12:00 pm

Meanwhile, inside the Orthopaedics department, the doctors who usually put the casts on were preparing to get to work on the two girls. However, Konata refused to accept any kind of help from the doctors until they fixed Kagami up first. One of the female doctors, Dr. Horiguchi tried to explain to her, "Ms. Izumi, it is against our policy to waste any time in treating our patients". To that Konata shot back, "I don't care about your policy. Kagami's the one who's really hurt here, not me. Now if you don't mind could you please just work on her first?".

Kagami turned her head and asked, "Konata, could you please calm down and let the doctors help you out too?". Konata reiterated, "But Kagami, you're hurt a lot worse than I am! I'll just wait for them to finish working on you". Another male doctor, Dr. Yoshioka asked her wanting to be sure, "Are you sure that you want us to work on Ms. Hiiragi first?". Konata responded firmly, "Yes, I've been sure about that since the moment we got here".

At the same time, Dr. Machida opened the door. "Okay, right in here, everyone. Now before we head in, I should warn you it might be a bit of a shock to see them like this", he warned. He and the rest of his group came in. It was a shock to see them like that. When Inori and Matsuri took a look at Kagami, they nearly fainted from the shock of seeing her like that. Luckily, their mother and father caught them before they fell to the floor. Anyway, there were a total of 6 doctors in the department, so it took them about 90 minutes to apply the casts.

At one point while they were working on Kagami, Tsukasa looked at Konata and asked, "Why aren't you being helped, Kona-chan?". Konata answered, "Well, I told them I wanted them to help out Kagami first. After all, she got it a lot worse than me". Then Miyuki explained, "But Konata-san, you've still been injured as well. And leaving your injuries untreated for too long could lead to serious problems". However, Konata insisted, "Don't worry, I'll be just fine. Besides, it looks like they're almost done".

She was right for a few minutes later they finished up on Kagami. Dr. Machida turned and said, "All right now it's your turn Ms. Izumi". He helped Konata into the chair where the patients sat down. While he and the other doctors fixed Konata up, Kagami sat in a wheelchair deep in thought. "Wow, when she told me she loved me I guess she really did mean it. I mean, I might be dead if it wasn't for her stepping in. And she waited for them to finish up on me, before she accepted help herself", she thought.

As Konata's injuries were not as extensive as Kagami's, it only took about 45 minutes to apply her arm cast, and the bandage on her leg. When they finished, Dr. Machida said, "All right Ms. Izumi, looks like we're done here". He handed her a crutch to help her walk down. As the group exited the hospital and into the parking lot, they seperated and when their separate ways. During this, Kagami thought to herself, "You know, maybe I do love Konata after all. But I'll need to give this a little more thought".

3:08 pm

It took about 30 minutes for the Izumi's to get home from the hospital. Konata hobbled in the house on her crutch while her father held open the door. Yui saw her and sputtered, "Yikes! Look what's happened to you". Konata plopped down on the couch and explained, "Don't worry Nee-san, a few weeks and I'll be fine. By the way, where's Yu-chan?". "She's in the bathroom. She found out what happened to you and your friend, I don't know how. The poor girl was so worried she threw up twice already".

At that moment, Yutaka, clearly drained of strength, came out of the bathroom. She looked at Konata and gasped, "Onee-chan! Thank god you're okay!". Konata looked at her and said, "Hiya Yu-chan. Hey what's wrong?". Yutaka responded, "Well, I heard Yui and your dad talking about what happened to you this morning. And I guess I worried myself sick. What's that on your head?". Konata replied, "Well, it was from this morning, this girl rammed my head into the lockers. Also as you can see, my wrist is busted and ankle is pretty badly sprained". Yutaka grimaced at the thought. "However, Kagami had it a lot worse than me", Konata continued.

"What do you mean?", Yutaka wondered. "Well, her left arm and her right leg were cut really bad, her right arm was broken, and her left ankle and her right leg were broken as well", Konata explained. "Goddamn! Whoever did that to you guys must have a black hole for a heart", Yui responded, clearly quite angry.

"When I saw that beast of a girl attacking her, I felt I had no choice but to intervene. I couldn't let that nightmare become a reality", Konata replied, "Now if you guys don't mind, I think I'm going to go to my room and lay down for a while". "That sounds like a good idea. You've had a pretty long day", Yui said to her. "We'll try to be quiet so as not to wake you up", Yutaka added. "Thanks guys.", Konata answered back as she hobbled to her room and onto her bed. She didn't go to sleep, but instead thought for a while.

5:48 pm

Kagami woke up and found herself on her bed. "Now, wait a second, how'd I get in here?", she wondered, "Wasn't I just in the car?". Tsukasa, who was sitting in a chair right next to the bed, looked at her and explained to her, "You fell asleep during the ride home, Sis". "I did?", Kagami asked. "Yes, we were just getting off the highway when I saw that you were asleep.", Tsukasa replied.

Meanwhile, Inori and Matsuri entered the room as well. "Hey, look who just woke up", Inori said. "Did you have a nice nap?", Matsuri asked. To that Kagami replied, "Um, I guess I did, I don't know". "Well, after the day you've had I'm not surprised", Inori stated. "Yeah, I know I'd be tired too if I went through what you did today", Matsuri added. "Good thing Konata came in to rescue me or else I might not even be here right now", Kagami replied. "Yeah, Kona-chan sure was brave to do that", Tsukasa added.

