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Life hadn't been going exactly as planned.

Naruto was failing most of his college classes, his best friend was infuriated with him, and he had just lost his job at the local bank. Solely, because, well, he'd stay up every night just to make his best friend feel better about his perfect life; which would, for some reason or the other, fail to satisfy the cocky Uchiha.

That particular night, however, Sasuke hadn't called him to sulk about nonexistent problems. Naruto was secretly relieved. He needed a break from all of that. He needed some serious time for only himself.

The night was dreary, cold, and rainy. The storm hadn't let up for several days. The skies were scarred with ominous clouds that flooded out any hope for sun, and the roads were showered with rivers and rivers of dirtied water.

The drive to the bar hadn't been exactly pleasant. Heavy drops of persistent rain blurred Naruto's vision. Even the wipers weren't of any particular help. Blue eyes narrowed, trying to make the best of the cleared openings on the dashboard, tanned hands clenching hard unto the steering wheel. The road was nearly empty, but Naruto was not in the position of risking it.

He had already crashed once. There was no way he was going to go through that embarrassing hell again.

Stopping cautiously at a red light, he wondered deeply why it was that he was even on his way to a bar, in the first place. He didn't drink. He didn't really smoke. Hell, he didn't even go out all that much like this by himself. Sasuke would always be there with him. Anywhere Sasuke went, Naruto followed. It was an unspoken rule of some sorts. Although, it was honestly beginning to get really annoying.

Buried deep inside Naruto's impenetrable loyalty towards his best friend, there had always been a small flare of jealousy. A flare of competition. Of resentment. Sasuke Uchiha always got everything he wanted. To the absurdly expensive condominium, to the gas-eating, exotic sports cars, right down to the unexplainable charm he had with the ladies. Sasuke was gay. Why did he always get the pretty ones?

Blue eyes narrowed in envy, watching bitterly as the red light turned to a sudden flash of green. Depression was beginning to have a grip on Naruto. His income was gone, his car was running low on gas, he had less than 300 bucks in the bank.. Everything was going to hell. The persistent loneliness that he'd attained long ago as a child always seemed to tail closely to him. It never went away.

Taking a sharp turn to the left, the discrete flashing of neon lights came into view.

The bar was right there. The neon outline of a woman sitting in a martini glass decorated the cursive-written logo. Naruto stared dumbly for a moment.

A woman.

He hadn't had a girlfriend since the 8th grade. He was never any good at that stuff. Sasuke was. Even if it was totally unintentional. But Sasuke always was.

A firm clench on the steering wheel, and Naruto skidded towards one of the empty parking spots. The place was nearly empty, exempt of three other cars. The hardly-there musing of music resonated from within the small building, causing Naruto to sit there and think twice for what he was about to do.

One, he could go in.

He could risk the possibility of getting drunk off his ass to then have to call Kiba, or some other person, to do him the ginormous favor of driving him home. He would then forget everything for the night, even if it meant having to deal with a possible, crippling hangover the next morning.

Two, he could turn back and drive home.

He wouldn't risk anything, and he wouldn't have to put up with a sleep-deprived Kiba on the phone. He would forget that he ever drove to the bar. He could survive another night of misery and loneliness. Everything would remain the same as before. Everything.

Golden brows furrowed momentarily, rubbing wearily at the side of his temples. It wasn't that hard of a decision, but it was still haunting.

What if he stood out like a sore thumb inside? Not that it would be anything new. Naruto never managed to fit in. Anywhere. If it weren't for Sasuke.. If it weren't for that pompous, arrogant bastard..

Fuck it.

He was going to the bar.

With a swift movement of his own, the car door slid wide open; a drape of heavy rain pounding itself messily unto Naruto's yellow hair. The air outside was freezing. Hugging his arms tightly around himself, Naruto made his way towards the door of the building. Water dripped from his hair, and his eyes abruptly lowered to the side in a final threat of contemplation. Not for long, however.

It didn't matter. He had nothing to lose.

He stepped inside, the water that had been embedded in his clothes dripped quietly unto the carpeted floor. The place was bathed in colors. There was a bar to the right, and tables on the left. The place reeked strongly of perfume. Feminine perfume. The music that he had heard outside was clearer now. The music had an undeniable sexual tone to it that made it impossible to ignore. Almost as if a porno was being recorded right at that moment.

Feeling a little awkward, Naruto made his way towards the completely deserted bar, perching himself uncomfortably on one of the seats. This was nothing of how Naruto had pictured a bar to be like. There was no bartender in sight. Not a soul in sight.

What kind of place was this?

