A new Begging

I walked out into the winter midnight, It was snowing as the snow fell out of the sky it hit the pavement making it sparkle. I'm grace you remember me from when we went to Monte Carlo and pretended to be Cordelia, my life has been good since then, I have gotten on with my live I work in a nursery helping children and raising money for there health. I live with Meg and her boyfriend now Theo never came back I saw him that one day and then when he found out I was just a normal girl he went off and went back to his life with his dad. Our dad and Mum had passed away so we have nobody now. Emma is engaged to Owen and they are getting married in the summer which will be pretty soon, They live next door to us so that is pretty good. As I said I live with Meg and her boyfriend Meg and I are really close now and we do loads of things together like a normal sister's do. I think we became close after the trip to Monte Carlo but when our parents died that brought us closer to each other.

As I was walking down the snowy pavements I spotted some people new people moving into a house next door to us. Their was a young boy and he turned and smiled, I nodded my head and I went into my house, I wiped my feet has Meg came around the conner, she scared the living day lights out of me.

"You know Meg, you shouldn't really do that, Make people jump like that I could have been a little old women and now I could have had an heart attack" I said grinning.

Meg Rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah Grace, Look come inside.. you need to look on the news..." She said pulling me inside.

I sat down on the sofa and my eyes widen.

"oh god! She back! Cordelia!" I screamed and hit my head.

"Listen why don't we go to the new York where she is at and teach her a lesson, that she can't get away with Cancelling things that our important..." Meg said which made my eyes widen.

"Have you completely lost you're mind, I can't go back there she hates me and remember what happened I was in the last time the same place... people thought I was her and I never stopped it...you tried to stop us...we can't go down that road again...

this couldn't be happening...we can't go and see that girl.

"Grace...I know you're sister can be a bit you know forceful but this could be the chance to make everything right, become friends with her..." Riley said.

I didn't believe we was doing this...great this was going to turn out...insane.