With that, the three sisters decided to head out to let their sister rest. After they headed out, Kagami continued to think. She thought, "I still can't believe what's happened today. Especially when Konata told me that she loved me. I really didn't know what to think. But I've have made my mind on what to tell her".

11:24 pm

Konata sat up in her bed watching TV, making sure to keep the volume down so as not to disturb Yutaka, who had already fallen asleep. Additionally, she had put her cellphone in her pocket and set it on vibrate. As she had planned earlier, Konata was watching the premiere of Haruka Seventeen. She thought to herself, "I might be a die-hard anime fan, but this show is pretty good for live action". Then, she felt her cellphone vibrate. She took it out of her pocket and saw the caller ID said, "Hiiragi Residence", much to her surprise. She opened the little door thing and whispered, "Konata here, what's up?".

On the other end, Kagami, who was laying on her bed, answered back, "Hello Konata, it's Kagami". Konata responded, "Oh hiya Kagami. Listen, I got to keep it down because Yutaka's just fallen asleep. So what's on your mind?". "Well, I thought about what told me earlier, and my answer is yes", Kagami stated. "What'd you just say?", Konata asked. To that, Kagami responded, "I love you, Konata. It took me a while to muster up the willpower to call you because I wasn't sure if I did love you or not. But I'm sure now".

Konata felt her heart rise as she said, "Oh my god. Kagami, do you really mean that?". Kagami said confidently, "I sure do, Konata". "Wow, that means so much to me.", Konata answered back as she wiped away a tear of joy. "But Konata, can you do me one favor?", Kagami asked. "Well sure, anything for you Kagami.", Konata replied back.

"Do you think we can keep our love for each other secret for right now?", Kagami asked. "You know what, that actually sounds like a really good idea.", Konata admitted, "That will probably be best for the both of us and our families". With that, they said their goodbyes and hung up. As Konata continued to watch Haruka Seventeen, she kept thinking to herself, "I really love her and she loves me back".

Thursday July 7, 2005, 3:00 pm

Konata walked up to the door of the Hiiragi household, hanging on to her walking stick with one hand, and carrying two presents and two bouquets of flowers in the other. Yutaka, who was standing right next to her knocked on the door for her. The door opened and Tsukasa was standing at the door with Kagami right behind her in her wheelchair. Tsukasa said, "Hiya Kona-chan!". Kagami added, "Come on in!". Konata said, "Happy birthday, guys!", as she walked in and handed them the flowers and the presents. "Thanks!", the twins said at the same time. Konata said,

"Oh by the way, this is my cousin Yutaka". Yutaka stated, "Hello, nice to meet you two". The twins said, "Hello". She handed them the presents she had bought them as she said, "These are for you guys". "Thank you", the twins said together. "You're welcome", Yutaka answered. "The party's in the living room", Tsukasa said, "Come on, I'll show you".

Meanwhile, Kagami looked at Konata and asked, "So how was that alien invasion movie?". Konata answered her question with "It was good, but not quite what I expected". Then Konata looked into her friend's eyes and explained, "But that's not really important. Have you heard anything more about the fiend that attacked you yet?".

Kagami answered back, "Yeah, it said in the paper that she got arrested for what she did to us. She could be in jail for up to 25 years. When she was being led out of the school, she was nearly killed by an angry mob".

Konata smirked and stated, "Well, after what that asshole did to you, she deserved that. Anyway, I'm just glad you're going to be all right". Kagami looked at her and said, "Thanks again for saving me. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't stopped her". Konata blushed and answered, "Oh shucks. It was nothing".

With that, they leaned closer together and hugged each other. Then they put their lips together and shared their "first kiss". Konata whispered to her friend, "Happy birthday my dear Kaga-min". Kagami whispered back, "Thank you, Konata". And with that they went into the living room to join the rest of the party.


Sakura Takahashi ended up being charged with 1 count of first degree assualt with a deadly weapon, 1 count of second degree assault with a deadly weapon, and drug possession. The trial started on Monday July 11, 2005 and ended six weeks later on Friday August 19, 2005. After deliberating only 30 minutes, the jury found her guilty on all charges.

She might have been proud of what she did to Kagami, saying that she had "taught that bitch a lesson". But in terms of sentencing, it was no laughing matter. Sakura ended up being sentenced to 20 years in prison for this attack. Obviously, the Hiiragi's and the Izumi's earned some well deserved peace of mind. None, however, were happier than Konata. She was heard to say right after the trial ended, "That monster finally got what she deserved".

In my opinion, I agree wholeheartedly with Konata. Sakura had no right to do what she did to Kagami. But now justice has been served and boy was it sweet.

P.S. Konata and Kagami began dating on December 23, 2005, 5 months after they revealed their feelings to each other. Let's hope that they have a long and romantic relationship.

Author's Notes:

Chapter revised on Monday April 16, 2012

Dr. Yoshioka is named after Shinobu Yoshioka (吉岡 忍), a former storyboard artist and episode director at Kyoto Animation. Yoshioka storyboarded and directed Episodes 3, 9, 16, and 23. After Lucky Star ended, he left Kyoto Animation to join Ordet Animation.

Dr. Horiguchi is named after Yukiko Horiguchi (堀口 悠紀子), the character designer as well as the chief animation director of Lucky Star. Horiguchi was the animation director on Episodes 1, 13 and 24 as well as the opening sequence, and she also worked on key animation for Episodes 1, 7, 8, 19 and 24 as well as the opening credits.