"Katniss! The water shut off again!" I heard Prim yell from the slightly opened bathroom door. Shit I think to my self. Mom forgot to pay the water bill, again.

"Hang on Prim," I tell her. We always keep large jugs of water just incase this happens. "I'm coming in,". She has sudds all over her long blond hair. I pour it slowly over her head, she closes her eyes to keep the soap out of her eyes.

"Thats so cold!" she exclaimes while she rings the water from her hair.

"Sorry little duck. Hurry up, don't want to be late for your first day of middle school do you?" I ask as I rap her in a towel. She scurries out of the bathroom in to her room. I sigh to myself, I would have liked a hot shower to kick start a new school year but I've used cold water enough to be fine with it.

"Katniss can you brain my hair?" Prim asks once i braid my own hair. Shes wearing the little pink dress I bought her yesterday. I smile to myslef, I'm glad she likes it. I looks really good on her, deffinately worth the two weeks of hunting.

"Sure," I turn her around to brush and separate her hair into equal parts. I weave it tightly so it does not come undone through out the day. "I have a surprise for you," I say. "Close your eyes," I pull the small ribbons from my pocket. They're a pale shade of pink with small primroses on them. "Open."

"Oh they're so cute. I love them, thank you," she turns and hugs me tightly. "You have to get dressed too," she says when she releases. I look down to see I'm still in just a tank top and undershorts. I laugh at myself.

"Thanks. Brush your teeth. I made you lunch so don't forget it." I wonder into my room and close the door. I pull of the shorts and tank top and carelessly toss them in to the hamper. I pull a black v-neck and a pair of fitted army green cargo pants. I slip in to my boots and losely tie them. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realize there is a multitude of cat hair on my shirt. Opening my closet to retreive the lint roller, the cat in question hisses at me. "If you don't like me stay out of my room," he hisses again, and so do I. I look in the mirror again to see the cat hair while I try to remove it. Over the summer my body has matured quite a bit. I now have a very shapely hour glass figure. I would like it better if it didn't mean hardly any of my clothes fit, which also means i have to go and buy more clothes. And we just don't have the money for that. I would rather eat than have a few new shirts.

"Prim grab your stuff were going now, don't forget your lunch." I say. She comes bounding out of the house with all of her needed items. The walk to school will take about fourty five minutes, we should get there in time for her to find her classes.

Peeta POV

"Hurry up! You're going to be late!" my mother shouts from the hall. In response I close the door. This woman wakes me up at four to decorate a cake I could have done after school, makes me redo it TWICE and now she yelling at me for almost being late to the first day. I look in the mirror to see my face has flour on it. I wet my hands and rub the flour off.

"Peeta, lets go!" my brother, Julian says kicking open the door.

"Calm down all i have to do is put my shirt and shoes on. You're still in your boxers!" I exclaim as I point at his nudity.

"Whatever just get out of the bathroom, I gotta take a fat piss!" I move from his path before he exploades all over the floor.

In my room I take a navy blueshirt and pull it on and smootth the wrinkles. Personally, I think it looks nice with my loose dark jeans and boots, but my mother thinks otherwise, she says so often.

I sneak out the back door with out Julian, if hes late it not my problem. Its nice out today. I rellish in the beauty of the trees while I walk. I'll have to come back here and paint them some time.

"Peeta! Peeta wait!" I hear a girl shouting at me. I turn to see Delly running nearly full speed towards me. I've known Delly for a long time. When she finally reaches me shes out of breath.

"Gosh Delly don't run so fast," I say with a laugh.

"Sorry. Have you seen Katniss?" She breathes. A smile exploades on to my face. I've been thinking about Katniss since I woke up, but I haven't seen her a lot since the last day of school last year. Sometimes she comes in to buy bread but not often enough. I know she can't always afford it.

"No why?" I ask.

"She looks GORGEOUS! You don't even understand. She was pretty last year and the year before but this year shes like a goddess walking among us!" Delly exclaimes as she throws her arms in the air, gesturing to the heavens. I've always thought that of Katniss, but since Delly thinks it now as well there must be a noticeable difference.

