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Chapter Four


"I know!"

"She's coding! Dammit Peter, move!"

"Come on Elizabeth! Don't do this!"


Ella was crying in his arms, screaming at the top of her voice for the comfort of her mother's arms. But her mother wasn't here. She was in there, on the table, her heart slowing rapidly until a dead ring once again echoed in his head.

She's gone. Oh god, she's gone. This is all my fault. Oh god, Elizabeth!

His eyes were screwed shut tightly, rocking Ella in his arms as he listened to Peter and Robert yell at each other over the heart monitor.


"Come on Lizzie!"

"Internal paddles!"

"Stay with me. Come on, stay with me!"


The ER was silent, the patients sitting in the waiting room picking up on the mood of the staff, watching as they sat or stood around in a circle, some with their heads bowed in prayer, other's with their hands fisted at their sides. Luka approached, blood spurted across his coat and scrubs, a smear of it over his forehead.

"He's stable."

Carter made a sound in his throat, sounding similar to a growl.

"He should be dead. He deserves to be dead."

Luka, despite his agreement, sighed.

"That's not our call."


"There's too much blood."

"Transfusion? Get me some blood bags. Now!"

"I can't… I can't see the tear."

"You can do this Peter. Come on! For Lizzie!"


Doug and Carol rushed in through the doors three hours after receiving the calls. They stopped abruptly, the twins held tight in their arms as they took in the sight before them.

Old friends, who were once like family, stood huddled around the reception desk, most were crying, other were shaking with rage. Each with a heartbroken expression.

"Oh god, we're too late."

They looked up, Chuny and Randy breaking in to sobs at the sight of them while Carter walked forward. He held out his arms, taking Tess from Carol before she collapsed in to the nearest seat.

Doug shook his head, handing a sleeping Kate to a crying Haleh before gripping Carol's hand and pulling her up and in to him.

"Where's Mark?" He choked out.

Carter sighed, a stray tear escaping him.

"Come on."

They were silent as they followed him, stepping in to the elevator. Just before the doors closed, Doug noticed the Trauma room with four police men standing guard outside the door.


"Time of Death…"





Mark gripped Elizabeth's still hand in his own, Ella lying in a cot beside him. The doors opened behind them, but he didn't move. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder, another, smaller one resting over his hand joined with Elizabeth's.


He choked back a sob, looking from his wife's pale face to his two best friends. Staring at a crying Carol and a teary Doug, he sobbed.

"She's in a coma."

And then he broke down, clutching on to Doug as Carol sobbed out in semi-relief. Coma… Not dead…

But then… Would she wake up?

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