Red Tornado stops you outside the entrance to the main hall.

"Please wait here a moment,"

He enters, and the door shuts behind him. You stand and wait. You whistle a tune softly, making it up as you go along. You walk to the other side of the hall, where there is a window. You look out side. The Justice League Head Quarters is in outer space. You gasp. You knew that, of course, but it was so stunning you can't help but be surprised.

"It's impressive, isn't it?" You jump, and turn, where Green Lantern is standing.

"Oh yeah," You say, glancing at your feet.

"I was just going to say you can come in now," He walks over, and joins you at the window. He sighs, "But I wanted to ask you something first,"

You begin to worry, and it shows. Green Lantern looks taken aback, and he says, "Don't worry! It's just, well; you've read about all our adventures,"

"Yes," You say.

"Does that mean you've seen our futures? Our on coming fights? Our victories and failures? Our…deaths?"

You consider this. Have you? It seemed likely, "I don't know for sure," You say, "Maybe,"

Green Lantern nods as if he expected this, "Never mind," He smiled, "It was just a query,"

He walks back into the main hall, with you following.

You sit down in between Batman and Green Lantern. Everyone seemed…a lot less terrifying. Yes, it was sit pretty daunting, being in space surrounded by superhumans, but nonetheless…

"Welcome back," Black Canary said. You nod to acknowledge her.

"We've been discussing the situation," Superman said, "And, although this may seem unnecessary, but to be able to fully trust you, we would like to use Wonder Woman's lasso and ask you a few questions,"

"Of course," You say to yourself, "The lasso makes people tell the truth,"

The Justice League ofAmericamisheard and assumed you were agreeing to the request.

Before you know it, you're tied to the chair by the lasso and the League is surrounding you. Black Canary looks reluctant, and you take comfort in the fact that she probably didn't agree to this, like you.

"Who are you?" Batman asks. He suddenly becomes increasingly horrifying and intimidating, and you feel like your going to wet yourself in horror. You slowly stammer out your name, the same name you told them before, because, after all, you are telling the truth.

"You're scaring them," Black Canary yelled, "And I told you they were telling the truth!"

They ignore her, and press on questioning you.

"Where did you come from?" Vixen asked. You tell her your hometown back where you live.

"How did you get here?" Hawk Girl asked. You told them the same story for the third time, about you falling and waking up here.

"Why are you here?" Black Lightning asked. You paused.

"I don't know," You admit, "I honestly don't know,"

"Who's your favourite superhero?" Red Arrow asks.

"Roy!" Black Canary snaps.

"What? I was just wondering,"

You're untied, and everyone sits back down.

"Was that really necessary?" Black Canary growls.

"They could have been anybody," Batman says, equally growly, "We couldn't take chances,"

You become increasingly irritated, "Well now that we have clarified that I am not going to murder you all, can we please get down to business?" You fold your arms.

They look surprised at your sudden outburst.

"Y-yes, of course," Black Canary says.

"As we speak, we have people working away trying to develop a second tear to send you back home," Superman explained.

"It seems like in your dimension we're confined to comic books. The only power on your planet is the power of imagination." Hawk Girl said.

"That's why you know so much about us," Vixen spoke up.

"Right," You nod.

"But seeing as this is another dimension, and things only you could imagine are real," Black Lightning said, "There is a possibility that you know, or understand, things that are going to happen to us,"

You glance over at Green Lantern, who is staring at you intently.

"The future," Black Lightning stated.

"I might," You say, "But I might not. It might have happened in a comic I haven't read yet, or I have forgotten,"

"Of course," Superman said, "But nonetheless, you still might be able to predict a villians next move, as you can be familiar with them, even if we have yet to met them,"

"What are you trying to say?" You said, deeply confused.

"Until we create the next tear, we would like your assistance in a case we are currently working on, of course, you must be tried, so we shall talk more in the morning," Superman smiled, "Batman has offered to let you stay in his mansion,"

"Wayne Manor," You interrupted. Superman smiles and nods,

"Of course you'd know about it. You'll be staying there for the duration of you stay in our dimension,"

You nod, realising you're very tried by now.

"Cool," You say, stifling a yawn.

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