Mr. Arrow exited the traveler boat, holding Gwenita's hand. They had taken the quick way to Bogen on a passenger ship with speed boosts. After Treasure Planet he'd called his wife to say he'd be home soon, when he hadn't known. It'd taken them two weeks to get there. After looking for a bus, he and Gwenita boarded, waiting in anticipation. Gwenita was only 8 and had seen events that no other person would ever see. They'd been gone for so long…Arrow couldn't even remember how long.

Gwenita had cut her beautiful blond hair short, one thing sure to get Arrow in another argument with Essense, his wife. They stopped at the house. Both smiled as they hopped off the bus and ran to the door of the big white house. Gwenita opened the door and rushed into the living room,

"WE'RE HOME! WE'RE HOME! WE'RE HOME!" She shouted.

Feet pounded and suddenly the two were surrounded. Gwenita's siblings Gabriel, Julian, Hope, Faith, the twins, and Harmony. Then Essense, who jumped at Arrow, hugging and kissing him, then doing the same to Gwenita. All of them were chattering before they suddenly stopped, and stared at Gwenita in shock at her short hair. Essense was a very 'proper' or 'lady like' woman, and believed in hair at least to a girls color bone, but apparently that just didn't get through to her youngest girl.

"Gwenita…what did you do?" She whispered, looking at Arrow,

"I cut it Mama! It's so much better them long hair! It's not all itchy, and it doesn't take much to wash!"

Essense slowly stood up, glareing at her husband, "You let her cut it?" She hissed. Oh great, here it goes.

"No Mama!" Gwenita interrupted. Essense looked at her curiously, "I mean, he did, sort of."

Essense raised an eyebrow, "Sort of?" she repeated.

"Well….I asked aunt Amelia if she could cut it, and she said ask Papa, so I asked and he said yes. But, I would have done it anyway if he'd said no." She shrugged, "At least I was obeying him instead of disobeying." she looked up at her mother, "So, you can't really get mad at him."

Essense blinked, looked at the floor, shaking her head as she glanced around the room, "Well Alton, our daughter has totally confused me so I'm just going to deal with it." everyone sighed in relief, no arguments.

Essense smiled at Gwenita, "Besides, I admit it looks cute on you honey."

Gwenita smiled. Suddenly she and Arrow were bombarded with questions. Arrow answered his, which were surprisingly few, and then the voices all attacked Gwenita.

"Essense dear, may I speak to you privately for a moment?" Arrow whispered in his wife's ear.

She nodded, and followed him to his study in the back of the house. They settled on the old red leather couch he had in there and Arrow started a conversation that could very well end in a tremendous bout of screaming. He sighed,

"Essie…" He began, using his pet name for his wife, making her immediately concerned,

"Alton, what is it?"

He rubbed the back of his neck, "You know how we've lived on Bogen our entire lives?" she nodded, "Well…I was thinking…The only family that lives here is crazy Charlie, and we avoid him so….what if…"

Essense sighed, "Speak Alton!" She said somewhat humorously.

"What do you think of moving?" He blurted.

She blinked, "Moving?"

"Out of here, off Bogen. Amelia sold her house here and is staying on Montresser with Victoria and Natalie permanently, there's nothing here, and you and I both know the kids will jabber on about missing her… Would you consider moving to Montresser?"

Essense looked shocked. She stared at the floor, remaining quiet.

"Alton…I don't know what to think.." She looked at him, "I'm not objected to moving, your reasons make sense but what about the children? They have friends here, people they've known their whole lives…do you really think we have any right to take them from that?" She sounded desprate.

"They can vote on it." Alton said quickly, "We'll let them decide."

Essense grew quite. Arrow was honestly surprised she wasn't yelling at him. This woman ceased to amaze him. He grabbed her hand in his,

"Please, Essie." He pleaded.

She slowly looked up at him, then smiled,

"Alright Arry, we'll let them vote." She whispered. Arry, nickname, good sign for Arrow. He smiled, and they exited the office and walked to the living room.

"Children," Arrow bellowed, "Please come here."

The children quickly crowded into the living room, settling on various chairs and couches.

"Now children," Essense began, "First, I must tell you that Aunt Amelia has moved to Montresser, permanently."

There was a chorus of angry protest,

"What? Permanently?"

"Why? Why can't she still live here like she did before?"

"This isn't fair!"

"How could she?"

"No freakin' way!"

Faith and Harmony were tearing up at the prospect of not seeing their favorite 'Aunt'. Arrow held up his hand for silence, receiving it immediately.

"However," He said, "We have a proposal for you all."

