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BJ was slicing away at the already shredded dress of a hysterically screaming girl, played by the popular actress Mitsui, when director Konoe's loud and baritone voice called out a final cut. With an audible whimper, the still visibly terrified and shaken actress scattered off of the set, in a hurry to escape from the horrifying character of BJ, which she still considered present in the equally fearsome actor named Cain. She was clearly seeking the awaiting arms of her fellow actress and friend Manaka, who as if on cue, instinctively began to console her.

Despite trying to remain indifferent, Kyoko was once again surprised at how jealous she had begun to feel when Ren, while acting as BJ, was leaning over the slender and beautiful actress and was further shredding away the already skimpy costume that Mitsui was wearing, exposing her luscious nude figure to the male actor.

Though the scene itself did not show any close up of the actress's body, nor was it really visible to anyone on the set watching; Kyoko was still very aware that Ren was definitely able to see what was being exposed. And the idea of Ren seeing and laying over a beautiful actress that was displaying several very provocative poses to him had made Kyoko extremely uncomfortable, which was slightly irking to her.

She hated to admit it to herself that lately, she was growing more and more attracted to Ren whether she was acting as his sister Setsu to his Cain or whether she was just being Kyoko. However, at the moment, she couldn't help but think of him as Ren, more specifically, her Ren.

Shaking her head mentally, she mused over the fact that she and Ren had very comfortable fallen back into their roles as Setsu and Cain, ever since the morning after the night of her sexual liberation where Ren had coached her into the fullness of accepting her sexuality.

So now, not only were they portraying themselves as siblings but they were also turning the scenario into an incestuous pair of siblings. But that fact was something that had remained hidden from the rest of the crew.

Although neither of them had openly discussed the situation, it just somehow had settled into a silent agreement. Since things had worsen on the set after Cain was mistaken for having an inferiority complex over being of mixed bloodline. Sparking director Konoe's overly concern about Cain's nature and the danger Cain would pose to his fellow actors when provoked. Thus, for the sake of both Setsu and Cain's reputation; it would be better that no one discovered that incestuous relationship.

This commonly left them stealing kisses from one another behind the locked doors of Cain's dressing room and making love only while in the privacy of their hotel room. Although Cain would openly caress Setsu, his touch never registered beyond brotherly adoration for his sister.

While Setsu kept her act of pathological brother complex going but usually on a mild level, though occasionally she faltered and would do something slightly unseemly and lascivious. This was more likely due to the fact that Kyoko's appetite for Ren was festering and as Cain, he was notably encouraging her, almost orchestrating her lust for him.

Calmly leaving the set, Cain walked up to Setsu and he reached out for the bottle of water that she immediately handed him. Opening the container and pouring the contents into his mouth, he glanced down at Setsu from the corner of his eyes and noticed her pink lips tightening in displeasure.

Unsure if he had once again exposed too much of Kuon's malicious darkness in his last scene and thereby arising a negative suspicion from her, he hesitated before asking, "What's wrong?"

Unwilling to acknowledge her growing irritation of seeing him laying on top of a near naked woman, she responded by coyly smiling and acting indifferent, "Nothing's wrong, I don't know what you mean."

Cain recognised immediately that Setsu was being obviously evasive and although he hated to brooch the topic of his spiritual connection to BJ – as she had once called it – he was determined to put a stop to allowing Kuon to show up once again.

He had long ago decided to find his salvation and conquer the darkness; therefore, he could not afford to let Kuon dominate him. Especially to the point where he as Ren could not intervene, such as the last time when he was caught smiling by Setsu when he had fought Murasame.

But each time he acted out BJ, he was drawing more and more of his darkness out and it was getting harder and harder to control Kuon. Therefore, he needed to remain vigilant and more in-tune with his actions as he could not afford to be defeated even in a subtle way. Letting Kuon out was too risky and he wanted to keep as tight a reign on him as possible.

"Did I do something to upset you?" Cain asked, silently willing her to confess that he had once again released his spiritual connection to BJ.

Shaking her head, Setsu resisted the determine look in his eye with an openly defiant look of her own. Knowing that this conversation was probably headed to an interrogation and unsure of how to change its direction, she tried once again to fool him, lifting her chin and challenging his question with a question of her own, "Now why would you think I would be upset by you Cain? Are you feeling guilty of something that I should know about?"

An invisible chill ran up Cain's back at the foreboding of her words, looking around he noticed that they were not alone and wanting to investigate to what scale he had allowed Kuon out, he decided to make his way to his dressing room. Pulling her by her hand, he dragged her away from the curious onlookers of the set's grips and background stage hands, who were present and were still rearranging the scenery of the set for its next shot.

Stepping into his empty dressing room, Cain shut the door and locked it after pulling her in. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he pressed her against the door and he titled her chin up, lifting her mercury eyes up to meet his concern gaze as he asked, "What did I do?"

