Unrequited Love

Kapitel 14: Taking Control

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Kapitel 14: Taking Control…

Yumiko P.O.V:

I sighed and looked up at the sky. Clouds blotted the scenery, forming shapes of numerous different things.

What should I do now?

I walked aimlessly around and ended up in one of the church's many gardens. For some odd reason, whenever I have a sort of problem, I somehow end up in one of them. I relaxed slightly from the heavy, but pleasant scent of the flowers and other flora surrounding me. Some of my worries and stress I've been building up slowly decaying. I didn't know what to do anymore. Everything seemed to be going wrong. And all of it circulated around Teito. I came here because of him, Mikage did too. The Black Hawks are after him, so are the Barsburg Empire's military. It seems he has something that they want. But what was it?

It probably has something to do with the Eye of Raphael. The military would do almost anything for any information related to it…Or maybe something to do with the Eye of Mikhail?

I knew about the two eyes and their histories. How the Eye of Mikhail belonged to the kingdom of Raggs and the Eye of Raphael belong to the Barsburg Empire. Raggs was supposedly to have broken the truce between the two countries after wanting to claim Pandora's Box which contained Verloren's body for themselves. But it doesn't seem that way to me. Somehow it felt…wrong. There was something I didn't know. I knew it. I furrowed my brows and thought harder to work out connections which would help me solve this mystery.

Before I left, I remember how there was an uproar about how the Eye of Raphael had picked up signals relating to the Eye of Mikhail and how it had been recently used. But who used it? It was presumed to have gone missing during the war with Raggs, and all of who were descendants of Raggs royalty was said to have perished, leaving no heirs or anybody to control or wield the missing eye. But it seemed one did survive. The question was who is this anonymous person who is of Raggs royalty? For all I knew, it could be somebody I don't know or someone who was extremely close to me.

Ack! All this thinking will make my head explode.

I snapped out of my thoughts, not wanting to think of all the options and possibilities and realized I had walked out of the garden and out into the inner courtyard. It was a pretty place, in its own little way. But you could definitely see the beauty of it quite clearly. I was a nice day. Not too hot and not too cold, the perfect weather in my opinion. I sat down on the edge of the fountain which was located in the very centre. I placed my hands beside of me and leaned back, tilting my head towards the sky.

I should be enjoying myself on a nice day like this, not thinking really hard.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the silence, except for the occasional quiet murmurs and ruffles of the clothes in the breeze. It was very…peaceful, too peaceful for my liking. I realized that this wasn't really how I wanted to spend my life. I fluttered open my eyes after this sudden realization. A second later, I heard a splash behind me I spun around, my pale strawberry locks of hair whipping and trailing the action. Water droplets glistened from the sunlight reflecting off them, creating sparkles in the air. My eyes widened as I came face to face with…myself? Okay, now I was very, VERY confused. I cocked my head to one side. My mirror did exactly the same. I cocked it to the other side, it did the same. I stared at it and it stared back at me. Then it smiled. An awkward silence filled the air.

"Kyaa!" I shrieked. I know, it was a very, very slow reaction. I was hoping the 'thing' would begin to back away. But instead, against my wishes, I wiggled closer to me. An expression of dread formed on my face. I scurried further away from it and pointed a shaky finger at it.

"S-s-stay a-away f-f-from me!" I stuttered.

"Yumi-chan what's wrong?" asked a worried Athena. Following her was Rosalie and Libelle. Argh, I just hated when they used that honorific which was used to try making my name sound cute! I pointed at the imposter imposing as myself with my face and they burst out giggling. I glared at them.

"What are you laughing about?!" I snapped. My voice was kept at a reasonable pitch, but the irritation was heard clearly.

"I see you've met the church's noel mermaid." Athena said calmly, lightly chuckling with a gentle smile dawned upon her face.

"Noel mermaid?" I asked bluntly with a blank expression. I had heard of noel mermaids before, but they were considered myths and I've never met one so I thought they weren't real.