Regretting even the thought of having gone to such a weird, creepy place, Naruto spun himself on the stool to rush out of there, only to be completely frozen in place seconds after.

He hadn't noticed what had been right smack in the middle of the place. A lifted platform, (which contained a large pole right in the middle), seemed to be the source of attention of the two men who were drinking away near the area. There was something else there, too.

Something completely breathtaking.

A woman danced and spun herself on the large rod of metal. Light-skinned, shapely legs wrapped themselves seductively around the thing, ensuing for an extremely erotic sight. Naruto stared intently, lips parted in sheer shock.

He hadn't seen someone that incredibly beautiful before.

Pink hair splayed like a light of its own on the girl, six-inch stilettos raising her small, pale feet quite sensually. A hardly-there array of lingerie adorned her slim, lithe figure, censoring a pair of perfectly-shaped bosoms which bounced so discretely with the rhythm of her flexible display. Naruto was completely taken on the spot. His hand twitched at its side, watching almost in disgust as the two men beneath her platform threw money at her feet; hands reaching out for her legs.

Naruto's eyes narrowed when he noticed the way she immediately flinched away from them.

He contemplated deeply whether he should approach her. To be closer. She was so lovely. The music momentarily slowed in the room, causing the mysterious woman to do what she did next.

A pair of ravishing, feminine legs wrapped themselves erotically against the pole, her back arching at a flexible angle so that her bubblegum hair cascaded in mid-air like a river of sanguine-colored paint. Naruto stared shamelessly, his tattooed cheeks beginning to turn into a different color. She'd seen him at that very moment.

The woman had seen him.

Breathtaking, piercing, green eyes ate right into his soul. Her angle was strange, but her gaze was more than surely directed right towards him. A ghostly trace of her tongue against her lips sent Naruto into subliminal fantasy. She smiled at his visible reaction, only to then return to her rhythmic dancing.

The moment went away as quickly as it happened. Her flawless prancing, spinning, climbing, and sliding continued. Naruto couldn't find it in himself to look away at all. Her face seemed so soft. Her lips were painted in a deep shade of red. Her green eyes were another higher stage of what he thought was heaven. Her legs. Her body. Her breasts.

Naruto needed to know her name.

The music finally disappeared in finality, her luscious figure giving a small, seductive spin before strutting right off the circular platform. She held a bundle of dollars in her hand. A thin finger traced against them before she disappeared behind the curtains. Naruto's breath hitched, unable to swallow the lump choked so deeply in his throat.

The ridiculous urge to follow her flashed through him, thankfully being ceased the moment a voice made its presence known behind him.

"You like what you saw?"

Blue eyes turned towards the source, meeting eyes with a platinum-haired woman. Her pale, chromatic eyes seemed devilish, showcasing a strong, impenetrable confidence of their own. Her long hair lied tied in a high ponytail, a thick strand of her hair covering most of her left eye. Naruto stared, dumbfounded, and unwittingly nervous.

"Well, uh.. I mean," he adverted his gaze from the intimidating girl, rubbing the back of his head quite awkwardly, "She's.. well, I mean, she's really pretty-"

"Yeah, yeah," she smiled, resting her elbow on the counter as she watched the familiar-looking blonde suffer, "You look like I've seen you before. You hang out with the Uchiha, right?"

Trying very hard to retract the flushing on his cheeks, Naruto managed eye-contact at the mention of his best friend's last name. He took a deep look at the girl, trying to figure out if he'd, too, seen her before.

He vaguely remembered Shikamaru, but he didn't quite know why. There might have been a very slight chance that this girl had been his ex-girlfriend. Naruto decided not to bring it up, however. Those two hadn't quite ended things on 'good' terms, if his memory served him right.

"You mean Sasuke?" he asked, clearing his throat to ease some of the awkwardness. No matter what girl it was, he always found himself feeling terribly uncomfortable and restrained. Even more so if the first thing they mentioned was Sasuke. It was always Sasuke.

"Ha, yeah. That hot piece of ass," she laughed, crossing her arms on the table so that her eyes met directly with Naruto's from the opposite side, "Too bad that he turned out gay. You sure you're not his boyfriend?"

The blood in Naruto's face betrayed him momentarily. Of course he wasn't. No way in ever.

"No. Haha, never, actually," a failed attempt at a chuckle, and the girl watched almost comically. This guy was quite the entertainment without even hardly trying, "Definitely not my type."

A small smile graced thin, pinkish lips, "My name is Ino, and that talented dancer you just saw is my best friend. You better watch your tanned ass if you're even thinking about following her home tonight," a dangerous glimmer graced her pale, blue eyes for a moment, causing Naruto to inwardly cringe. Girls were always so frightening, "Now, do you want a drink?"