As she looked into the intense silvery eyes of Cain, she recognised that she was no longer able to continue to pretend that nothing was wrong and with a sigh of exasperation she admitted, "You looked like you were enjoying yourself too much and while you were laying on top a near naked Mitsui, no less! Did she turn you on Cain?"

Shock registered across his face before a wide smile settled over his mouth. "Are you jealous?"

Angry and cold hostile eyes met his as Setsu hissed a barely audible "Yes," before pulling the leather collar of his jacket towards herself and pressing her lips firmly against his smiling ones. Wanting to kiss the smile off his face, she snuck her tongue into his mouth and forced his lips open, boldly driving her tongue into his mouth.

The wild and passionate girl kissing him forcibly was definitely not the once timid and chaste girl that Ren once knew! And Ren kissed her back with his own hunger as she easily seduced him beyond a measure of control. He should have known how quick a learner Kyoko would be ever since he tutored her in love making.

Reaching down towards the front of his pants, Kyoko tore at his belt and hurriedly unbutton his pants pulling his large and rigid member out from the bed of curly hairs. Ren groan in response to her ardor, as he felt her take him into her knowledgeable hands and expertly began to fondle him. She was stroking him in ways that he had originally trained her in, ways that delighted his body and drew another groan of pleasure from his throat.

Paying homage to her mastery, Ren reached down towards the hem of her skirt and lifting it up, he made his way towards her wet center, tugging her underwear off, before he inserted two fingers into her heated moist. His lips left hers and began to trail kisses down the side of her neck, sending fire through her veins as he continued to expertly finger her.

"I need you now Cain," she whimpered as she shoved his hard erection against her wet core, her eyes meeting his in a passionate plea.

Lifting her up with one arm to help fit himself to her, he rammed himself fully into her wet walls, impaling her against the door. Slowly he began to thrust himself deeper and deeper into her softness as his other hand possessively sought out her breast.

Unbuttoning her blouse and shoving her bra down, he descended down upon a breast with his hungry mouth. Locking her arms and legs tightly around him, Kyoko whimpered in pleasure as his body moved slowly within her and her breast swelled invitingly against his lips.

"Cain-san, Cain-san" the familiar voice of the set's assistant sounded on the other side of the door, followed by a persistent knocking. All sexual activity stopped instantly, as they struggled for control and stared in silence at each other.

"Cain-san, are you in there?" the familiar voice questioned, while continuing to knock.

As if indifferent to their precarious position, Ren started to slowly undulate his hips against Kyoko as he answered the persistent assistant, "What the fuck do you want?"

His voice was chilling to the assistant but Kyoko felt a fire burn in her as his hot mouth returned to her breast suckling against her harden nipple. His deep thrust had now changed to slower circular undulations and he continued to grind deeply into her wet chambers.

"Cain-san, the set manager wanted you to know that the set will be ready for filming your next scene in about one hour from now, so you have time for lunch should you want to eat."

Tearing his mouth from her succulent breast, Cain curtly replied, "Fine" before switching over to her other awaiting tantalizing nipple. His hard length was still sunken deep within her, as he slowly continued to rotate his hips into her hot depth. Stretching her tight walls with every deep and demanding movement of his circulating hips, he pinned her hard against the door.

"Bento boxes are available on the table by the exit doors on the set, should you want them," the assistant continued, unaware of what was taking place on the other side of the door.

Dragging his mouth barely a breath away from the tip of Kyoko's nipple, Cain replied in annoyance, "Fine."

Unexpectedly, Kyoko's quiet excitement had been heightened by the thought of someone standing on the other side of the door and by the time the assistant had begun to walk away, she was so near her breaking point that all it took was a single hard long and slow thrust from Ren's hips to send her into an oblivion of bliss.

Ren silenced the cry of her orgasm with his kiss as he thrusted harder and deeper into her while her tight walls constricted and contracted against his ridged shaft. Within seconds, a low groan left his mouth as he emptied himself into her with one last deep thrust. His explosion was so great that it brought on a concurrent orgasm in Kyoko, making her whimper in delight against his hard form and at her multiple orgasms.

While still intimately joined together, they both exhaled in union at their release and as sanity finally returned, they exchanged a final kiss.

Slowly releasing and lowering her to the ground, Ren extracted himself from her and started to shower her forehead with feathery light kisses. He quickly adjusted himself back into his pants before attending to Kyoko's needs. He pulled her black mini-skirt back down and over her hips, his hands lingering over the curve of her round bottom. Next kneeling on the floor, he picked up her discarded underwear and holding them out to her, he patiently waited for her to step into them before sliding the lacy garment back up her slender hips.

While still on his knees, his arms circled her waist and he buried his face into her soft belly holding her and loving the feel of the softness of her body. Inhaling deeply, he could still smell the musky scent of their recent love making and a smile etched with love spread along the shadows of his face.

His smile widen when he heard Kyoko whisper, "I'm getting addicted to you."

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