"Yep. Her name is Lazette." Rosalie informed me. I heard a hum of agreement and turned back to the mermaid. Her features were now different. She had a light pinkish purplish shade of hair with a pretty shade of purple for eyes. Her ears were pointed and she had gills. Her tail flicked in and out of the water, creating ripples. She smiled and edged closer to me, only this time I didn't shy away. She held her arm out of the water without bending it and peeked out of the water, blowing bubbles through her mouth.

"Umm… Nice to meet you?" I greeted with a quizzical tone. She hummed cheerfully and reached out her hands and cupped it around my cheeks. Half of her body was emerged from the water, droplets falling silently from her damp hair. I wasn't sure what to do, so I stayed in my current position. She cocked her head to one side and closed her eyes happily, a cheerful expression on her face. Suddenly I felt a force pulling me towards the water, too bad that gravity happened to have been more powerful than usual. I fell with a gigantic splash into the water. I accidentally choked on the water and instantly popped back up to the surface to breathe air. That action was much unexpected. I coughed up the water that entered my lungs and stared with annoyance at my clothes which draped around my figure sticking to it. I pushed my hair which clung to my forehead back. I sighed and glared at the mermaid which was now humming cheerfully. She pulled me along in the water but I stubbornly refused to do so. Lazette pouted and crossed her arms in front of her. I heard chuckling once again. It seemed as though the three sisters hadn't left yet.

"It seems as though she's taken quite a liking to you Yumi-chan~" Sister Athena joked. I then too pouted quite similarly to Lazette's. I couldn't see how pulling me into the water could be considered 'friendly'. I felt a tugging on my saggy clothes and faced an exasperated Lazette trying to pull me from my position. No matter what happened, she wouldn't let go of me. It took me quite a while to release myself from her death grip. When I finally did, my body was numb from the cold and I was shivering. I was disappointed I wasn't water-proof. The freezing temperature of the water had shocked me wide awake, but the effect soon wore off. I was determined to avoid Lazette at all costs just because of this one incident. I left a trail of dripping water whilst going back to my room to change. I changed into a white dress and wore faded blue denim tight jeans underneath. I didn't follow the dress code, or else I would be wearing a nun uniform or the sort of robes that the bishop examinees were wearing. I shivered at the thought of imagining myself wearing those sought of clothes. All the clothes I wore were appropriate and acceptable. I believed it was because they were all modest. I exited my room with Teito and Hakuren scurrying past with their bascules. Only that their bascules were tainted. Black stains were blotched around and spreading. But how was that possible? That could only happen if a warfeil or some other dark force had come in contact with it. The looks on their faces determined that my thoughts were correct. A warsfeil or dark force had indeed come in contact with it.

"What's wrong?" I asked them.

"Archbishop Bastian-sama touched our bascules and now they're slowly turning black. We're going to find him and question him." Hakuren explained, "You're not to come along." He added at the end.

Like I would actually do as he said. As they disappeared around a corner, I began to follow, keeping a fair distance away from them. I was sure I wouldn't lose track of them because I could sense their presence. They came around to a place with forbidden entry in no time. Guards stood in front of the doors to make sure no intruders would pass. Not that any could because they would need a bishop pass. Hakuren and Teito began whispering, a plan forming secretly between them. It took all my might to prevent myself from jumping out with curiosity and join them. But I knew I had to keep my distance. Then Teito flicked his hand and created a ball of zaiphon. He threw it down the hallway and created an explosion. The guards positioned in front of the door immediately left their posts to oversee the commotion which was really just a distraction. They rushed from their hiding spot and Teito inserted a bishop pass into a slot. But how did he get his hands on one? I knew that Teito was an honest person and wasn't the type to steal, so he was obviously given it. Shouts from the guards hurried their actions as the guards hurried back after realizing that it was a diversion. But they were too late. Teito and Hakuren had already slipped through and the doors were sealed tightly shut. How was I supposed to get in now? The guards then started to argue amongst themselves and finally agreed top tell a superior what happened. They both abandoned their post, leaving no one stationed to supervise the door. I saw my chance and rushed forward. I peered at the slot, seeing if I could somehow find a way in without a bishop pass. I had no luck as it was made especially for bishop passes being the only way in. I groaned. I had never encountered a situation like this before and my quick thinking couldn't really help right now since I already knew how to solve the problem, but didn't have the right utensils to help me, not to mention I wouldn't be able to use brute force and that back-up would be here soon.