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment there, he could have sworn he was going to get smacked right across the face. He asked for a shot of wine, completely ignorant on what it even was. It wasn't like if he was actually going to drink it, anyway.

"Your friend," the blonde, whiskered boy began, watching quietly as Ino went about a bottle of wine "What's her name..?"

"Sakura. And I already know what you're planning in that pretty little head of yours," she said, turning to place the glass before him, "She isn't the type to get swooned easy. She knows your kind like the back of her hand."

Naruto found himself staring almost dumbly. He hadn't been listening very intently. When he caught the dancer's name, his mind flew elsewhere.

Sakura. What a lovely name. Lovely and perfect. Just like her.

"Sakura.." he repeated, watching the unmoving shot of wine before him with blank, blue eyes.

Ino raised a bleached eyebrow, watching the weirdness of the other in silence. Giving up on any further conversation, and thoroughly bored, she whipped her hair back, making her way towards the backroom.

"Have fun, little boy."

Naruto hadn't noticed when he'd downed his alcoholic drink, the rush of the thing springing right into his brain. For some reason, the bitter liquid caused a cape of sleepiness over him, and with the mellow music of the room, he fell into some sort of slumber.

It'd been a while since he'd actually slept. Thanks to a certain someone.

Flashes of pink hair haunted his dream-induced mind, long legs, lithe arms, green, magnetic eyes..

The ghostly trace of a rosy tongue.

The beautiful dancer by the name of 'Sakura'.


It must have been a year that went by until Naruto had finally woken up, if not for the violent nudging on his shoulder.

"We don't do boarding here, silly," the girl from before asserted, placing her hands on her hips when Naruto finally started showing signs of life. A thin string of saliva dribbled from the edge of his mouth. Ino shook her head, sighing, "You're hopeless, boy. Now come on, we're closing."

Looking around lazily, Naruto gave a lame attempt at straightening up his clothes, ruffling his hair back into its usual bedhead style. The place was now completely empty. The music was gone, and the lights were even further dimmed.

How long had it been?

He stood, yawning loudly until he caught sight of the creature from before.

A flash of sanguine, a streak of limy green, an avalanche of sweetly-colored skin, all in the clad of red-tinted lips. The trance from earlier before snared Naruto, completely unable to move in his place. It was Sakura.

Green eyes stopped in their on-look for a moment, catching sight of the blond boy who had been shamelessly staring at her as she danced earlier that night. Not that the staring was anything new, but it was the fact that the boy had been blushing like a teenager the entire time that made him worth remembering. She gave him a meek of a smile, resting her purse more comfortably at her side.

She could admit that the stranger was quite handsome. Thick strands of honey-colored hair, a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows (for a guy), and an inviting shade of beige which was the color of his blemish-free skin. An odd trio of tattoos adorned both his cheeks, giving the impression of whiskers.

He was, indeed, handsome. ..And strange.

She didn't have time for silly little things such as this, however. He was a guy. Guys were all the same. No matter how good-looking they managed to turn out. Those were always the worst, after all. Looking away, she made her way wordlessly towards the door, her high heels resounding her strides rhythmically beneath her as she went about.

On the moment she turned away from him, Naruto knew he had to go after her. She was breathtaking. She was overwhelming. She was beautiful.

He discretely rushed after her, the scent of her sweet perfume entrancing him further into her scented trail. The door was slammed abruptly in his face, but that didn't matter. Naruto needed to talk to her. He needed to say something. Anything. He needed to take her out somewhere. Anywhere. Anywhere at all that she wanted.

Click your heels. Three times six. The stars are fixed. May I climb and get you one..?

The heavy rain pounded violently unto his hair, ruining it again, but Naruto didn't care. He watched through blurred vision as the woman went through the pouring rain, her arms hugged tightly around her black raincoat guise. Blue eyes winced from the water, otherwise widened at the fact that she was actually planning on walking in this heaving storm. By herself. In heels. Completely exposed to all of the sinful dangers of the world.

Naruto wouldn't allow any of it that night.

Almost slipping from several puddles of water, Naruto finally caught up to her, holding her back by the shoulder. She turned immediately, green eyes glowering quite frighteningly. Naruto was shaken, surprised at the dangerous-looking reply. It was strange how something so beautiful and ravishing could have the ability to look so hellishly evil and dangerous in a matter of seconds.

Blue eyes widened slightly in the rain, overcome with blush at the mere fact that he had even touched her, in the first place. She continued to glare, hugging her arms around herself more tightly.