Julian looked at his parents skeptically, "What sort of 'proposal'?" He asked, glancing around at his siblings, who all had similar looks of curiosity. All but Gwenita, who he had the feeling had already talked to him about it.

"Well… What would you lot say to… moving to Montresser?" Arrow said, somewhat hesitantly.

"MOVING?" They all said at the same time in shock.

"SEE! I told you they wouldn't want to!" Essense exclaimed, glaring at Arrow. Arrow looked at her,

"Why you didn't-" He bit his tongue. Another word and they would be yelling at each other again.

"Moving… To Montresser?" Hope repeated, looking at the ground.

"Is that the only way we would ever see Aunt Amelia?" Julian asked.

Essense looked to Arrow, "Is it?" She asked. Arrow had to remind himself to keep calm, and continued,

"According to Amelia, yes. If we stay here, she said she'd only come for Christmas. She is very sorry."

Most of the children looked crestfallen.

"But why did she move permanently?" Faith demanded, screwing up her face in anger.

"Because," Gwenita finally spoke, getting everyone's attention, "Her sister, Aunt Victoria, finally showed up, stupids! And Natalie, you all met her. She told me something like, 'I want to be around her, been 10 years. And Natalie needs to have some kind of childhood.' You know, that adult thing."

Some of the children nodded in agreement, remembering the Natalie.

Arrow smirked, "And, now don't any of you go blabbing this to your Aunt or she'll have my head, she seems to have formed a strong fancyof a certain Canid astrophisisist named Delbert Doppler."

The girls giggled, except Gwenita, who was forming matchmaking plans as they spoke.

"Amelia, dating that man?" Gabriel, eldest boy and was the only one who didn't refer to Amelia as 'Aunt', considering he was a year younger.

Arrow nodded, "They're not dating yet, but I have a bet placed with Victoria they will be soon enough." He grinned as Essense slapped his arm somewhat jokenly. She hated it when he gambled.

"So, what do you all say?" Essense said.

The room was silent for awhile. Each child thinking over their choices carefully.

"Well, count me out." Gabriel said at last, then looked at his parents, "I have a place with a friend here. And you know my girl, Audrey, I can't leave her here. Don't count my vote."

Both parents nodded. They had expected Gabriel to say this ever since he got a job at the local tailors last year.

"Well, I could still write Jamie. So… I'm in too." Faith said.

"Hannah, Teresa, and Erik have holophones, and if I save up I can get one to, count me in." Hope agreed.

Harmony nodded, "You guys know I don't have any friends, doesn't make any difference for me."

Arrow and Essense winced. Harmony always had trouble socializing, often facing critisiam on anything she did, often had harsh rumors about her flying through the school halls.

"Hey, I can write and call Gorge, Mike and Anna, and Mike has that ski pass thing with his folks, I could visit maybe. Why not?"

Julian said with a grin. He had secretly always wanted to move, Bogen was boring to him by now.

"I already said yes, Papa." Gwenita said.

Arrow grinned at his wife, "Well, I guess it's settled then." He looked back at his family, "I'll call Amelia. We start packing tomorrow."

"Oh Victoria, must you drag me to this horrid place?" Amelia groaned as Victoria led her gently by the arm into St. Holly's Hospitle on the Creasentia Spaceport.

"Yes, yes, I have a broken leg and your far worse off you whining baby."

Natalie followed, grinning. She'd get to see how her aunt really did act around doctors. All the stories her mother had told her were quite amusing. They entered the crisp and clean hospitle, Victoria taking them straight to the desk where a woman in a white uniform that smelt of medical chemicals was sitting at a computer.

"Mrs. Wellons please." Victoria said, keeping a firm hand on the struggling Amelia's wrist.

"My name is Victoria Newberry."

The woman nodded, and pointed to her right, "Right that way Miss. Newberry, first door on the right."

Victoria nodded, and they headed down. She scarcely gave a knock before entering a small and comfortable examining room containing a small built in desk on the right wall, the examining table itself on the other side, a scale, and various shelves containing different perscriptions and remedies in bottles.

A woman at the desk that looked roughly like a Hermione Granger with big, round glasses and the ears and feet of a kangaroo looked up from her place at the desk.

"Yes, may I help you?" She questioned. She looked behind Victoria to see a none to pleased Amelia glaring behind her. "Oh, hello Captain. Please, sit down on the table, I assume this woman is a friend of yours? And the child is with her I suppose?"

Amelia ripped her arm away form Victoria's grip, sulking to the examination table.