Oh god was Delly right... I can see Katniss from across the school courtyard standing with Gale. Before she was thin but muscular, but now, her figure... i don't even know how to explain it. Her hips are wider and more curved and her breasts are at the very least a full C cup now. Her waist was still small and she still looked toned, in a really attractive way though. He hair is even longer no. I wonder how long it would be if her hair hung loose.

"Damn!" I hear. A guy a few feet from me is pointing at Katniss with a huge grin on his face. "The Seam is doing her good." He was right, even though I wish no one else was looking at her. For the longest time I felt like i was keeping her a secret because kids from town don't pay much to any attention to kids from the seam. But her coming back, looking like that, everyone is boud to look at her now. But I highly doubt she would give them the time of day anyways. She certainly never did for me.

Katniss POV

I walked Prim to her class and then went to my side of the school. I don't know if its just me of if a whole binch of people are staring at me. But my mind comes to east when I see Gale standing by himself, most likely waiting for me.

"Hey Catnip." he says with a wave.

"Hey. I need to ask you something," I gesture for him to come down closer to my face. "Is it just me or are people staring at me?" i ask. He leans back and laughs loudly.

"No they are." he sais after his laughing fit. I look around and see that a few actually are.

"Why?" I ask casually.

"Well, look at you! You filled out!"

"Are you saying I'm fat and thats why people are looking at me?" I shot him a nasty look.

He immediately straightens and says, "No, what I mean is is that you have a really great figure now. Not that it wasn't nice before."

I look down at my body. I know that I grew in some places but I didn't think that everyone else would notice. Sigh.

"Hey come on. Maybe you can find yourself a nice boyfriend." Gale says while nudging me.

"You know I don't date," I say while nudging him back.

"I don't see why not. No ones asking you to give anything up." He sates. He knows I can't date. Dating eventually means marriage, or sex. And both lead to a baby, and I can't barely support, Prim, my mother and myself as it is.

"Gale you know why-" i was cut off by the bell. He smiles and turns and leaves to go to his first class. I have gym first.

The gyms smells like wood and old socks. The class mingles together for a while until a whistle blows, signaling us to line up. The class rushes in together.

"Welcome to the new school year everyone. I would like to start off byt telling you that we are staring the dance unit right away. There is a big play comming up and the theater department is in need of dancers. I will list your partners off." He calls about eight groups. Madge, one of my friends, is with the boy that runs the flower shop. "Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark." My pace quickens. I haven't talked to Peeta, ever. Unless you count a few "sorry"s in the hall if we bumped in to one another. The only read interaction we ever had was about five years ago when he gave me bread. I remember that for a few days after that he had a large bruise on the side of his face. I can only hope his opinion is higher of me than his mothers...

Before I have time to register what I'm supposed to do and how i should aproach him he walks over and casually says, "Hey."

"Hey," i say in return. I never noticed it before but he is really tall. I think he may be almost as tall as gale. His blond hair looks messy but nice at the same time. It hangs just above his oceam blue eyes.

"How are you?" he asks.

"Hm? Oh I'm good how are you?"

"I'm alright. So, what do you want to do for the dance?" he asks as he ruffles his hair. It looks soft and thick, I want to touch it. I reach my hand up to flatten a stray peice of hair. His eyes are staring right in to mine. I can feel my face begin to heat so I retract my hand.

"Oh umm. I don't know. I can't dance but I guess soemthing that flows would look nice on stage." I say, stroking my own hair.

"I can dance a little bit so I think we should be fine." He speaks so smoothly. I wish I could. I always fall over my words and say the wront things.

"Hi Katniss," Madge says as she skips towards me. "you look really pretty!"
"Thank you. I like your dress. Is it new?"

"No it was my moms. I think you should take your hair down Katniss. Its so nice." she tugs the end of my hair a little and grins.

"No I-"

"I think you should." Peeta cut me off.

"Pretty please?" Madge says while pouting. I glance over to Peeta to see him nodding a 'yes' as me. I sigh and pull the band from the end. Brushing it through my finger to free it, it hangs just above my waist now.

"Tada" I say.

"Wow your hair is so long." Madge says.

"It looks really nice." Peeta says with a huge smile. I blush and turn away from him.

"Thanks." My face begins to burn. This will be an... interesting few weeks.