Do you need help?

I gasped. It had been a while since I had last heard that voice in my mind. The last time being when they had informed me that Labrador was Profe.

How can you help when I can't even figure a way in?

*chuckles* I will be able to get in. Plus I'll let you keep an eye on what I do, though…I'll have to erase most of your memories of the event afterwards.

Fine. Keep your word though.

Right after I replied to the voice, my head started throbbing. A gasp escaped my lips and my hand instantly shot to my head as I leant against the door. I would usually massage my head to make the pain go away, but it hurt too much to even do that. I felt like my head was about to split apart. I closed my eyes and squinted. Unintentionally, forced tears started prickling out. I gave another gasp and cringed, beginning to slide down to the floor. I began panting and was starting to regret my decision. I never knew it was going to hurt this much. I didn't want to endure it anymore.

Stop Resisting! The voice said urgently but worriedly.

I'm not! I replied.

Yes you are! Just let go and the pain will subside. Try to forget the pain and erase your surroundings. Calm down and let go of your mind. The voice instructed me. I now determined it to be a girl judging by its pitch.

I struggled to do as told, but was finally able to do it. The pain faded away and I opened my eye once again. Only that I was not in control of my body anymore. The girl in my mind had now apparently taken over. 'I' stepped forwards and summoned zaiphon, only it wasn't my zaiphon as well. The zaiphon was glowing red instead of my sapphire coloured hue and I could sense the power emitting from it. It was beyond whatever I could possibly do. This left me wondering why somebody this strong was even communicating with me.

'I' dropped the zaiphon and it slithered up the door, making its way into the slot. In a few seconds, the door unlocked itself, not looking tampered in any way. I couldn't believe what I just saw. How was that possible? I never knew that manipulation zaiphon could do that. 'I' stepped into the study and the door automatically shut behind me. 'I' surveyed the room and noted how clean and tidy it was. 'I' walked up to the desk and stared at its surface. It was polished so much you could see your own reflection. I would've wondered why anybody would want a table like this, because it was kind of freaky. But what surprised me was when I looked at it, expecting to see the familiar strawberry pink hair and pinkish-reddish eyes, a girl with pure white hair which reached mid waist and had golden-brownish hawk-like look stared back. I mentally cringed at the sight. She was very beautiful, but it seemed supernatural. There was something about that girl I didn't know. 'I' looked around the room, but couldn't spot Teito or Hakuren.

I thought the girl would let me take control of my body again, but she didn't. Damn, she found a loophole in our agreement. She never promised to give it back after I got in, so she could wonder around in my body for a while. The person in control of my body started moving along the bookshelves, placing her ear against it like she was trying to hear something. It was unnerving that someone other than me was controlling my body. Think of all the things they could do with it. If I was still in control of my body, I would've shivered at the thought, however, I was not. My senses were still intact with me at least.

A wisp of air could be felt and heard in a small gap between the shelves. There was most likely a secret passage way hiding there. She had finally found what she was searching for. She started feeling the books around and touched a set of books which activated the secret passage. There was a rumble before the shelves shifted into a position which showed a dimly lit stairway leading into the darkness. I could sense a foul aura coming from down there. However the girl in control proceeded down the stairs. At first, there was only the faint sound of fighting which was barely audible, but as she continued, the sound got louder and shouts could be heard. At this point, I would've ran down since I recognized those voices to belong to Teito and Hakuren, however, there was a third voice. That would've prevented me from dashing to help them. The voice belonged to Assistant Archbishop Bastian. 'I' proceeded down the steps travelling neither rushing nor stopping, just along in a snail's pace. When she reached the bottom, she just stopped, hiding in the shadows, obscured from view.

A fight was taking place, a fight between Hakuren, Teito and Bastian. Two on one, that's unfair, isn't it? Even though the Assistant Archbishop at a disadvantage, Bastian seemed have the upper-hand. 'I' stared at the event unfolding as I started putting the pieces together.

