More About the Tramway Engines

Dear Readers,

I was astonished to hear of some financial woes that troubled the Ffarqhuar Tramway and Anopha Quarry recently, and I was disappointed to hear that the Toby, Mavis and new tram Flora may suffer as a result of it. I was on my way to pay them a visit when I received a heritage magazine in the post. I took one look at the cover and began to laugh, unable to help myself.

I went to the Ffarqhuar Branch Line a few hours later anyway, and brought the magazine with me. Thomas and Percy found it most amusing, but Toby, as always, had a more sophisticated view to it.

"Do you mind explaining how this came about?" I asked politely.

"I would do so gladly," Toby replied with utmost courtesy. And these are the stories Toby told me of the issues and solutions to the quarry's problems, and how his magazine debut came about,

The Author