Blood Venom and Tears


Chapter 05

The Night before everyone was to go home...

The one known as Scabbers, AKA Wormtail, AKA Peter Pettigrew, Scurried along the hallway. He needed to be back in his Keeper's pocket when the boy finished packing. He knew he had time, the Boy liked to sleep late, eat often, and rarly clean his room. The Keeper before him, was ever more disaplined.

Ducking into a hole in the wall, he scurried into the Tower Common room. His ears perked, his whiskers atwitching. There was James' boy, Harry, cuddling the Weasley girl. The Granger Girl sat leaned aginst his back as she read a book. She was always reading something or other. She reminded him so much of sweet dear Lily.

There was the Boy... Playing one last game of chess against the Longbottom boy. Scabbers scurried up the boy's leg, and ducked into a robe pocket, before curlling up into a ball, and drifting off to sleep...

While he was missing out on the finer things in life, he doubted that life could get any easier for him as a human. All he could eat, sleep as long as he wanted, some minor scurrying now and again... no one looking for him... Life was good.

Harry was content to just sit in the comfort that two young girls can give a guy who no longer thinks girls are iky. At dinner, he had recieved notice that a goblin would be meeting him at Kings Cross station.

He frowned as he spotted Scabbers run up Ron's leg and burrow into a pocket. Something was off about what he saw, when his eye fell on the rat. It was not the first time he felt that way, but he couldn't place where he first noticed something off...

Oh well, tomorrow was June 1st. They were heading home.

Arthur dropped his name on a scrap of paper, into a large fish bowl. Every year the Ministry did a drawing. A mystery prize drawing. Last year it was a 'paid in full' trip to India. It was time to head home to Molly and the kids.

No sooner then he was out of sight, did the Great Dumbldor shimmer into view. A tap of his wand changed all of the names in the bowl to 'Arthur Weasley'. Anything to throw a wedge in to Harry Potter's life. With the Weaselys out of the country for the summer, Harry would be easier to mold further into his puppet. A swirl of his robes and it was if the Headmaster never there.

Not one minute later, did the petty offical from 'human resoures', in charge of the drawing reached into the fish bowl, and selected a name, then banished the rest. As the faceless qwill pusher vanished back into the depths of the Ministry, the fish bowl filled with water as a gindyglow popped into sight and dropped into the bowl.

Griphook knew something was off as the room of accountants was buzzing. He had been named Account Manager for the Potter files, and was quickly given the room before him, as the Manager had passed to Great Vault just after the Potters had fallen to the dread lord, and with no heir of age, the Lords of the Bank had not seen a reason to promote a needed employee to a position where they would sit for fifteen years doing nothing.

Now it was looking like maybe they should have. Someone had accessed the private accounts, and moved over fifty million gaellons to fund veris projects all across England and and a few in Europe. To really put the screws to the Board-Members, half the paperwork was in Harry's name.

Griphook ginned. One said Project was a Centaur and Unicorn Ranch and Preserve. The moneys pulled to buy the land, listed the plot that was to become the reserve. It listed the plot that held the Master Estate of Potter Manner. Either an oversight by the Greedy Bastard, or he really didn't know. Like it really mattered. In few hours the Room would have the culprit by the purse strings, and would begin to reverse the flow of gold, fortune, and favor. So many ignored the warning at the front doors.

Griphook turned to the goblin at his side. "What is the word from Legal."

"They say we have pressadent and legal standing on all points. They are just double checking to prove that none can compermise our Standing. With the Boy's Blood Test, He has the Legal standing over the Board of Governors and the members of the Staff. The selling of the Carcase to us his right; by 'right of valor and conquest'." the smaller goblin snickered. "Already we have offers of Thousands of Geallons, but at this time, it for the whole and undamaged Carcase."

"So, everything will be ready by noon tomorrow?" Griphook asked.

"If not, it is a minor matter, and will be settled before the Young Master leaves."

Griphook nodded as the cruel grin spread over his face.

It was good to be a Goblin.

As the sun crested the the horizon to the east, Harry dressed and packed the last of his things. A tap of his wand, locked his trunk, and he strolled down to breakfast. Yes, he early, but he wanted to avoid being dragged into packing Ron's trunk. As he entered he spotted a blond first year at the Ravenclaw table. The blurry eyed girl was sipping coffee as she muttered to herself. As he got closer, he noticed that she had her trunk beside her and it was open.

Dropping lightly on to the bench across from her, Harry watched as she ran through her check list again. That was when she noticed him sitting across from her. She gave a hiccup of surprise.

He smiled easily at her. "So, what are you missing?"

She handed him the list with all but three things marked off.

He nodded. "Dobby." the Elf popped in at his elbow. As he turned to look at the small creature, He noticed its eyes were bulging yet again. "What is it this time?"

