The Story of Don Draper Joan Holloway

Chapter 1: "But, wait."

In one hand he held his Old Fashioned as usual and in his other hand, Don held a letter, "Meet me in the copy room," it read.

He knew from whom it was. Joan, of course.

They hadn't spoken for days. The last time they saw each other, they had one of their stupid fights. He could feel the tension between her and Roger. She had told him a month earlier that she had an affair with Roger when he was married to Mona. And ever since, he couldn't get the thought of them together out of his mind. He wasn't a man who had intense feelings like that. He promised himself that he didn't care about her – that he wouldn't let himself care about her. She was just like the rest: Joy, Bobby, and the others. But that wasn't true. And a part of him realized that.

He went to the copy room and found her standing there expressionless.

"Joan," he said his voice as hollow as his face.

Why did he care? Why was his heart beating this fast when he saw her face? He was the one who ended things. He was the one who was angry at her.

"I thought about what you said, a lot. The last time we talked, you screamed at me and you accused me of things I did not do. And you know what? I won't be that person. I cannot be Betty. I cannot be your punching bag, Don."

Tears were now filling her eyes, and Don couldn't help but realize that it was the first time he'd ever seen her cry. She had worked for Sterling Cooper for nine years, and he'd never seen her that broken.

"The moment I decided I wanted to be with you, actually be with you, I severed every tie with any other man because I'm faithful, Don – to whomever I'm with. I won't be humiliated by you or by another man. I won't let you shatter me," she said as she grabbed her bag to leave the room.

But Don grabbed her wrist.


Her heart sank.

And she found herself weak again across the man who swooned her months ago with that very gesture and word. It was this word that had made her want him. It was that word that she let go of Greg, her fiancé at the time, for.

They had been arguing then, too, but not as lovers. They had been arguing because Joan had assigned a secretary for Don he did not like, as usual. And she was fed up with his over-the-top conditions. Every time he had fired a secretary, she was the one who had to tend to his every need. And it was getting exhausting.

"Mr. Draper," she had said as calmly as she could after a long and tiring quarrel, "She's temporary. I promise I will get you a permanent one the moment I find the perfect girl for you."

"But wait," he had said as he grabbed her wrist.

"Ms. Holloway, you're the perfect girl for me. Don't you understand that?"