If Teito and Hakuren are fighting Bastian, that has to mean something.

As I thought that, Bastian started reciting words that seemed familiar. I couldn't remember where I heard it before. Purple wind started forming around the room and I would've let out a gasp at that moment. It looked like wars.

Wait. Is Bastian a warsfeil? How can that be? He wouldn't be allowed in the church in the first place because of the spell casted which protected the church. Unless…this was some kind of dark zaiphon similar to that of a warsfeils'.

The 'wars' picked up Hakuren and strangled him. At this point I would've blown my cover and went out to help them, but my feet stayed firm on the ground. All I could do was watch and nothing more.

"Assistant Archbishop Bastian, what in the world are you?!" Teito demanded. Bastian smirked.

"I am," Bastian began, "I secret agent dispatched under the Chief of Staff, Ayanami."

"It has been a long time since I had infiltrated this church." He continued, "Today will be the last day." He sent a piercing gaze at Teito.

"So Teito Klein, do become prey for the wars! If you resist, I will kill him." He threatened.

"Stop it! Hakuren isn't involved in any of this!" Teito shouted in desperation. Hakuren struggled in the grasp of the 'wars'. I was barely able to hear what he said.

"What is with this even though you're not fully a warsfeil?" he demanded. "Why can you use wars!" So they were wars…

"In the church, there is one taboo technique," Bastian began informing, "Essentially, the bascule by being able to manipulate both light and darkness, serves as a double-edged sword. After inciting the reversals of the characters in the scriptures, the warsfeil then activates…by using unnecessary human souls, you see?" he finished.

"You've been using the powers of darkness on the bascules!" exclaimed Hakuren. Yeah. Way to go Hakuren for pointing out the obvious. "Do you even know what consequences will result?!" he asked. Bastian closed his eyes but opened them when he replied.

"This is my justice." He told them. "I cannot have this be taken care own it's own. If the eye of Mikhail were to consume some of the wars, then you'll become like a great dog to Ayanami-sama." My eyes would've widened at this. Oh wait, a lot of reactions would've happened if I was still control of my body.

So my assumption from earlier was right. And…Oh My Zehel! Teito has the Eye of Mikhail?! No wonder Ayanami was so obsessed over him!

"At least I will let you go through this without any pain." Bastian sympathized, only that it didn't sound very sympathetic. The wars coiled around Teito, but he summoned his zaiphon and broke through it. They seemed to be having a conversation about what being friends meant before Teito broke loose though. Teito ran towards Hakuren, summoning a defensive shield aura around him. I thought I heard Bastian say, "What a fool." before the wars surrounded him, forming into a sphere and trapping him inside. Suddenly, 'I' took a hesitant step forward. Not enough to be noticed though.

"Teito!" Hakuren yelled.

"If there is something more important to you than the empire, then you have no right to possess the eye of Mikhail." Batsian stated. Hakuren continued to shout to Teito, hoping to have him respond.

"Why are you doing this?! Were you tricking everybody this whole entire time?!" Hakuren shouted those questions at Bastian. 'I' took another step forward.

"That time when we were attacked in the corridor…was that also you?!" he demanded a reply.

"If that were to be me, that incident would've been the last for you two." Bastian told Hakuren.

"Then who in the world did?" Hakuren asked in a quieter voice. Good, because my ears were starting to hurt from all that screeching. Then the wars that were consuming Teito's soul split apart, followed by a beam of blinding red light. 'I' stood firm on my spot, didn't even flinch.

"Who is it," A voice that sounded somehow similar to Teito's began, "that has betrayed my master?"

The wars cleared away to reveal Teito. Only that it couldn't be him. Teito now had piercing red eyes and a red stone on his right hand with thorns-like things protruding from it.

"Let me guide you do the depths of hell." He announced in a cocky but protective voice. This definitely wasn't Teito, or at least the one I knew.

"Let me return this." He flung the wars back at Bastian in a ball of darkness with the thorns. I felt my mouths edges tugging slightly up, starting to form a smile. But why? I really couldn't understand the person in control of my body. The wars splattered on the ground in front of Bastian who had put up a protective sphere around him.

