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JD was just miserable…it really wasn't a very long walk from the barn where Chris had given him his switchin' to the boarding house but with his rough pants rubbing all the stripes on his backside and legs it felt like 100 miles – although he really wasn't in that big of a hurry to get their and face Buck either!

Buck could see the kid walking stiffly towards the boarding house from the front porch where he was sitting. He knew that Chris planned on giving JD a switching and from the way JD was walking Buck would guess he had gotten himself a damn good switching – which made Buck's decision even harder

It was hard enough for him to think about tanning JD much less tanning him when he was already that sore – he loved the kid like the little brother he always wanted but Buck really wasn't the disciplinarian type – he would much rather be the one causing the trouble with JD than whipping him for it after, but he couldn't ignore the fact that the kid lied to him – not only lied but if he hadn't bothered to go and look for JD he would have probably been dead by the time he and Chris realized he was even gone the next day and that was just something he would not let go – he needed to be able to trust JD and they needed this to get past the lie and move on.

Buck just closed his eyes for a moment and pictured his life without JD in it and that gave him the strength to do what he knew he had to.

JD saw Buck sitting on the porch of the boarding house – he had secretly hoped Buck had went on to bed and would at least wait until morning to deal with his lying -but no such luck.

Walking over to the porch but not going up the steps, JD looked up at Buck but didn't say anything – waiting to see if his friend wanted to start – JD knew he probably had a lecture coming for the lie but this was new for him and Buck – he really wasn't sure how to act.

Buck stared at JD for a moment and then asked "Chris give you a switchin'?"

"yes sir" was JD's only reply - it felt weird to call Buck "sir" but given what was about to happen it seemed to fit

"Reckon you learned your lesson about disobeying him?" Buck asked not really looking at JD but rather playing with something in his hands that JD couldn't make out in the dark.

"Yes sir I did and it won't happen again" JD said lowering his head in embarrassment at this whole situation.

Buck just chuckled at JD's reply saying "Now kid we both know you're gonna disobey Chris again – Hell, I will probably be there with ya doin' it" he said with a smile but then turned serious and glared down at JD with one raised eyebrow saying "but no more puttin' your life in danger that way ok?" Buck finished the last part with what felt like a huge lump in his throat – with their line of work one of them could get shot at any time but for JD to do something that foolish had better never happen again.

JD heard the catch in Buck's voice when he said that and felt even worse – all he wanted to do was get this over with and put it all behind him, so gathering his courage he looked up at Buck

"Thank you for riding out and saving my stupid butt tonight – I'm really sorry I lied to ya Buck and I swear that will never happen again." He said the last part with sincerity hoping that Buck would recognize how much he meant that. There was just no excuse for lying to Buck – ever

"I'm sorry you lied to me too kid" Buck replied sadly. "Ya know I never much liked that Chris whipped you sometimes – kinda figured you were too old for it – but tonight made me realize that you still got some growin' up to do so I won't be trying to take up for you in the future if you earn a whippin' from Chris, got it?"

"yes sir" JD hung his head even lower

Taking a deep breath Buck came down the few steps off the porch and walked over to JD. That was the first time he noticed what Buck had in his hands – it was a bar of soap – "what the Hell was he doing with that this time of night? Maybe he was gonna go and take a bath after this was all over" JD wondered to himself.

Seeing JD look at the soap Buck put his hand under JD's chin to make him look at him –he looked JD in the eye and said "When I was a kid, my Ma used to tell me nothing cured lying like a good bar of soap. After sucking on one a time or two I found out she was as right as rain."

"Oh come on Buck" JD whined but couldn't help it "You ain't seriously gonna make me eat soap are you? I thought you were gonna tan me which is bad enough but not soap, Please Buck?"

Buck just shook his head at JD to let him know his whining was not going to get him anywhere "Sorry Kid, you told the lie – you taste the soap – and I do aim to tan you after I wash your mouth out with soap"

JD just stood there stunned – how the Hell had he let himself get in this much trouble over one stupid decision.

Before JD could respond Buck walked over to the water bucket and dipped the soap lathering it up really well – he walked over to JD and simply said "Open"

JD wanted to obey he really did but he just couldn't bring himself to do it – it looked so nasty – JD had never had his mouth soaped and he really did not want to start now! Shaking his head "no" he started to slowly back away from Buck – he knew running was a bad idea but so was tasting that soap!

Buck was too quick for him though and grabbed his arm before he could get anywhere – JD opened his mouth to protest and the soap was in before JD even knew what happened. He started to spit it out but Buck was holding the soap and the back of his head so he couldn't.

"Alright kid – I'm gonna pull my hands away and you are gonna leave that soap in yer mouth until I tell you to spit or I will tan you, then soap yer mouth before I tan you again for lying to me! Are we clear?" Buck asked and JD nodded yes

Removing his had Buck watched JD stand there with the soap in his mouth and tears forming in his eyes. JD looked so young and sad at that moment – he wondered if that is how he looked as a kid when his ma soaped his mouth…

JD stood there shifting his weight from foot to foot the whole time with his hands in his pockets so he didn't remove the soap involuntarily without permission. He really did not want TWO more whippins! This was definitely the nastiest tasting stuff he had ever experienced in his short life, and living out on a trail you sometimes eat some horrible things but nothing as bad as this - this soap was pure evil and JD was sure he was going to be puking all over JD's boots any minute – he was trying so hard not to swallow the slimy stuff but his mouth was watering so badly it was impossible not to.

