Unrequited Love

Kapitel 15: Capture

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Kapitel 15: Capture

I was clad in black, sitting by Teito's bed whilst he laid there unconscious with the Eye of Mikhail still activated as it was tainted. I was waiting for the funeral service of the former arch-bishop to begin. Though I had practically no connection with him except through relationships with other people and being there during his time of death, I was still going to attend. I sympathised with him, felt the need to because of guilt. Muriel had partly contributed to his death and she rested inside of me, making me indiresctly responsible for a part in his death.

The bell rang, signalling that the service was about to begin. I got up and made my way to the door. Opening the door, I came face to face with Hakuren. We stared at each other before I finally walked past him.

"Take care of him," I said.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" he asked me, stopping me in my tracks.

"Yeah, I want to go. I trust you to take care of him."

Casting one final look back at Teito, I went on my way.

It was weird. The sky was clear, no signs or promises of rain to match the atmosphere.

'Perhaps the sky doesn't want to pray for a sinner...' I thought. 'Perhaps it won't cry when I die too…'

"Yet another of God's children have set out on a journey," prayed the priest. "Please help his soul find peace."

"May our prayers help him find happiness."

The bell rang, only to add to the heavy, dreary atmosphere. It was suffocating.

Former Assistant Archbishop Bastian's coffin was lowered into the ground for his burial and bouquets of flowers were thrown upon it, and soon the earth was piling up and covering the coffin.

"Those who walk with me shall sing of my glory for all eternity. May he find enrichment in our prayers."

I glanced around discreetly, not wanting to disturb the service, and spotted Frau with his head lowered. My lips pursed. Assistant Archbishop Bastian's death must have hit him the hardest, with the assistant archbishop being the one who raised him since he was young and as well as he being the one to severe his connection with the living. But of course, it must've hurt most when he found out that Assistant Archbishop Bastian was the traitor. I then saw Frau lift his head and clasp his hands in a sign of prayer.

"I can't believe that Bastian–sama used the black magic of Warsfeil to kill criminals," I heard one of the three sister's murmur. "His sense of justice must have been too great."

"I heard that two examinees ran into his room at dawn, and later on someone ambushed the guards," I heard a priest informing some others.

"Were they trying to stop him?" another asked.

"Who were they?" wondered another priest.

I stopped listening to the conversation of the priests when I heard Castor, Frau and Labrador start to talk about how with Bastian's death, the Warsfeils could no longer enter church grounds and how their plans on baptizing Teito earlier may be too late. They then began to leave with other clergymen and sisters who talked about how they couldn't believe Bastian–sama was the one who committed the crime and that he must've been set up. They wished that another had been the one who committed the sin.

"Bishop Frau," one of the three sisters spoke, stopping Frau in his tracks, "we had actually considered the thought that you may be a Warsfeil! We're so sorry!"

"No worries," Frau told them before clasping the hands of one of the sisters. "But if you like, we can go-"

And before I knew it, Castor punched Frau. I sweat-dropped and mentally face-palmed, I was worrying about him for nothing.

"Um," began one of the sisters', catching the bishops' attention, as well as my own, "I think that everyone in this church has at least heard of this once, but…"

She went on to telling the legend of the Seven Ghosts who descended from the heavens to seal Verloren, and finished it by asking, "Are you one of the…Seven Ghosts?"

I stifled a choke. They didn't know how right they were

The bishops seemed to sense the threat of exposure if they continued talking, so Castor elbowed Frau and I actually choked when I saw porn magazines fall out from his bishop garb.

"No, no, Frau! You shouldn't carry those around!" Labrador scolded Frau with a blank face.

"I-I was gonna give these as an offering…" Frau stuttered.

"What the hell were you thinking?" yelled Castor.

"I promised to him I would a long time ago," Frau informed them bringing out his lighter.

"A lighter?" The sisters' questioned in synchronisation. By this time, I couldn't hold it anymore and was shaking in laughter, earning me weird and reproachful looks from the clergymen and sisters walking past. Amidst my laughing fit, I heard Frau say a quick "Later!" before running off followed by the other two which only fuelled the humorous situation. And when the sisters questioned their claim and came to the conclusion that Frau couldn't possibly be one of the seven ghosts, I smiled before calming myself down.

When the laughter finally subsided, I remembered Teito's current predicament and began to leave as well. I had to return to his side.

As I reached outside the door to the room Teito was in, I saw Frau, Labrador and Castor.

