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Victoria skidded as she rounded a sharp corner on her way to the upper-deck. Before her stood two Proycon brutes. Their stocky shoulders filled the entire hallway and their raccoon-like mask patterned faces were contorted in bloodthirsty glee. Before either could have put their hand into their pocket to pull out their weapon, they were on the ground with a hole in their head. Victoria's boots splashed in the puddles of blood they lay in, sickeningly satisfied with the quick kill. She weaved through the complicated passages of the inner workings of the Hespanolia, praying to God that she wasn't too late to help her crewmates.

As First Mate to Captain Nadim Kenova, she was partly responsible for the safety of the crew. She arrived above deck, greeted by the most horrific battle she'd ever seen in her, to be technical, 7 years of service to Thee Majesty's Royal Navy. Bodies of young men littered the floor of the once-magnificent merchant ship. Every step she took made the decks surface waver; not an inch was clear of the blood spilled. Sails and other parts of the ship were on fire. Victoria saw, to her utter horror, Proycon pirates tossing some bodies into larger gatherings of flames. She shot them. One strike of the laser gun. Dead. That's when it happened.

While distracted, preoccupied with shooting the men unceremoniously cremating the bodies, she didn't notice the other Proc's finish off the crewmembers they were sword or fist fighting. She didn't notice as they slowly crept up on her from behind. She only noticed when they all tackled her at the same time, driving her to the ground. Her immediate reaction was to change her weight to throw them off, but they were too many and too big.

"Quit it, rat!"

One growled, smashing her face into the deck, blood of the many dead soldiers coating her face. This was Hell. She was sure of it. She could hear the sounds of battle on other ships dieing down. She was hopeful for a moment, before a screech tore through the air and it started again.


She spat, salty blood dripping from her lip to her tongue. Damn it all. This had started out as a perfectly peaceful fleet trip, down through a few Nebulas, stop at a few planets. A long patrol that, with the one crossing into enemy territory, may cost everyone their lives. The entire fleet of 8 bloody ships. Sadly, the Hespanolia seemed to be getting the worst of it.

Half her face still shoved to the deck, Victoria blinked back blood and scoured the boat's vincity for her dear Captain, Nadim. There he was. He was on the gangplank connecting the Hespanolia with the next ship, the Friendship. Soon, Victoria's acute sense of hearing picked up mechanical laughter. It wasn't exactly mechanical, though it wasn't exactly human. A boot, metal and painted black, stepped in front of her face, covering her face in another layer of the wet, sticky substance.

"Raise ze' lady up."

The voice gruffly, and smugly, ordered; laced with the unmistakable accent of a Proycon. Two hands grabbed Victoria's wrists and pulled her swiftly to her feet, making her face the source of the laughter that rang sourly in her head. It was a cyborg, of course. He had the same cinnamon brown fur of a regular Proycon, his face decorated with the darker brown and white raccoon mask of his species. His beady yellow eyes stared at Victoria greedily. His lithe and tall figure loomed over Victoria menacingly. The only thing this man was missing was one of his strong Proycon legs, part of his right shoulder, and seemingly part of his neck up to just above his left eye. It was all covered in flawless, smooth, un-blood stained metal.

"Oh, we got ze' little kitty cat?!"

He laughed. Victoria hissed at him.


He said, looking upon Victoria with a evil smile.

"Let me introduce myself. I am ze' Captain of zis' wonderful pirate fleet, zank' you. You may call me Vrek. You fear for your crewmates, eh? Zey' are dead, so you need not fear anymore."

The tone of his part mechanical part normal voice was casual. Victoria hissed again.

"You murdered them! All of them! You blasted, bloody, Proc!" She snarled, "Damn you! Damn you all to Hell!"

She found herself screaming, squirming and twisting around wildly to get away from the clutches of her captures. She wanted to rip them all apart with her bare hands like a wild dog scrabbling for a piece of good meat from the rest of its pack. Verk made a 'tsk tsk' sound, wagging his finger in front of Victoria's face, whipping it away as she made to bite it clean off.

"Zat' iz no way for a lady to be speaking. Now vhy don't you ve a good kitty cat and come with us?"

His voice didn't give her a choice. Neither did the brutes that ended up carrying her, bound and gagged, to their lifeboat that was by the side of the boat. They lifted her up and dropped her with a thud on the middle of the back seat before all climbing in themselves. Verk climbed in last, sitting right next to Victoria. Victoria would have squirmed away if the boat wasn't such a tight fit. Verk took her face in his hands roughly, grinning a sharp toothed grin.

"She'll make for a great price on ze market. Ztrong woman with blue eyes got a good tag on zem."

He exclaimed happily. Victoria's eyes lit up in panic. The 'Market' was where anything from illegal drugs, stolen jewels, rare animals or, in her case, people were sold. She would be made into a slave. And not the working kind, either.


That screech. That innocent, drawn out high pitched shriek was the last thing Victoria ever wanted to hear in her life. There stood her little sister Amelia. Shirt torn, flapping in the wind. Soot and blood coating her body as she stood, sword in one hand, gun in the other, eyes and mouth open wide in horror. Amelia's auburn hair flew freely behind her as she started to run towards Victoria, across the gangplank of the doomed Hespanoilia and the Friendship. Victoria wanted to shout,


But a gag made her do nothing but make muffled, meaningless sounds. They were already floating away. Amelia was only thirteen. Victoria would never see her again. Verk look at Victoria, sympathy flashing in his eyes for a millisecond.

"Vine. Ze' girl will get ze chance to live, along with ze' rest of ze' fleet. Zat is, if we fail." He smirked, "Which I highly zout."

Victoria still stared, watching her sister, who was reaching over the railing of the deck, screaming as she became smaller and smaller in the distance. Good bye, dear sister. Victoria thought as Amelia became too small to see among the devastated fleet and the lifeboat flew away, far into the distance of the Eitherium; never to be seen again.