"Missy here is another one, Master Harry." the pittiful beasty squeaked. "Master Harry now has three."

Harry groaned. "She is one of the Five?" as the floppy eared guy nodded, Harry banged his head once on the table. Handing the list to the elf, "Three things here to find. Your first duty to my third bond-mate." Dobby grabbed the page and popped out. Harry turned his eyes once more to the girl across from him. "Just to get the details out of the way, I am Harry Potter, and you are?"

"Luna Lovegood." She sipped her coffee, as she studied him. "What do you two mean by 'Third' 'Five' and 'Bondmate'?"

Harry tapped the table and a cup of coffee apeared before him. "It will take some time to tell you the full details, but the quickest way would be to ask, What do you know of the 'Cursed Blessing' and its Keeper?"

She sipped again, as her eyes went out of focus. "An old story, shared by the non humans of the wizarding world. A Wizard of Power granted, or condemed to live, a life of a Blessing that no mere mortal would survive. While he is Blessed, most would find his life a curse." She frowned. "Third of Five you say?" Harry nodded. "That would be in referance to his wives, would it not?" Again Harry nodded. "So you have found two?" Harry just smiled at her, before shaking his head.

But before he could speak, Dobby popped back with the list and three things that were quite a mess. "Dobby tried to repair them as well as he could, but these Items are beyond Dobby's know." he laid the Items on the bench beside the girl, and popped to Harry's side who was quick to rub his head.

"Good job, Dobby." Harry scratched behind an ear, "I am getting hungry. A big plate of bacon, crisp. Toast with jam, and Coco, two cups." the elf popped away.

"Back to your question, No. I have found three." Harry smiled at the girl. "You will be at my side when we leave. I have three beautiful witches in my life, I am not letting them go that easily. Only Hermione has been Identified as Knowledge. That leaves; Foresight, Love, Life and Death." As the platter of bacon and toast popped onto the table, Harry snagged the closest piece of the crispy meat, and bit into it. "When I report to Gringotts that another of the Five was found, they are most likely going to ask to meet you. Is any of this a problem?"

"Why do you care" her pale blue eyes cleared as if a swtich was thrown. "What does this mean to and for you?"

Pouring a bit of coffee into his coco, he looked at her. "In truth, it means very little right now. My very muggle family treat me like dirt if not worse, I had no friends, until last year. This year I was threatened by a very dark magic Artifact, endangered by a house elf trying to rescue me, and set upon by one of the deadliest creatures known to magic or science." he folded his arms as he leaned towards the girl. "I am warned by one of the few people I trust completly that I am going to have five wives, and be bonded to them. That I will live a long and relitivily happy life, as long as I have them with me. Now I am faced with the third of five, at the age of twelve going on thirteen, and am asked what does this mean for me." Snagging another strip of bacon, he nibbled it slowly as he reshuffled his thoughts. "If I follow the path before me right now, I am going Little Surry where I will be treated like a house elf in the darkest of wizards homes, kept from my friends, my bondmates, so that I will be more plyable for the Puppet-master to keep pulling my strings. I am planing to misbehave. Baring further disruptions, I am breaking my ties to my Aunt and Uncle, setting up shop, so to speak, where I can take my Studies to the next level, strengthen my bonds with those who are friends and family, of my choosing. I have a Bookworm who is going to spend half of the summer looking up this bond thing, just so she can bash me about the head with it come September. I have no idea what the Redhead will do, but it scares me, in the good way, to find out. That just leaves the blond with a far away look in her eyes, plus two others that have yet to find me."

"You are not making fun of me?" a look of worry crossed her pixie face.

"Why would I be making fun of you?" he sipped his coco, "I truly have no idea what has gotten you so worried."

"Let's just say that a few of my house-mates are not sure that I am all here." she tapped her head.

"That's okay." Harry grinned at her, "I know for a fact, many in my own House are not all there." He sipped again, as he grabbed a piece of toast, smeared with strawberry jam. "Being 'all there' is completely over rated in my book.

Her eyes glazed over as she peered through him. "You are going home, are you not? "

His grin turned to a smile, "Not if I can help it."

"You are going to Gringotts, straight from the train, for a stay of three days. My father and I will meet you at the Leaky on the third day." she blinked and shook her head to clear it.

"You will, of course, be joining me and my ladies on the ride home." Harry grabbed the last of the bacon. "It is not up for debate. You three need to know one another and I need to know you all."

Just then the student body flooded the hall...

Ron had quickly bolted a small breakfast before heading back to the tower to finish packing for the trip home. When he scrambled down to catch a ride down to the train, Harry Potter had already gone ahead. Rubbing his loyal friend, Scabbers, between the ears, he grumbled about the unfairness of his 'best mate' leaving him behind.