"Hmm…with that worm-like appearance, you're still quite stubborn, aren't you?" he said in a highly amused voice. I couldn't determine whether he was complimenting or insulting Bastian. At this moment I would've sweat dropped. He was kind of a hypocrite now. By now I had identified 'Teito' to be Mikhail. A chill went up my spine as Mikhail slid his gaze towards me, but said nothing. 'I' smirked.

"Yet, you won't be able to escape because of consideration you know?" Mikhail sneered at Bastian who had obtained a head injury from Mikhail's last attack and had blood trickling down his head. Mikhaile chuckled darkly.

"It's due to the fact I'm going to have you erased!" Mikhail told him. He prepared for another attack and was beginning when he suddenly froze with a gasp.

"M-master…" Mikhail murmured in his frozen state. Bastian's eyes darted as he prepared an attack. My legs then started moving from its spot at a supernatural speed as Bastian dropped his stained bascule and rushed over to Teito. I threw an offensive zaiphon at him which threw him back.

"No, no. I can't allow you to do that." 'I' said, only that it wasn't my voice, but the voice which had provided me with information and advice in my mind. Behind me, Mikhail struggled to regain his composure which he did successfully.

"Muriel, why?" he asked. Muriel faced him.

"Don't get used to it Mi-tan, I'm only doing this just this one time~" Muriel teased him with a smirk.

"I don't remember giving you permission to call me that." stated Mikhail who was starting to get furious quite easily.

"Oh come on." Muriel said with a pout. "Aren't we friends?"

"I don't recall ever becoming friends with you." Mikhail said, clearly annoyed. I could already sense the childish tantrum that was radiating invisibly around him.

"Oh well that's too bad." Muriel said. Suddenly Mikahil pushed Muriel aside and she collapsed onto the floor.

"You idiot! He almost got to you because of your ignorance!" Mikhail said with a venomous voice. Muriel shrugged.

"You did save me. And don't friends help each other out?" Muriel asked cutely, unaffected by Mikhail. Mikhail just 'tsked'. That was when she noticed he had a wound on his arm.

"You got a wound too." Muriel said bluntly. Seriously?! That's all she has to say after that!

"Shut up." Mikhail said, turning his head in the other direction. Then a blast of wars came our way and knocked into him.

"Mikhail!" Muriel shouted in alarm. The wars were quick and consumed Mikhail in a matter of seconds. Muriel just stayed on her spot, knowing that she couldn't do anything to help and only Teito/Mikhail could get out of this mess by themselves. How come Mikhail couldn't just burst them apart like before?

"Someday you will want to… for the sake of your own person…make this empire as a sacrifice for that person, right?!" Bastian murmured in his bloody state, "Except that will not protect the future of this empire!"

Mikhail then sent the wars flying, splattering around the area. At that moment, Bastian once tried the tactic of rushing forward and grabbing hold of Mikhail, only this time it worked. Muriel couldn't do anything since the action was unexpected and she hadn't predicted for him to do that once again. He grabbed hold of Mikhail at his neck, choking him and cutting of his supply of air.

"If so, why are you-?" Teito said in a strangled voice, barely audible. How in the world did it change from Teito to Mikhail to Teito so quickly? That was enough to get my head spinning. Why wasn't Muriel helping as well? She was just slinking back into the shadows and pressing herself against the wall to conceal herself.

"I can't help. This is a situation which your friend must solve himself my dearest Yumi-chan~ from this he will learn a new lesson." Muriel answered.

How the hell did she know?

Oh well. During the short explanation of why Muriel couldn't help she gave me, it seemed like a lot of talking in a small conversation between Mikhail/Teito and Bastian happened. Those thorny things that belonged to Mikhail surrounded the two of them and wars were staining Teito/Mikhail. More wars wriggled from Bastian's body and crawled over to Teito, covering him.

"Bastian-sama, I'm begging you, please. Stay by Frau's side!" Teito begged. I couldn't stand to watch Teito like this. Too bad Muriel wouldn't face away and I was forced to watch this horrid scene.

