It seems according to plan of finishing the Prime Minister Mochizuki. Well, sort of. That was just a rehearsal, and that I can always kill him. That's what I'm going to do now. Let the show begin. I was in the crowd where Mochizuki is running away from being exposed to the MW. He is at the inauguration area where he becomes the Prime Minister of Bangkok. Looks like I got him since that was just a bluff. I'll just blend in while I hold a knife in my right hand. As soon as everyone panics from my bluff, I took cover with them. Mochizuki is closing on me; this is perfect. The bright side is that he's on my right. He runs close to me that I stabbed him a few times in the knife without for anyone to notice that. I killed him, and then I left the inauguration.

That was just my secondary goal. My main goal is to end humanity with the MW, the same gas that turned me into the villain I was. As I looked at the gas, my goals have been realized.

"It's time for everyone to have their ends," I laughed in readiness that humanity will end with me. I have won.