"You guys are already here? Well, that was fast," I mused.

"It's to be expected Yumiko, after all, we did leave before you," Castor replied. I shrugged. Fair enough, point taken.

"Well then, let's go in," Frau said, stealing our attention. He slammed the door open and shouted, "Hey, damn brat, I see you're finally up!"

What? Teito was up? I rushed past the three bishops and saw that what Frau had said was true. I practically jumped on Teito and hugged him exclaiming, "Teito, you're awake! I was so worried!"

"Yumiko! You're choking me!" he strangled, trying to escape my death embrace.

"Ah, sorry," I said, loosening my hold on him and blushing slightly from being unable to hold back. He was still recovering after all.

"It's alright," he replied, turning away with a blush.

"Yo, love birds, do this some other time, or place where there's nobody else," interrupted a certain blonde, perverted bishop. His comment served to make my blush grow exponentially.

"What are you talking about?!" Teito shouted and I squeaked in unison. Our only response was onl a perverted smirk. I was ready to maim him.

"Now, now," intervened Labrador, "I'm glad Hakuren stayed here with you."

"Ah, I'll go get some water," Hakuren ssaid, excusing himself and leaving the room.

While he did so, I caught his eyes and mouthed a small thank you with a small smile. He nodded in acknowledgement back. Turning back to Teito, I noticed him staring at Frau. "Frau, you…"

"What is it, ya brat? Still half-asleep?" Frau joked.

I felt Teito tense in my arms, and I could tell he was preparing for an attack and quickly moved aside just in time for him to leap off the bed and sucker punch Frau.

Frau hit the ground hard with Teito perched on top of him, "What was that for, brat?!"

""Hurry up and awaken"?! "I don't mind dying by your hands"?! I don't get you!" Teito shouted in Frau's face, clutching Frau's golden tie. "Who was it that told me to live?! You're so selfish! You're just trying to run from your own pain! If you're gonna die…If you're gonna die-! ...Go die by your own hands!"

I could feel my heart clenching when I saw Teito shedding tears. It was like our Mikage talk all over again. Labrador moved forward to comfort Teito, muttering his name, but Castor halted him.

"You've got it wrong, kiddo," Frau told Teito, a trickle of blood trailing from his mouth. "I don't plan on following after Bastian–sama."

He sat up continuing. "It's just that I like your soul, so I wouldn't mind dying by your hands if I had to."

Teito backed off slightly, surprised from the explanation while Frau continued speaking, "But you can forget I said that if it's too much for you."

"Quit joking around!" Teito yelled, bursting Frau's ear drums before running off. "I hate you!"

I couldn't hold back my giggle as Teito ran away, and in the process, had left behind Mikage biting Frau's leg. Frau sat up with little effort after though, and praised himself saying, "Still picture perfect even after getting dumped."

I got up and gently picked up Mikage. "I'll go after him."

I left the room to go after Teito, and behind me, I could hear Frau and Castor engaging into another fight and I suppressed the urge to giggle at the immaturity of the two as I went after Teito like how I told them I would. After a while, I spotted him, and began to call out to him, only to shut it quickly once again. Something was wrong; I could sense malevolency in the area and hesitated in my walk. In an intersecting corridor, I heard footsteps and Hakuren's voice call out Teito's name. Then I saw it. My eyes widened as I saw wars consuming Teito, the swirling darkness expanding over his skin. He lifted his hand and I could see that the Eye of Mikhail was once again activated. The Eye of Mikhail was still tainted. My sight blurred around the edges, the only thing I could focus on right now was Teito. My breathing grew heavier and sound was muted, but I could still hear Hakuren shout Teito's name and ask what was wrong as he grabbed Teito and wrapped his arms around him. When the Wars began to enclose them in a sphere, I finally recovered my voice, "Teito!"

But even if I shouted, I couldn't move. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't. I shut my eyes. 'Move!' I told myself. 'Move!' But I couldn't. 'Why?' And then it finally occurred to me. He was preventing me from helping. And then the thought as to why he was stopping me occurred and I realised something that I had told myself specifically not to do. I got attached.

From behind, I heard the patter of running and soon saw Frau zoom past me, heading for Teito. He drew out Verloren's scythe and prepared to attack the wars. He surged forward and swiped, but he was too late. The wars had already transported Hakuren and Teito away.

The whole entire time, I could only think, 'I'm weak.'

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