Heya! This is my first Iron Fey fic, so sorry if the characters are OOC. This is set after Iron Queen. Meghan never became Iron Queen (so there was no Iron Knight), and Ash is living in the Summer Court. I will explain why that's allowed in the chapter. Hope you enjoy it. ;)

"King Oberon has requested your presence."

Meghan looked up from her book. A Summer knight stood in the open doorway, armour polished and gleaming in the sun light that seeped through the windows.


"I do not know, Miss Chase." He said formally. Sighing, Meghan threw her book onto her bed and stood up. She had been sat on her window seat, which overlooked the gardens. She hadn't really been reading the book. Instead Meghan had been watching a group of Piskies buzzing around outside, annoying a gnome.

"Lead the way then." She followed the knight through the thick Briars until they reached the throne room. She was reminded of the first time she visited Leanansidhe, and the dragon that had spat fire at her and her companions.

Oberon was sat upright in his throne of thorns, antlered crown atop his head. His silver hair fell down his back, and he showed no emotion in his gaze. Next to him, Titania sneered at Meghan. Her long hair was tied into an elegant braid, and her blue eyes seemed to bore right through Meghan's scull. Her red silk dress flapped in the soft breeze.

"King Oberon. Queen Titania." She bowed low, almost touching the floor. She would have curtsied if she was wearing a dress, but she hated them so much and insisted on wearing her jeans and a t-shirt.

"Rise daughter." Oberon's voice filled her ears, and she rose.

"What do you need father?" Meghan hated calling the Erlking father, but he had insisted that she did.

"Meghan Chase. Please meet Azalea Dulcina. Your half-sister, the heir to the throne, the daughter of myself and my wife." He clicked his fingers, and a girl that looked to be around Meghan's age stepped out from behind Titania's throne .She was not fooled by her appearance; Meghan knew that the girl was probably centuries old. Azalea had piercing purple eyes and dark brown, almost black, wavy hair that stopped just below her shoulders. She wore brown breeches, black boots, a white polo shirt and a green cloak was wrapped around her shoulders. A glass sword hung at her side in a white leather sheath, and a wooden bow and quiver of arrows hung over her back. She didn't smile, but she didn't frown either. The look on her face was very intimidating.

"Half-sister?" Meghan questioned, almost shouting.

"She has been living with the Dryads in the Deep Wyld for half a century, learning their ways, but now she has returned to us." Titania smirked, running a hand down her daughter's arm. Meghan was silent for a while, processing the information. Why had nobody told her that she had a sister before? And why had Ash or Puck not mentioned her? Surely the both would have known.

"Oh. Um. Okay. It's, er, nice to meet you Azalea." Meghan rambled.

"That's Princess Azalea to you, half-breed." She spat, and Titania smirked again.

"There will be a ball tonight to welcome her back to Court. You are dismissed." Oberon told her, waving his hand. Meghan ran from the throne room. She knew exactly where she was going, and who she was going to see.

Meghan punched Puck in the shoulder, hard.

"Ow! What was that for, Princess?" Puck yelped, rubbing his arm. They were stood in an orchard, surrounded by Robin Good fellow's apple cores. He wore his usual green hoodie and jeans, and his red hair stuck up in places.

"Why didn't you tell me I had a sister?" She yelled, punching him in the other shoulder.

"Would you stop doing that? I didn't tell you because she's a bitch, Meghan. She'll kill you faster than you can say 'ouch' if you get in her way." He sighed.

"So? I still have the right to know!"

"Know what?" Meghan and Puck turned around to the sound of Ash's voice. He was leaning against a tree. Meghan didn't know why, in the middle of Summer and in the Summer Court, he needed to wear a black coat. Ash had been living in the Seelie Court for a month now. When Meghan killed the false king and Glitch took over, Mab and Oberon granted Ash, Meghan and Puck a wish each. Puck wished for apples. Ash wished to live in the Summer Court. Meghan wished for the Courts to accept her and Ash's relationship and allow it. She walked over to him, and he took her hand. They stared at each other for a while, and Meghan's insides seemed to melt.

"Know what?" He whispered again, and kissed her lightly on the lips. Meghan heard Puck snort, and leave the orchard.

"That I have a sister."

Ash's eyes widened slightly, and he gave her a small smile.

"Your sister's back?"

"Well, yeah. Do you know her?"

"You could say that."

Meghan was surprised. Ash knew her sister? Then he should have told me! She thought. It was her sister and nobody in the whole of the Nevernever had thought to tell her?

"Why didn't you tell me?" She pulled her hand out of the former Winter Prince's, angry at him. He spent almost all of his time in the Summer Wood, hunting. He found it less stressful and there he could escape the evil stares he received from the Summer Fey. Not to mention it got him away from Titania, who still had not forgiven him and Puck for the trick with Vi.

"It wasn't my place to inform you."

"Whatever… I have to get ready for the ball. Lady Weaver will be wanting to see me." Meghan grumbled, and started to walk away.

"I'll be at your room at eight! I'm taking you to the ball, of course." Ash called after her. Meghan couldn't help but smile through her anger.

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