Unrequited Love

Kapitel 1: Revelations

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Kapitel 1: Revelations

All I could hear was the sound of my heavy breathing. I was out of breath and my legs were aching from how I had pushed them all this time. 'Damn it! I can't run anymore!'

I glanced back and saw them chasing after me. With the last bit of my energy, I burst out the door. I breathed in the scent of fresh air. I smiled. 'Freedom!'

But my smile fell short as looked in horror at my surroundings. The guards surrounded me like how a hunter would corner their prey, and wrapped their arms around mine. All the guards had a straight face on, but at the sight of my desperate struggle, one of them spared me a look of pity.

"Sorry, young miss, we were to told keep you here; direct orders from your father," he informed me. I gave him a glare, but ultimately stopped when I knew that it wasn't his fault and that I shouldn't take out my anger on someone who was innocent. Knowing that there was no point left in fighting against them – I was overpowered and the numbers were stacked against me, there was no way I could win – I allowed the fight the leave my body and for them to drag my unresisting body away. In my mind, I cursed at the one who was really at fault, my bastard of a father.

They took me back into my cursed room and locked the door. I had spent hours trying to pick the lock on that door, only to find myself sent back here to be locked again. I clenched my fist in frustration and slumped against the locked door sulking.

'Is this house arrest? I don't remember doing anything to warrant this,' I thought to myself in silent anger, still fuming at my foiled escape.

I remembered the time I had spent with my parents. They were so nice to me back then. Why the sudden change of heart? I felt warm liquid trickle down my cheek. I touched it.

'Tears?' I asked myself quietly in my head.

It was then when I had decided to close off my heart to the world. I never wanted to feel this pain again.

The pain of loneliness.

Little did I know the meaning of these words for I was young; nor did I realize what was going to happen soon after that. All I knew was that I was going to be punished for this was my 8th attempt to escape.

I lost track of how long I had stared at the ceiling, all I knew was that it was a long time. I was just about to fall into slumber when I barely heard the faint sound of a gunshot. I sat up confused and alarmed, but soon decided it was just my imagination and before I knew it, I had drifted off. I was ignorant to how that gunshot sound was actually very real and would determine my fate.

I woke up when I heard the sound of footsteps outside my room's – no, prison's – door. I closed my eyes, believing that it was just the guards patrolling switching duties, it was a normal occurrence. It wasn't a normal occurrence however, that somebody knocked the door. I groaned and grudgingly sat up and glared at the door. It was not how I was usually woken up, it was usually to the sound of the door opening – I was a light sleeper – and someone entering to bring in my breakfast. My line of thought was interrupted by a second round of knocking. 'What's the point in knocking?' I thought. 'It's not like I have a choice to allow them to enter or not. The freaking door is locked and the door only opens from the outside.'

Another knock sounded and I decided to humor them. They probably wouldn't stop till I did. In a hoarse voice, I said, "Come in."

At once, door opened and an old man with white hair and vermillion eyes just like mine came in. I studied him suspiciously. I didn't recognize him.

He smiled the way old people would and held out his hand to me, offering it. I stared at it with doubt, wondering just who he was to just strut into my room and what he was here for.

"What do you want?" I said slowly, questioning his motives.

He laughed heartily and looked at me with warmth present in his eyes, surprising and catching me off guard.

"I have come to take you with me, my dear. I am your grandfather, Miroku Barsburg, Yumiko," he informed me.

"I don't recall have a grandfather. And if I did, my parents would have told me long ago," I retorted.

'I bet his lying to me.'

I stared at him coldly, not liking him one bit. But deep down, I actually wanted to believe it was true. After living a life without someone there for me, his warmth was a welcome change. Gazing at him was bringing that feeling to the surface and I knew that if I continued to do so, my resolve would break, so I averted my eyes.

"Anyway, why are you here? My parents wouldn't give me away." 'Or would they?'I didn't know if they would defend me, but he didn't.

Suddenly, his smile faded and his eyes hardened and grew serious.

"Unfortunately, I have some bad news, they... they were assassinated during the party they held last night," he said stoically, hesitating at first but gradually growing bolder and more confident. "A group of Raggs slaves infiltrated the party with the help of a one of your parent's Raggs slave and shot them. The perpetrators were caught and dealt with, but your parents died."

My eyes widened for a split second before reverting back, so quickly no one could have possibly seen, but he did. I looked away from his unnerving gaze that was starting to make me uncomfortable.

'Why should I care if they died? It's not like they ever loved me. Those memories of the past were false, implanted into my head to make me believe that they actually did love me.' I reasoned with myself. But despite my attempts of reasoning, I felt something tugging deep inside my heart. I tried my best to ignore it even though it brought me close to crying. Tears started to prickle out, but I blinked them away. I grinded my teeth.

'No, I won't cry. Especially not for them!'

"A funeral will be held for them tomorrow. From now on, I am your guardian," he told me. There was no room for arguing.

I nodded silently.

Once again, he held out his hand. This time, I took it.

It was raining heavily, but many people came to attend. It was understandable, considering my mother had royal blood flowing through her veins and my father was a noble. I wore a black dress, the colour of mourning, and walked behind my grandfather with my head down. I felt many eyes staring at me and whispers. I also caught snippets of conversations.

"Such a poor child, losing her parents at the same time at such a young age."

Shut up.

"I hear her grandfather, Chairman Miroku, is going to take care of her from now on."

I don't need your pity.

"I wonder who the family's fortune is going to. Certainly not her! She doesn't deser– I mean; she's still too young to inherit it!"

Just leave me alone. You don't even care at all. It's all just a facade, a false illusion.

"Look at her! She doesn't even shed a tear for her deceased parents'!"

Why should I? There is no reason to.

"Yumiko, why do you not shed tears?" my granfather prodded gently.

"There is no reason to shed tears for the dead. It's not like they need it," I replied emotionlessly. It was the only way to hide my pent up emotions.

I looked up at the crying sky which continued to shed tears that streamed down my face in replace of the tears that I should've been shedding.

That was the day I started to view the world from a different perspective.

"All life comes to an end one day. There is probably one ending right now. Do you expect me to shed tears for all of them? Of course not, they're all practically strangers to me. This is what we're destined for - a fate we can't escape. We live to die."

He looked calm, but I heard his breathing hitch for a split second before continuing, this time, in a steady and controlled rhythm. From the corner of my eyes, I could just make out surprise in his eyes. Those were the two signs that alerted me that he was startled.

A shiver trailed down my spine and the sudden feeling of someone watching me spurred me to turn around. There was a brief flash of white, black and gold, but when I had blinked, it was gone. Surveying my surrounding, I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, but the feeling of being watched still wouldn't leave me. It was only when the funeral was over and I was in the carriage together with Grandfather Miroku that those eyes haunting me finally ceased.

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