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There was no music coming from Abby's lab when Gibbs steps out of the elevator. He wasn't surprised there was no music because they were in the middle of a case, and it was so late he wasn't sure if he should call it too early. In cases like this, the team took turns having a few hours of sleep in Abby's lab. At times like this, Abby had headphones on so as not to wake up anyone who was sleeping. Abby wasn't anywhere Gibbs could see. He walked towards her desk. In the other room, the doors were open. Lying on the floor was Tony, Bert under his head and Abby curled up to his side. Gibbs tried hard not to smile as he watched them. They were cute, lying together asleep. Tony arms were wrapped around Abby protectively, just as a big brother would do to protect his little sister.

"What's up boss?" Tony asked. Gibbs hasn't noticed that Tony had been awake.

"Came down to see if Abs had anything new," Gibbs said.

"Her computer is running, but nothing has popped yet," Tony replied.

"Okay, get some rest and make sure she gets more. I'll come back later," Gibbs said, walking out.

"Sure, boss," Tony said shutting his eyes wrapping his arm more around Abby, protecting her, and falling asleep.

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