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Prologue: Arrival in Alexandria.

"Well, we're finally here, in Alexandria." A 19 year old man had come to the gates of Alexandria. He had short Black hair, a black shirt and dark-turqoise jeans hiding some leather armor, short brown leather boots and a Longsword strapped to his back in a sheath.

"Remind me again, why I'm here with you?" His travelling companion was not too far behind, his slightly longer brown hair swaying in the wind. He was about 22 years of age. His outfit consisted of a grey shirt and black jeans hiding some leather armor also, along with his short black leather boots, he had a Broadsword strapped to his back.

"Because you had nothing better to do." The first man replied with a sarcastic look on his face.

"... Oh yeah." The second man replied, looking bored.

"Seriously Vincent, with the amount of times you've asked me that the entire trip, I'm surprised it hasn't glued itself into your mind." The first man still had that look of sarcasm on his face.

"Not all of us are related to smart, royal guards like some smart-ass around here, Alex." The second man, now known as Vincent, was starting to reply with his own sarcasm.

"Not my fault my brother gets to guard royalty." Alex started to continue walking closer to the gate. "I honestly don't know how my brother can put up with guarding him all day though."

"It honestly does sound like a boring job." Vincent was following him, walking by his side. "Probably why you're travelling instead of guarding, huh?"

"That's not all of it, I'm here because we got paid to do this."

"Wait, we got PAID to travel? Where the f***'s my gil?" Vincent was enraged of Alex not telling him about the pay.

Alex had seen this coming, and began smiling. "Had to use it to buy supplies for the trip, you honestly did not expect for us to come here without any medical equipment and food right?"

Vincent was silent for a few seconds. "You have a point there... You still should've told me though."

"And besides, If I told you, you would've stolen the money off me, and went to the nearest bar to try and pick up a girl." Alex knew Vincent's nature all too well. "Don't deny it either, I still remember what happened last time after we got paid, that's why I'm in charge of the gil now."

Vincent was once again, silent for a few seconds. "That's another point you have there..." Silence for five seconds. "So, why're we here again?"

Alex pulled out two tickets, "We're here to see the play that's going on."

Vincent was a little shocked, "The one our buddies at Tantalus are doing?"

Alex smiled, "Yep, Baku managed to get these tickets to me so we could come watch."

Vincent was in thought for a few seconds. "Why would Baku pay us to watch a play?"

Alex again, smiled. "Heh, had a feeling you would ask that..."

Vincent looked bored, "And the answer is?"

Alex pulled him closer and whispered, "The play is a cover up to kidnap Princess Garnet, the Regent needs to see her about the queens odd behaviour that's been noticed by the Regent. We are here to help them out if something goes wrong, you know, fight off guards and help the guys out."

Vincent smiled at the plan, "I'm starting to like this trip already." They started walking closer to the gates, "I heard she's a total hotty too."

"Don't even bother Vincent, I doubt she would go for a guy like you anyways." Alex noticed they were about to enter Alexandria. "Now shut the hell up, we're here, keep a low profile."

"Didn't have to tell me twice." Vincent went back to looking bored.

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