Catching a ride with a group of fifth year Huffs, he settled into the long ride to the train. Jump of the carrige as it rolled to a stop, he busttled onto the train, Looking for the great Harry Potter. He found the dark haired boy sitting with three girls; Bossy Hermione, Nosy Ginny, and Loony Luna. He scowled before barging into the cabin. "Hey, Mate. Why did you not wait for me?"

Harry and his Girls, (thanks to Dobby) were all packed and ready to go when the first Carriage pulled up in front of the main Gate. Harry drew back his head as he noticed the twin horse like beasts pulling the carriage.

"What are those?" He pointed at the skeletal winged horses.

"Nothing is there." Hermione answered.

"It is a Thestral." Luna's voice had a dreamy tone, "or rather a pair of them. Quite gentle, they are, but seen as dark omens, as they are only seen by those who have witnessed death."

"They are quite striking." Ginny quick stepped down the steps to look closer at the nearer beast. As she ran her hand over the beast's nose, she giggled. "Are you ready to take us to the train?" she asked it.

the beasty snorted, and nodded its long head up and down.

Hermione frowned as she was guided to the carriage. "Why can you see them, and I can not?"

Harry helped the three girls into the carriage, before climbing in himself. "I watched my Parents die when I was sixteen months old, and with what Ginny and I faced in the Chamber, We can see them. Luna..." his voice trailed off, but he offered his hand and his friendship.

"I saw my mother die in a lab expermit a few years back." the blond girl was quiet as she all but whispered her confession. "Our whole family were a bit off, but we were happy. Mom was working on something tricky, Dad was in the other room readying for the next printing of the Quibbler, when the explosion ripped through her lab." Ginny wrapped the shaking blond in a bear hug. "After that, Dad and I were even further off, all but useless."

"Not quite, but diffently one of a kind." Harry spoke. "I am happy to call you a friend if for no other reason, we share a tragic stepping stone. It is a harsh price to pay, but I promise you, it does not matter to me how strange you get, you are my friend."

From his chest a gold orb flashed. From each of the girls, an orb flashed in response.

"What was that?" Hermione was a bit wide around the eyes.

"I think it was the 'Cursed Blessing' taking Harry to the next step." Luna answered from her place in Ginny's arms. "I think we just got locked in." she sat up, and rubbed her puffy eyes. "We are Doomed to his Fate."

Harry just grinned.

Twenty minutes later Harry was helping them down from the carriage and onto the train. They quickly found a cabin that Luna declared was clear of mindsprites. As they made them selves comfortable; Hermione with a old book she had 'found' in the common room, Luna and Ginny bracketing Harry, snuggling into his arms, and finding the peace that only comes from being somewhere you find completely safe.

Harry was dozing already. Even with the new energy flowing through his veins, because it came in waves with his core slowly evoling (at least according to Pomfry) he needed rest to allow his body to come to a harmony did not have a week ago. That and the cabin was heated with morning sun, caused our hero to sink into a light sleep state.

For the next two hours, the tromping of the fellow students as they arrived at the train, some just having one last party before they lost their friends for the next three months, Others looking for a place too be alone for the next six to eight hours, did nothing to disturb the four.

Then the door was jerked open, and a rushed Redhead burst into the cabin.

"Hey, Mate! Why did you not wait for me!"

three wands were drawn, two spells cast, and a book thrown were his basic answers.

Luna reconizing who burst in, just replaced her wand behind her ear, as she tried to resnuggle into her little spot of heaven.

Ginny, also reconizing who was incoming, let loose with her trade mark hex; the bat-boogy.

Harry released a modified Leg-lock hex, trained on the upper body rather then the legs.

Hermione just chucked her third year potions text at the boys head.

the two spells hit just seconds before the book, causing his arms to snap across his chest, followed by a twitching itch in his nose. the book slamed into his forehead, causing him to stumble out into the hallway, just as the Boogy-Bats started crawling out of his nose.

Harry returned his wand to his robes, before picking up the book. As he was returning to his seat, he grabed Ron's foot and drug the screaming boy in behind him.

Penelope was the first Prefect to arrive on the scence. "What happened here?"

Hermione loooked up from her book as the Sixth year stared down at the brused redhead on the floor. "We were sitting quietly. I was reading. They," and she pointed with her book at the now snuggled trio, "were napping. Between Packing and Loading up, we are a bit low on sleep. Then this prat, burst in, yelling at Harry..." She shrugged, "With all that was going on this year, a few of us have hair triggers. He got hit with a book, a arm lock hex, and a bat-boogy. Just be glad we are second years, not carring anything heavier."

the sixth year girl nodded, before closing the door, and working her way back to where she was waiting for her boyfriend.