an. been awhile since i've written anything Tales. except the collection that really hasn't gone anywhere, due to lack of inspiration. :) but in a review from a wonderful reader named sanq, i was asked for some more zelette. and since i'm in the mood to write (it is, after all, four in the morning and i can't sleep,) i may as well try it out. :)

- this is more of... i don't know. friendship-with-a-hint-of-more. it's not really romance or friendship. just weird. i dunno.

I smile brightly at the tall redhead walking next to me and bump my shoulder into his arm. He glances at me, but his eyes are distant and he doesn't return the grin. Concerned, I chew my lip, but say nothing. We're still in the middle of the amusement park, and it isn't really the place for serious conversations.

However, despite my decision to wait to ask, the anxiety grows within me until I can no longer take it, and I burst into nervous chatter. Zelos nods and "mhm"s his way through the awkward babbling, increasing my nervousness. Which, in turn, leads to my words speeding up until they're no longer truly decipherable.

Well, not to a human. Zelos and I can both manage fine.

With that thought, it clicks into place - Zelos is trapped in thoughts of his future. His angel abilities, his wings, the idea that he may die for a country that knows nothing about him.

Realizing this, I slow down my speech and my steps until I'm at a standstill and my useless words have trailed off completely. It takes my friend a moment to notice I've stopped, which is proof enough for me. Zelos is generally an extremely observant person; he may sell himself short, but I know how much he cares. Once he does see I'm no longer next to him, he backs up and tilts his head.

"What is it, hun?" he asks, falsely carefree. The slightly absent note in his voice - one not many would pick up on - gives him away.

"Zelos Wilder," I say sincerely, "you are important to me because you're Zelos, not because you're Chosen." Before he can respond, I wrap my preternaturally strong arms around him in a tight hug. At first, he's too surprised to do anything, but it's only a few seconds before he returns the gesture.

In that instant of understanding and simple comfort, Zelos becomes my best friend, and I know I love him more than anyone else in the world.