JD stood there for what seemed like forever but in reality was probably about 5 minutes before Buck said he could spit and rinse.

JD instantly spit the soap on the ground and practically flew to the water bucket to spit and rinse. Buck allowed him to continue doing that for a few minutes. No matter how much he rinsed he just couldn't get that foul taste out of him mouth! When it seemed like he had quenched some of his desire for water some Buck called him back over to where he had moved to sit on the top step.

Knowing it was time for the tanning, and not wanting to fight Buck or make this any worse, JD made his way up the steps and looked at Buck not sure where Buck wanted him – there really was not a good place to bend over for his tanning on the stairs.

Realizing what JD was looking around for Buck quietly said "I want you over my knee JD"

"What" JD replied more disrespectful than he intended but it caught him off guard – Chris had never licked him that way and it just seemed so childish

As if reading his thoughts, Buck replied "Yeah, it's childish to tan you over my knee but you lied to me like a child who would do anything to get his way no matter who he hurt or what rules he broke – so I'm gonna give ya a child's punishment."

Not waiting for JD to respond Buck continued, "I had intended to take my belt to you but seein' as how you are already so sore I think I can get my point across about how I felt about you lying' to me just fine with my hand, but if you do not bend over my knee by the time I count to 3 I will take my belt to your backside and THEN you will be go over my knee for the lickin' I have planned right now. Am I clear?"

Nodding, JD acknowledged he understood but was not quite able to make his knees bend.

"One" said Buck

"Wait what if someone rides by or hears me – everyone will know you gave me a whippin tonight" JD questioned in horror

"Two" Bucked said looking at JD and calmly replied "if you don't want everyone to hear you getting' this lickin' then I would suggest you take it quietly" JD didn't miss the smirk on Buck's face at that comment.

"Two and a half" Buck said watching JD's mind work – he really did not want to take his belt to the kid so he was trying to give him a moment to wrap his head around the notion that he had no other options.

Apparently JD finally came to that conclusion because he laid himself very awkwardly across Buck's lap before Buck got to to "three"

JD realized Buck had not asked him to pull down his pants and he let out a sigh of relief – that would give him some protection at least.

"I'm not gonna make you loose your britches this time partner" Buck spoke before he started the spanking "part because I know Chris licked you real good already so it ain't gonna take much to relight that fire and part because this is the first time I know of you lied to me – but I do aim to make sure it's the only time so just cause I'm lettin' you keep your pants up don't mean I'm gonna go easy on ya" Buck finished

Buck raised his hand to start just as he heard JD spit out in a quick almost yell "I ain't ever lied to you before Buck and it ain't ever gonna happen again I promise!"

"Good" Buck said letting his hard callused hand fall with a loud smack on JD's rear end "See that it don't" he said with the second spank fell.

With that Buck was done talking and started focusing on spanking. He had never spanked a teenager before but he figured it wasn't too hard to get the hang of – he just spanked a little harder each time until he got a reaction from JD and then pretty much stayed at that strength until he was done.

JD thought for sure he was going to die – he was humiliated by being over Buck's knee and then for it to be done outside where anyone could see was horrible – granted the knew no one was ever out this late at night but drunks it was still embarrassing – at least those were his thoughts until Buck started increasing how hard he was spanking – then his only thought was the fire blazing in his butt.

It did not take long at all before all of the stripes from the switching had started to burn anew and now he hurt in other places too that the switch had missed! JD was sure and certain there was no skin left on his backside and leaving his pants up didn't seem to be helping one bit – in fact they were rubbing his skin so roughly every time Buck spanked that he wondered if maybe they weren't making it worse.

It wasn't long before JD was sobbing. Mindful of being outside he was sobbing as quietly as possible but he was starting to have trouble catching his breath and just went limp over Buck's knees – all the fight in him gone

Buck felt JD go limp and knew the kid had had enough. He gave him one final spank to each of his thighs, remembering how much he hated getting spanked in that spot when he was a kid, and then just rubbed his back until JD settled down.

Once the tears had subsided and JD seemed to be more in control Buck helped him up and stood up with him. Buck, being much more of a hugger than Chris, tightly embraced JD telling him how much he hated doing that.

"Please kid don't ever make me have to do that again ok?" Buck said in JD's ear sounding like he was in almost as much pain as JD…almost

"I won't Buck you have my word – no more lies between me and you ever I swear" JD said still sniffling but starting to recover

"Good" Buck said ruffling JD's hair "cause if I have to do that again I will take my belt to your backside til you cain't sit for a month a Sundays clear?"

JD's eyes went wide then he chuckled a little not really sure if Buck was serious or kidding but knowing he definitely did not want to find out "Yes sir I swear"

"Let's go on in – Ms. Patterson saved ya some dinner and pie that you can eat standin' up before bed, that is unless you think you might be blowing bubbles every time you drink" Buck teased

JD just rolled his eyes at the cowboy he had come to love like a brother, relieved that things would be ok between them and walked on inside after Buck.

Chris had been watching the whole exchange by a tree in the corner of the yard. He knew how hard that was on Buck – he hoped maybe now Buck would have some idea how hard it was on him when he had to punish JD – it may be tough on JD to be the youngest but being the one in charge wasn't a picnic either. Moving away from the tree and heading in to see if he could get some of that pie and thinking about his new found "family" Chris realized that hard or not – he wouldn't have it any other way!

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