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Chapter One

"Come on Elizabeth. Pick up… Pick up"

He bit his lip as the dial tone ended, his heart hammering in his chest.

"Elizabeth. Elizabeth if you're there I need you to pick up. Elizabeth…. Okay look, as soon as you get this message, I want you and Ella to come in. Okay? I need you two to come in to the hospital. I'll explain when you get here."

He slammed the phone down, turning and snapping a new set of gloves on. He ran his hands along Adele's sides, desperately trying not to think about what could be happening at his home. Kerry looked up at him, her face uncharacteristically worried.

"She'll be fine Mark. She's probably taken Ella to the park, or she's gone shopping."

He nodded, his throat constricting. He glanced up, wincing at the look Romano had on his face. They stared at each other momentarily, before Robert nodded, agreeing with Kerry's statement.

Abby ran in to the room, a police woman trailing her.

"Doctor Weaver!"

The three doctors turned, as the woman came to stand beside Officer Nepalitano.

"Nick. You may want to hear this."

She clicked the walkie-talkie on her shoulder, waiting for a voice to come over.

"Headshot wound off the corner of Roosevelt. Appears to have entered through the back. Rescue on route."

Kerry nodded at Abby, licking her lips.

"Okay. Clear out Trauma 2, Peter should be done."

Abby nodded, leaving through the connected doors.

"It was a cabby. The last address in the log was 1211 Dupont."

Mark's face drained of blood. He swallowed, licking his lips as his heart beat faster. Adele's hand covered his own where it rested on the side of the gurney, and Kerry and Robert looked at each other in concern.

"Alright, get a squad there now." Officer Nepalitano ordered, barking out as his hand reached for his own walkie-talkie.

He looked at Mark, reassurance in his eyes.

"Don't worry doc, we'll get someone there ASAP."

Mark nodded, eyes blurring, slightly off focused.

They were wheeling Adele to the elevator when it came through. Chuny had approached, tears in the corner of her eyes. All three of them had stopped, turning to look at her.

"GSW, two to the abdomen, one to the shoulder."

His heart hammered on, but he managed to choke out Chuny's name.

"It's... It's Doctor Corday." She said, breaking in to a quiet sob.

Mark closed his eyes, feeling his grip on the gurney falter. Robert reached out, gripping his arm and holding him up. Kerry bit her lip, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Ella? What about Ella?"

He didn't register Robert speaking, but he heard Chuny's answer.

"Stable. She was holding her when she walked through the door. Ella banged her head on the wall."

Walked through the door? He'd been waiting for her. He released the gurney, shrugging off Robert's hand and racing off through the corridor. He saw Luka and Carter, working on a boy. They looked up, both frowning as they saw his panicked expression. He ran past Cleo and Peter, knocking into the latter's shoulder.

"Mark! What the hell?"

He ran past Frank and Lidia, Frank gripping the desk in anger and Lidia crying softly. He ran through the doors, meeting the ambulance as they pulled in to the bay. Hark jumped out of the passenger seat, running and throwing the doors open. He barely registered Carter and Peter joined him outside, or the second ambulance pulling in. All he saw was Elizabeth, lying stone still on the gurney, blood staining her clothes and mangling her hair in great clusters. She was pale, her lips turning a frightening blue.

"Oh god Elizabeth."

Peter rushed to help unload her, Carter moving to pick up Ella from Jackson.

"She coded twice on the way over." Hark murmured, placing a hand on Mark's shoulder.

He nodded, swallowing as he followed Peter and Jackson in to the hospital. Clearly not everyone knew, because there were quite a few gasps echoing as they wheeled quickly in to a trauma room. Abby, Kerry and Luka joined them, having stabilized the other patients.

Mark watched in a daze as they moved around Elizabeth's prone form, shouting orders at each other and calling for O Neg. He took Ella from Carter, still watching them all work on his wife. Carter joined them, laying his hands over one of the entry wounds in her stomach. Mark bounced Ella as she cried, throat constricting as he tried desperately to stop from crying. Hands reached out, slowly taking Ella. He looked up at Cleo, who was looking at him sadly. He nodded at her, letting her move Ella to a space in the room. Not leaving it, because she knew he'd rather she didn't.

His eyes left his daughter as the shrill sound of Peter's voice.

"A bullet's nicked her pulmonary artery."

Abby's eyes widened, as she reached for a catheter.

"She's got a hole in her lungs?"

Peter nodded, cursing as blood spurted to the floor. The heart monitor blipped, quickly becoming faster and faster before stopping, one continuous sound filling the air.

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