"Um, no, Mrs. Wellons. Victoria in fact is my sister, the one that was in the newspapers, and that is her daughter."

Mrs. Wellons eyes widened, "Oh my… What a pleasure to meet you Victoria. I have heard much about you and your capture by those pirates, sad really."

She looked at Natalie, "What about you? How old are you little girl?"

Natalie blinked, "Uh, I'm her daughter, Natalie. I'm like, ten."

Mrs. Wellons stood up, "Splendid, splendid it is that you are all right."

She gave Victoria a quick glance before clicking her tongue, "You really shouldn't have walked so far on a broken leg, Miss. Victoria. It worsened the break."

Victoria's mouth dropped,

"But no matter, no matter, take a seat next to Amelia and I'll heal it right up. With my skill it'll only be maybe, three months or so before you can remove it." She said quickly, not letting Victoria say a word before she sat down.

"What in the bloody hell…" She whispered.

"Heh, Mrs. Wellons is the best, and oddest, doctor here. She's been a nurse in so many wars she can see an injury and house to fix it like that." Amelia said, snapping her fingers.

"How old is she?" Victoria whispered, looking at Mrs. Wellons. She couldn't be more then 25.

"Oh, somewhere in the hundreds, no one really knows. Quite mysterious, but she get the job done."

Amelia smiled at Victoria, who looked quite taken aback.

"You know Captain, I can hear every word you say. But I don't think you really care." Mrs. Wellons said, turning around with a grin.

She was holding gauze in which to wrap Victoria's leg with. Victoria expected it to hurt as she wrapped it, but it barely stung. The woman had the touch of a butterfly no matter how tight she wrapped the gauze. Soon, Victoria's foot was completely wrapped and she had crutches adjusted to her height.

She waited by the door with Natalie while Mrs. Wellons examined Amelia, taking some time to look at the wound. She'd made a reluctant Amelia remove her shirt for this, but surprisingly had yet to receive so much as a growl from the tempered felinid.

"Oh well, this is quite bad, quite bad indeed Captain. I'm surprised you haven't died, then again, someone managed some amateur patching up that healed it enough so you didn't loose to much blood… I'll wrap this right up."

With that she began to clean and wrap the wound. "Miss. Victoria, do you know who did this wrapping? I must thank them if I get the chance."

Victoria smirked, ignoring Amelia's pleading look, "Oh, a Doctor Delbert Doppler. While me and the rest of our party went out to find shelter, he stayed behind along with her first mate, Mr. Arrow. Healed her right up and carried her to the shelter."

Mrs. Wellons smiled, looking at Amelia's red face.

"Tell me when the wedding is."

She said. No one was sure whether she was joking or not. She finished wrapping Amelia up, and stood back.

"Ok, you can get up now."

Amelia did so. Mrs. Wellons went over to one of her many shelves and pulled a small orange prescription bottle off of it, handing it to Amelia.

"You know the drill. Take this when you feel pain, I'd give you some Miss. Victoria but I don't think the break will pain you in those gauze, and remember Amelia; the bandages must stay on for around six months. No sleeping on your right side. Don't worry about showers or the like, it's a new bandage I invented myself. Completely waterproof."

She seemed quite proud of this. "Here." She said, handing both of them a slip of paper. "Give these to the desk woman, she'll go crazy if I don't give a record on you two. No need for checkups, just come when the time is up, or when you run out of medication Captain."

Amelia nodded, putting the bottle in her pocket. Mrs. Wellons smiled, "Well then, I believe that's all. Enjoy your day Amelia, Victoria, Natalie. I hope if we are to meet in the future it isn't it this place."

They all nodded, giving half waves before leaving. They handed the slips to the desk woman, then set off for the Space Port Ferry.

"Peculiar woman, that Mrs. Wellons." Victoria commented, boarding the ferry.

"Yes, quite. But she's the best doctor there. She may seem a bit batty at times, but wise and quick with wounds she is. Her age is great and her experience is greater, which she always says is a burden."

Amelia whispered while a rough looking man in a long overcoat walked by.

"I rarely have to use the medication. Though no one but her patients know, she never uses the stuff the rest of them use, she makes it all herself."

Victoria looked impressed, "Clever."

Natalie looked at them both, "I like her hair. It looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket." She commented.

"Why Natalie, how rude!" Exclaimed Victoria, giving her a light tap on the ankle with one of her crutches. Natalie just ignored her.