"Frau!" Bastian said in a surprised voice, eyes widening. He froze and must have started thinking about Frau in my opinion. Seriously, that perverted bishop? Then the wind surrounding them started to pick up, getting stronger as well as gathering more dust. The floor shook momentarily from a large impact that engaged with it. As the dust cleared, it revealed one of the seven ghosts. Zehel. Bastian dropped Teito who was now in Mikhail mode as Zehel/Frau was now standi- I mean floating, in front of him. Mikhail coughed before saying the ghost's name. Then he coughed once again.

"It seems a bit got in, did it?" he mutters to himself.

"May you have God's divine protection!" Zehel exclaimed. Bastian just stared at him. He gaped a little before turning his head with a slight laughing noise and looked at him again.

"I believed that you would come." Bastian said, beginning to walk towards the ghost who was able to tame Verloren's scythe with his hands clutching his chest. He tilted his head up with a smile. Probably wandering around in his own little world.

"Why? Why did it have to be you?" asked Frau/Zehel. How did I even know that Zehel was Frau anyway? Oh wait, Muriel's knowledge probably connected with my own when I allowed her to merge with me. That probably means that Castor is a ghost as well. Bastian knelt in front of Zehel and answered his question.

"For those criminals to use a sanctuary to their own benefit and become salvaged, I just couldn't forgive them." He told Zehel. "To see the 'saved' lives of those criminals even though they've taken so many lives themselves, and if you're saying that we cannot 'redeem' those who have been stolen from their loved ones, what exactly is the justice there?" he asked. "Within me now rests all of their sins and suffering. Everything exists here…for the sake of atonement of all those deaths…in order to accompany me to nothingness"

"Your justice is mistaken." Zehel told him, earning a gasp of surprise from the assistant archbishop, "A justice that lacks love also lacks righteousness." Zehel explained, "Those who do not forgive are the same as darkness. That's why you've become so worn-down." Bastian stood up. His wars surrounded him and created something that looked like a monster, "It's alright, I won't be tarnished by anything like wars." Zehel began walking towards Bastian, "For my sake, you made Teito your prey and manipulated the wars by negotiating with the warsfeil. It's alright." As soon as Zehel touched Bastian, the wars monster disappeared, "I will always be with you, until the very end." He lifted his scythe and prepared to pierce the heart of the man who had taken care of him since he was a child, but he hesitated.

"What are you doing?" Bastian asked, "A God must not hesitate." Bastian already knew his fate, and was prepared for it. He must have known he was going to die in the end, but even though he knew the consequences, he still made the pact with the warsfeil. A spark of admiration swelled inside me. Only a spark though, "Hurry and kill me!" Um… that was pretty straightforward. "Yes… Come this way, my beloved child." Zehel did as he was told with the encouragement of Bastian. I then realized something and wondered, what happened to Hakuren? I footstep echoed through the room.

"Zehel, stop sneaking it out like that, you won't be able to return that to its immobile state." Mikhail warned Zehel.

"I can't help it. Whenever you're around, even if I don't want it to, it always spurs forward." Zehel informed Mikhail.

"But it's not just me this time, right Muriel?" Mikhail asked, his eyes roaming over to us. Muriel smirked and stepped out of the shadows, startling Zehel.

"Muriel?! Then what happened to Yumiko? And were you standing there during this whole ordeal?" he asked.

"Ugh… Zehel, you ask too many questions. Yumi-chan let me borrow her body, although, I basically tricked her into this." Damn right she did, "And yes I was standing right over there this whole entire time." Muriel said cheerfully, pointing to our hiding spot.

"You've got to be kidding me… Seriously? You could've helped out you know." Zehel told her.

"Yes I did know. I just didn't want to help out. You can't expect me to everything for you." She replied, rolling her eyes, "Anyway, what happened to the eye?" she asked, drawing the attention away from her and over to Mikhail. We all stared at his hand.

"Ah! It isn't anything. My master was just resisting a bit too much. Don't worry, it'll return to normal in a few moments. It would've been fine if you two didn't come to help you know." Mikhail complained in his annoyed voice.

