." Harry answered. Before his eyes flared again, and he collapsed.

hours later.

The headmaster leaned back in his great chair. This is the time a body called for its vices, and it was the time to ignore those calls.

The whole Weasley clan that was in the Isles was in the Hospital wing. It seems that for the last six hours, Mother Weasley had been in a tizzy as her clock had been pointing little Ginny's hand at danger. With Harry's actions, the girl was safe, but her mom had to double if not triple check. Poppy was unhappy with the invasion of her domain, and was working to clear it. She had already sent Lockhart onto St Mungo's, seeing that his issue was beyond what she could (or was that would?) solve.

Ron would only be kept overnight, siting observation. Normally she would have sent him packing, but his presence kept molly calmed, as if to say, this how detailed my healing is.

Ginny was resting comfortably, and in a bed next to Harry. With her core and soul battered by what happened, not to mention the poor girl's mind, Poppy was keeping the girl asleep for the time being.

Now Harry. That was a funny one. His eyes kept flaring, first gold or yellow, then blue. Twice now he burst into flames, turning his clothes to ash, but not the bed.

Little Dobby was sent to the kitchens, to get cleaned up and help the staff, until his master needed him.

Then there was Fawkes, the bird would not leave the hospital wing, perched out of the way, watching over the sleeping and troubled. His song bringing calm to the worried.

Dumbledore popped a lemon drop. It was time to adjust the pieces, a pawn just became a knight.