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I don't know how long I've been here. It feels like years. They never let me out so I never know if it's day or night. But I'm getting used to the torture.

Sometimes they even let me watch the Games.

Mags is dead. Finnick's allies are Katniss, Peeta, Johanna, and Beetee. Wiress was there. She's dead too. There are still two Careers left. Brutus and Enobaria, I think.

I'm not sure what's real, what's a simulation, and what's a dream. They're all a jumble of events.

I'm currently sitting on my bed, staring at the window. You can't actually see anything, but I like to imagine that there's something just behind the glass. Home. Finnick. The blue sea that crashes down on the soft white sand.

And I miss it all dearly.

A panel to the right of my bed flaps open and a tray comes out. I take it in my hands and examine my food for today. It looks like lunch. Grilled fish with some creamy white sauce and baked potatoes shaped like seashells. I get water, too. I laugh a bit. It's actually prison food, but it's still brilliant. You just have to love Capitol food.
As I bite into the soft fish meat, I think about what usually happens after lunch. Or at least what I think is lunch.

A smile carves itself on my face as I realize that I might get to watch Finnick in the Games. I quickly finish up my lunch and put it on a table. I press a button and the top part of the table and it descends. It comes back up a few seconds later, without the tray. I really admire the technology here.
I look at the blacked-out window and say loudly, "Can I please watch the Games now?"

The door opens and I walk through it. I go into the yellow circle and sit down. A moment later, a holographic screen appears in front of my eyes, and Beetee's there.
A flashback fights it way from the back of my head. I dig my fingernails into the palms of my hands and grit my teeth. It takes every ounce of my strength to force the flashback deep into my head.

I sigh in relief and slump a bit, exhausted from the effort. All the time I've been here, I've learned to control my flashbacks if they aren't too strong. It takes a lot of effort, but all that's on my mind is Finnick. I have to make sure he survives this.
I take a deep breath and look up. I see Katniss and Johanna running through the forest, unraveling a tiny coil of wire. Then there's Beetee on a branch of a tree. Finnick and Peeta are guarding the bottom of the tree.

Then all of a sudden, Brutus and Enobaria lunge out of nowhere. I shriek and stand up. Finnick and Peeta fight them, but Enobaria swiftly cuts the wire. Another shot shows the wire slinking it's way through the forest, and Katniss and Johanna jumping away. Johanna knocks Katniss out. I blink in disbelief. What? But why? She then proceeds to take a knife out. I step back in horror. No. She can't. I know Johanna's feisty, but she's not that evil. She pushes the point of the blade into her arm. Blood spews out but she just keeps twisting the knife. What is she trying to do now? Make her bleed to death? She leans down and whispers something. Another shot of Enobaria running down in their direction.
And then a shot of an unconscious Beetee. Another one of Finnick and Peeta fighting a completely savage Brutus.
Another shot of Enobaria checking Katniss, before deciding she's dead. She runs down to catch up with Johanna. A blur of greens and browns, then it's Johanna running towards the beach.

Katniss gets up slowly with wobbly feet. She half-runs, half-falls back to the tree. There, she screams for Peeta. Another shot of Peeta, screaming back to her while fighting Brutus. FInnick's always been good, and Peeta's not bad either. But Brutus is just too strong for them.

I unconsciously out my nails in my mouth and start chewing on them. I'm thinking of the worst.

Katniss looks back and forth from Beetee, to the empty air behind the tree, to the spear in his hand that's attached to the wire, which is attached to the tree. A look of understanding takes over her face and her whole attitude changes. The loss of blood isn't doing her any good. She looks like she might faint at any moment. Her face is as white as a sheet her eyelids are drooping. But she keeps going on.

Katniss takes the spear and uses it as an arrow. She takes aim. She lets go. It seems like the arrow travels in slow motion, so slow it might keep going forever.

The arrow hits something invisible in the empty air. The forcefield.

There's an explosion. Katniss falls to the ground.

There are cracks in the shape of a dome around the arena. The forcefield is breaking.

A hovercraft appears from the smoke of the exploding forcefield.

The screen goes black.

The lights turn on.

A door slides open and Aryma -that woman from my first day here- walks in with quick steps.
"Annie, come with me. Now."


"No. Come with me now."

She grabs my arm and yanks me behind her. We walk through the doors down a long corridor with white walls, a white ceiling, white floor tiles, and white fluorescent lights.

Everything's glistening white. It's almost blinding my eyes. We walk on for a few more minutes, It's amazing how I still don't see the tiniest spot of dirt. We walk on and on. The corridor doesn't branch off. It doesn't even have doors. We keep walking until she stops abruptly.

She puts her hand on the wall and a light shines through. The wall slides open. Well, I should've known.

It's a tiny room. There's a metal platform in the middle and a blacked-out window on the right side of the room. The walls are blue and the tiles are black. There's a tiny light bulb glowing, casting weird, ghostly, yellow shadows all across the room.

"Annie, please lie down."


"Annie, please don't make me use physical force."

"Why? What are you gonna do?"

"Nothing. It's just the next step of curing you. You've managed to fight off a bit of the flashbacks. We want to help you further."

I think about this. They could be lying. In fact, they're most probably lying. But I don't really have a choice, so I walk to the metal platform and lie down.

She walks out and the wall slides back into place.

I look up and take deep breaths. The metal is cold and it sends chills down my spines.

There's a loud clank. I try to sit up to see what it is, but my wrists and ankles slam against something hard and cold. I look at them. They've put restraints on me. Oh no. I try to break free but the hard metal doesn't budge. I try to slide my hands out, but the cuffs are too small. I lie back down.

Oh no. It's a trap.

"LET. ME. GO!"

Suddenly I hear a screeching. A shriek of someone in so much pain. But the thing is, the voice is much too familiar.


I struggle against the restraints with all my strength.

"Please, torture me all you want, just don't hurt Finnick... Please..."

The screaming stops. I slump down and sigh in relief.

I close my eyes and imagine that he's with me. What happened in the arena? Did the forcefield actually explode?

"What happened? In the arena, I mean."

"It is none of your business," says a voice.

"It is DEFINITELY my business. Finnick was in there and I'd like to know what happened to him!" I cry.

"It is none of your business."

"The forcefield exploded, didn't it? DIDN'T IT?"

There's no answer. I smirk because I've managed to shut them up.

The silence wears on. It seems like it might a tangible thing that you can just grasp, and if you pull on it hard enough, it lets go of everything and the hole world erupts in noise.

But then Finnick's screams come back.


His screams run through my veins, through everything I am and I'm shivering because I feel his pain too. The walls are vibrating with his screams and it seems like the whole world is just drowned in those cries of pain.

I fight against the cuffs for hours and hours. I start to feel something warm and thick oozing out of my wrists and ankles, but I don't care. I just need to get to Finnick. I look down at my wrists occasionally, and see a mess of raw meat and bits of bruised skin sticking on. My voice is completely drained and all that comes out now are inhuman noises. Raspy, old, and animal-like

Still, Finnick's helpless cries fill the room.

I fall asleep listening to Finnick's endless screams.