They were soon on Montresser, taking a taxi down to Amelia's home. It was a blue, 3 bedroom, 2 bath medium sized home. The yard had many pretty flowers and fresh green grass. When they entered, they were in a nicely decorated room. A grey couch facing a plasma TV sat at one wall. All of the walls were a deep blue, covered in pictures and trinkets Amelia had gathered on her travels. The kitchen was directly from the living room. The counter let from the kitchen into the living room a bit. The walls of the kitchen were a swirl of white and sky blue. Down one hall was Amelia's office, Amelia's bedroom, and the door to her patio out in the backyard. The other side had the two guestrooms, which Amelia said were now Victoria and Natalie's, a bathroom, and the room that was packed with Amelia's guns, knives, swords, pretty much any weapon or equipment you needed for training in the navy.

There was also the stairs to the attic. Amelia didn't use it. She also had a laptop, which was sitting on the coffee table, and a full on computer in her room. Off of her room was also the second bathroom, and another room that she wouldn't reveal what was in it. Along with everything was a white cabinet that Natalie found quite interesting, but was told not to touch. Natalie and Victoria went to their rooms, which were, like the rest of the house, painted blue. They contained simply of a bed, a dresser, a writing desk, and a small couch with a lamp.

"I have some stuff in storage if you want to take it out." Amelia said, smiling while handing Victoria the key to her storage unit a couple blocks away.

"Thanks, Amelia." Victoria said gratefully. She and Natalie had nothing but the few possessions in their sacks.

"I'll be in my office, I have paperwork from the voyage that needs doing." Amelia sounded weary. Victoria put a hand on her sister's shoulder,

"No, you need rest. No butt's."

She added when Amelia looked ready to protest. It took her a few seconds before she smiled,

"Ok, I'll do it later." She smiled at her and Natalie before walking off to her room. Victoria grinned down at her daughter,

"Can you believe it honey? After all the searching, we finally tracked down your nutty aunt."

Natalie laughed, "Kind of. I'm just happy this is the end of hotels and running in the middle of the night." She hesitated, "It is the end of it, right?"

Moving had been Natalie's whole life. It just seemed like it wasn't supposed to end, though she was happy it was. Victoria nodded,

"Yep, this is the end of it, love."

She smiled kindly before entering her room. She unloaded her clothes into the closet. They were few, but they were nice. She'd buy more later. She had one dress. IT was her wedding dress. Simple white satin that was longer in the back so that it dragged on the ground. She looked at it for a moment, finding herself scowling at the reminder of him. Natalie's father was still fresh in her mind. She could still see his chocolate brown hair. The blue eyes a few shades lighter than her own. His babyish face. Marshall Bulgaria's image was as crisp as the ring on her finger.

She glared at the ring, hating it. Why did she still wear the blasted thing? She should just throw it away. Dismiss of it. Melt it. Melt away the memories. But she wouldn't, couldn't, do that. They'd always be there. The first time they met. First date. When he got down on one knee and- oh she couldn't take it! Victoria soon found herself sitting on the bed. Her head in her hands and weeping. What was the matter with her? She hadn't thought of him in years. This hadn't happened. It couldn't. She'd always been strong since that day…

"Oh Marshall…" Victoria choked between sobs, trying not to let Natalie next door here. Bloody hell, she just got here and she was crying. She should be happy! She'd found her sister after all the searching, all the running, all the-it was just overwhelming. She decided that, despite the tears, to put her two possessions she kept besides clothes away. She took them out, and put them on the writing desk.

One was a picture of her and Amelia when they were 16 and 6, something she had with her wherever she went, and the other was a tiny music box no bigger then a mint container. It had been a gift from her grandmother. It was precious to both her and her sister. The other thing that kept her going. After that, she sniffled, smiled, then lay down on the bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Natalie, meanwhile, had been doing something different. After putting away her clothes, a mystery book she'd kept her whole life, and a old rag doll she'd kept just as long, she was dancing. Doing a perfect pirouette on the carpet in her socks, wing stances, jumping, twirling and putting her feet every which way in a complicated ballet performance. She was smiling the entire time. Her room had one window that faced the backyard. The blinds were closed and she was free to do her secret liking. Dancing. She loved it. Ballet, jazz, tap, all types.

She taught herself. It was a pastime that she loved like no other. Each step was perfect and soundless. Each move full of grace and dignity. This is what she did in her long periods of solitude when her mother was gone, off getting a new job or searching for Amelia, or something else. When Natalie was done with whatever lessons given to her by her mother, she would dance, and dance, and dance. Often copying the people on the dance network on their current hotels holo-tv. There was nothing else to do; she couldn't go outside and, frankly, didn't want to wander the hotel, knowing any friends she made would soon be lost. She'd never actually had a friend beside her mother.