"I didn't come here intentionally. Yumi-chan just followed you guys out of curiosity and I ended up offering help to her. Then I decided to stay and watch, but then felt like getting some action too. You can't blame me. I've been inactive for far too long." Muriel reasoned with a pout. The other two sweat dropped and must've been thinking that she sounded like a whining child who was complaining about something she said was an accident, but was actually done on purpose. But what she said was true.

"But you already know the original meaning and significance of my existence. Don't you Muriel?" Mikhail argued with Muriel, earning another pout from her.

"Fine then, don't believe me!" She said, ending up deciding to give Mikhail the silent treatment.

"Yeah, that's why I'm keeping Mikhail's existence important." Zehel responded to the explanation that was given to Muriel. He floated forward, "Do hurry and truly awaken already. If it's done by you, I won't mind being killed."

"What's up with you Zehel? You're being so dramatic, never seen this side of you before. Anyway, can you carry me?" Muriel asked him. Dots appeared above him, "Oh, and before I forget, erase Yumi-chan's memory too."

"Wait. What do you mean by 'carry you'?" Muriel rolled her eyes like it was obvious and smirked.

"You'll see." She said mysteriously, then, I blacked out.

Frau P.O.V:

"What's up with you Zehel? You're being so dramatic, never seen this side of you before. Anyway, can you carry me?" Muriel asked me. She gets on my nerves just like Mikhail. Wait, did she just ask me to carry her? "Oh, and before I forget, erase Yumi-chan's memory too."

"Wait. What do you mean by 'carry you'?" I ask her. She rolled her eyes in an annoyed manner and smirked deviously.

"You'll see." She said. Then she closed her eyes and fell. Oh shit. Lucky I caught her in time before she hit the ground. But then her unnaturally beautiful and mature features had changed back to Yumiko's childish and cute ones.

"Oh, so this is Muriel's host? She also happens to be one of my masters 'friends' and…something else." Mikhail said curiously and slyly. What did he mean by 'something else'? Before I could ask, the eye of Mikhail closed up and the next time he blinked, his eyes were green instead of the red of Mikhail. He looked startled when he saw me.

"Frau?" he said in a quizzical voice. He looked down and saw me carrying Yumiko who was sleeping soundly bridal style.

"Why are you carrying Yumiko!" he shouted, then he turned beet red, "D-Don't tell me you were going to make a move on her."

I smirked. Boy I was going to have a great time messing around with him.

"And what if I was?" I asked. He turned even redder; a feat I thought could never be accomplished. This was fun.

"N-no way." He stuttered, "I can't believe I stood up for someone as perverted as you!"

Well that hit me pretty badly.

"Then do you want to carry her?" I asked him. At this he turned redder than he already was.

"Oh don't tell me the brat has a crush on her." I teased. He then hit my head which left a glowing red bump.

"I-I'll carry her. But I don't have a crush on her." He said.

"How cute, the chibi's blushing." I commented, a smirk plastered on my face.

"No I'm not!" he yelled in reply.

"Ugh, you guys are so noisy…" mumbled Hakuren who finally stirred. Teito turned around.

"Oh Hakuren, you're awake." He said. He would've probably rushed over but Yumiko prevented him from doing so. Hakuren stood up and noticed Yumiko in Teito's arms.

"That stupid girl, I told her not to follow!" he growled.

"It seems she didn't listen." I said. This startled him.

"Bishop Frau! I didn't know you were here. You must've been the one who saved us!" he exclaimed happily. He puts too much faith in me.

"Teito, bring Yumiko to my room and Hakuren, can you call Castor and Labrador and tell them to go to my room?" I requested the both of them.

"Of course Bishop Frau!" he said with a salute and ran off straight away. Teito stood there paling.

"Frau, don't tell me you're going to r-rape her." He said. I flicked his forehead.

"Idiot, I'm not that perverted." I told him with a sarcastic offended voice.

After all, Muriel was the one who told me to erase Yumiko's memories. And I wouldn't go against her; she's much more powerful than me.

Teito left and I proceeded to do so too, not before turning back to the dead man who had looked after me for so long though.

May you have God's divine protection…

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