"What do you want?" she snapped, green eyes compressing here and there as droplets managed to slip inside, "I'm not into the one-night bull-crap, if that's what you're looking for."

"That's not why.." Naruto found himself unable to speak, the mere sight of her stunning complexion draining him of all coherency, "I mean, it's raining-"

"Yeah, I think I know that," she asserted, ready to turn back and continue her long walk home, "Leave me alone. I'm not interested in your money."

Before she could make much progress in her treading advancement, Naruto reached for her shoulder once again. He was devoted in making sure she got home safe. He was devoted in just having the opportunity to talk to her. The fierce beating of his heart was the indication of it. This woman drove him nuts, and he'd only ever just seen her once.

"Let me drive you home," he quickly said, trying his best to maintain eye-contact, "It's not like anything that you think. I swear."

Lime eyes glared deeply into cerulean ones, looking, searching, for any sign of lying. Sakura didn't trust his kind. She didn't trust men. They'd marked a bad slate in her book from many years ago. She'd only dated women ever since. The male species had almost flawlessly proven to be untrustworthy and lewd. This one, she was sure, wouldn't be any different. Even if she did give him a chance at anything.

Even if he was, indeed, so unreasonably handsome..

"Fine," she finally let out, looking away from those dream-inducing, aquatic eyes.

A smile marked whiskered cheeks, grinning dumbly at her reluctant approval. Naruto lead the way, making sure that the clicking of her heels lied omnipresent from behind the restless hammering of the rain.

He could still smell her floral-scented perfume even then.

Naruto's heart fluttered from within his chest, the knowing fact that she was so near him plaguing at his senses. There was something so haunting, so magnificent, and so beautifully mysterious about this woman that it made him just want to.. Vomit rainbows, cry glitter, and gush stickers.

They reached his car, and with utmost chivalry, Naruto opened the door for her. Glaring at the gesture, Sakura took her seat, the door closing gently next to her. She caught the glimpse of a smile on his suave face, and she couldn't help but to shift uncomfortably in her seat.

He was so.. pretty.

Moments after, Naruto started the engine, the roaring of the car droaning out the persistent clammoring of the rain against the dashboard. He turned towards the showered girl in the opposite seat, noticing that she was shaking ever so slightly.

Her short, sanguine hair lied drenched, framing the exquisite shape of her face very seductively. Her red-tinted lips were daunting. Naruto thought quietly for a moment on how it would feel to kiss them.. A rush of pink went about his cheeks, causing him to quickly turn away.

"Are you cold?" he managed to say, turning on the heater.

Sakura didn't say anything, wordlessly thankful that he had noticed. She was very much freezing right down to the apexes of her heels, after all.

Naruto smiled, noticing that her shaking had went away a little, "Where do I drop you off?"

Sakura looked away, completely against the idea of revealing that she currently resided in a cheap, trashed motel to him, or anyone, for the matter. Biting gently at her lower lip, she took in a small sigh, trying very hard to swallow away that share of her pride.

"You really don't trust me, do you?"

"I don't trust anyone."

A heavyset of awkward silence, and Naruto rubbed nervously unto the back of his neck, attempting hard to ease the thickening tension somehow.

"I mean, if you want-"

"Five streets down, on your left, second right, motel."


"And it's not an invitation. I promise you."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the given directions, completely unbeknown to why someone so marvelous such as herself stayed their nights in that motel. Her wishes were his commands, however.

"I'm Naruto," he said nervously, going about the steering wheel as he exited the parking lot, "You.. have a talent for what you do. I mean, you dance really nice..- Or, I mean-"

"Just.. Don't say anything."

Pressing his lips, and with a slight slant of his brows, Naruto sealed his mouth. He really didn't know how to talk to girls.

He cursed his inability. This girl was gorgeous.

The ride there was overcome with dormant silence, blue eyes stealing several glances at the woman sitting on the other seat. Her expression lied unchanging, mysterious and stunning in every possible angle. Naruto wanted to say something, wanted to talk to her, he really did. But his fear of fucking everything up was even stronger.

The rain pounded mercilessly unto the dashboard and headlights, but everything seemed subliminal and totally unreal with that lovely lady at his side.

Her red lips lied lusciously glossed, her pale complexion glowed like a holiday within the car. Green, lemon eyes sparkled like seawater, sanguine hair cascading lightly against her lithe shoulders. Everything about her. Her long, rossette lashes, the way her knees rested against one another like two hills of unscathed pearl, the seductive mounds of licentious flesh that rested so bewitchingly against her chest..

She was beautiful.

Even in that hellish storm, even in the loss of his job, even in the unpromising stance of his current life..

She was beautiful.


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