Some would find it sad, she wouldn't care. She'd never had a friend, so she couldn't miss it. She didn't know what it was like. Her entire life had been spent with her mother, moving quickly. Never staying in one place more than a week unless it was a holiday.

"But why have we gotta go, Mum?" She'd once asked at age 8, watching her mother shove their few possessions in their sacks.

"Because, love, we got to. Not only is there your aunt but," at this point Victoria had darted to the window, nervously looking outside, "We also got a few… Um… Old enemies of mine from the war on our tail. We won't be safe until we find your aunt. Ok dear?"

Natalie had watched her mother, her arms crossed and looking defiant.

"No!" She yelled, stomping her foot.


Victoria looked startled. Her daughter never disobeyed. She was always a good little girl. But she quickly took on the disciplining mother look.

"Now Natalie, I know it's hard and all but-"

"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" Natalie screeched. "Why do we gotta keep running? Why can't you just kick their butts and be done with it Mum?"

Victoria sighed.

"I mean, if you beat them once, why not just-"

"That is enough!"

Victoria snapped, slamming her hand on the table in front of her. Natalie froze. Victoria glared at her daughter steadily for a few minutes, then breathed deeply, wearily dropping into a chair. Natalie walked over to her, trying to see her mothers' face under the thick hair covering her face as she held her head low.


She asked tentatively. Victoria looked up at her daughter, a few tears running down her cheeks, smearing her mascara.

"Mummy… Why can't we stay here? If you beat the dudes in the war, why can't you just beat them again and we can find aunt Amelia another w-"

She was stopped by Victoria grabbing her shoulders, getting on her knees to be eye level with Natalie.

"Listen, Nat." She said quickly, her voice choppy with restrained tears.

"I don't w-want to have to run, you know that right?"

Natalie looked at her mother frightened. She'd never seen her cry. She'd heard it late at night once in awhile when she was very young, knowing it was because of her father, but she'd never seen her mother cry. It was scary. She nodded rapidly,

"Yes Mummy."

"A-and you know how much I love you dearly, Natalina?"

Her full name. It was Natalie on her birth certificate, but Natalina was what her mother had wanted to name her. Her father had prevented it. It was her name for special occasions. Natalie nodded.

"That's why we have to run, Natalina, because I love you."

Natalie looked confused.

"Look, these people are ruthless. After the war, whenever I was away from family. Friends. My work colleges. Anyone. They'd come after me. They want me dead Natalie, do you hear me?"

Victoria's voice got louder with each word.

Natalie nodded, "Yes. I hear you Mummy." She squeaked.

Victoria seemed to realize she was yelling. She tightened her grip on Natalie's shoulders,

"These people will use anything they can on me. You. They know that I will do anything for the ones I love. They'd take you to get to me, then they'd get me, and you. They- they'd kill us Nat. That's why we have to run. If I find Amelia, they'll stop. As long as I'm near Amelia, they'll leave us alone. You'll be safe, and the running will stop. Now do you understand Natalie? Now do you understand why we have to run?"

Natalie had nodded, shaking. She'd never knew the truth. She'd never known really. Just that there were bad guys after them. That was all she'd ever know. From that moment on, Natalie never complained. Never said a word. Now she was here, and she was glad she'd listened.

She still wondered sometimes of who those people were, and why they wanted to harm her mother, but she never asked. She didn't want to ever see her mothers tear stained face again. After awhile, she went out into the living room to watch TV. She was met by her mother, who was already there with the control in hand.

"Hello honey." She said, smiling at Natalie. Natalie sat down next to her,

"Where's aunt Amelia?"

Victoria smirked, "She wouldn't go to sleep. So I gave her catnip. That shut her up."

Natalie laughed. She looked at the screen, "What are you watching?"

Victoria looked at her, "Sex in the City." She said, giving Natalie a 'go do something else' look.

Natalie rolled her eyes, "Why can't I ever watch it with you?"

"Because it's an adult show, now go occupy yourself."

Natalie rolled her eyes again, walking away. Knowing her mother to have constant access to one of her favorite TV shows may mean she'd never get the TV.

I would do a bit on Jim, but I am way to freaking lazy. He's staying with Doppler and his mother at Doppler's mansion. Also, forget I ever said he moved to a different house in the last Sisters epilogue. He keeps the mansion. I also must say that in this version, the characters will have things of the modern world along with stuff from TP… Mostly TV. I had to put TV. IDK why, it's entertainment. I hope you enjoyed the introduction chapter and hope you will enjoy the many more to come. J