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Chapter 13

Harry arrived at a rather large house, hidden in an even larger forest. He didn't have the slightest idea of his whereabouts; he just knew he had to be there, because the invisible rope in his chest kept pulling him.

It was a trick. He had come all this way without seeing one living soul and he knew that it was exactly what Voldemort wanted. He was supposed to find that house without injuries. He was expected to enter.

His need to find Draco was stronger than the instinct to be cautious. Without hesitation, he barged into the house.

Empty. It didn't really surprise him. Voldemort wouldn't wait for him; he would come when he pleased, and that would probably be after Harry had found Draco.

Harry observed the dark room for a while, trying to figure out where Draco would be kept. He decided to check the dungeons, or the basement; he didn't know whether this place would even have a dungeon.

He marched into a room on his right, darkness blurring his vision. "Lumos," he whispered, knowing that this spell could very well mean his death. Everything remained silent, so he continued walking through the room, searching for a staircase.

Harry concentrated on the tight feeling in his heart, and easily found his way down. The rope kept pulling him. Harry almost smiled at Hermione's brilliantness; this spell was superb.

He arrived at the basement, holding his wand in front of him. This would be the place, he felt it. He crept into the basement, his eyes darting around for movement. From what he could see, it had different chambers. He tried to be as silent as he could, holding his breath each time he took a step. There was nothing, not even mice.

Harry started to wonder whether this was the right place at all, but the spell kept tugging him. It drew him deeper into the shadows, until Harry saw a tall dark figure. That must be a guard of Draco's prison.

"Stupefy," Harry whispered. The man shot backwards, hitting the wall and sliding down. Harry rushed over; pulling back the hood that covered the Death Eater's face. It was Greyback. Harry's stomach churned as he thought about what this man had done to Lupin. He could only hope this man hadn't been part of Draco's punishment.

He went down another flight of stairs, entering a small, dark room. He could sense Draco was here; the spell was still telling him he was going the right way. He looked around the room and saw a skinny mass on the ground, chained by his wrists and ankles, dirt all over his body. His blonde hair was hanging over his eyes.

Harry's heart skipped a beat. Draco's grey eyes were closed. Harry stepped closer, knowing this was far too easy and probably how Voldemort wanted it.

"Draco, wake up," he whispered. Draco didn't respond at first, but then his eyes fluttered open slowly, recognising Harry. The look in Draco gave him broke Harry's heart into a thousand pieces.

The fire in Draco's eyes had been extinguished. There was only sadness and sorrow in grey pools. It was as if the storm inside him had died away, leaving only wreckage behind. Harry wrapped his arms around the boy, holding him tight. Draco hadn't deserved this.

"Harry," Draco whispered hoarsely. Harry tried to smile, but he felt like crying. All of a sudden, he felt the presence of someone else in the room. Harry jumped up, searching for someone in the darkness.

"Look who we have here. Potter, the hero, coming to save Draco." It was Lucius. Harry looked the man in the eye.

"Lucius," he spat, his voice growling with anger.

"How stupid of you to show your face. Draco can't be saved. He has been dirtied by your hands, and nothing can fix him again," Lucius drawled. Harry tried to stay calm, but the words Lucius spoke set his body and brain on fire.

"I haven't dirtied him, Lucius. You did. And you're going to pay for it." Harry pointed his wand at the Death Eater, wanting to hex the man straight away, but froze as he heard a voice, ringing out around the room.

"Harry, Harry. You're a fool, you know that. You have let yourself be guided by love, and look where it has taken you. Your parents, your friends, your godfather and now Draco are victims of your stupid beliefs."

Harry turned around in shock. Voldemort was standing behind him, just feet away; his red eyes glinting through the darkness. It should scare him, but it didn't.

"You're a fool yourself, Tom," Harry hissed, his voice steady. "At least Ihave something worth fighting for." He pointed his wand at Voldemort now, hoping Lucius wouldn't hex him first.

"Well, let's see how well you'll do. Avada Kedavra!" The green light hardly missed Harry as he ducked away.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry shouted, but he hadn't pointed his wand at Voldemort. Lucius' wand flew through the air and Harry caught it triumphantly. He couldn't risk the chance of being killed by Draco's father when his back was turned.

"It's just you and me, Tom," Harry snarled.

"As you please, Harry Potter," Voldemort answered. Harry glanced over to Draco, who was unconscious again. The shock had probably been too much. Harry could only fear what Lucius had done to his son.

Harry tightened his jaw and focused back on Voldemort . "Protego maxima," he shouted as green light was sent in his direction again. The light was cast away and hit Lucius Malfoy in the chest.

Lucius fell, his eyes glassy. A shock went through Harry's body, but he remained focused on Voldemort.

"Harry, I hadn't seen you as one to kill, my boy." Voldemort smiled, showing his yellowed fang-like teeth.

"I didn't kill him. You did, it was your spell, Tom! And you're going to pay for what you've done to Draco. Crucio!" Harry had never felt so angry before. It flowed through his body as he saw the spell washing over Voldemort. He felt powerful as he sent waves of pain through Voldemort's body.

The Dark Lord didn't seem affected by the pain, but was shocked that Harry had had the anger to use an unforgivable curse.

Voldemort quickly defended himself and broke free from Harry's curse. "You're dead, Harry Potter." Voldemort lifted his wand again, ready to cast another killing curse. Harry turned around quickly to free Draco, shouting "Relashio" as he ducked away to avoid the curse once more.

Draco was almost hit, but Harry had pulled him away too, just in time. Voldemort raised his wand again.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry shouted, red light shooting out of his wand and interrupting the green one.

He broke the connection again, looked at Draco and saw he was still slumped on the floor. "Mobilicorpus!" Harry yelled, and went to run out of the room, Draco floating in front of him. He couldn't carry the boy; it would delay him too much. "Incendio!" Harry shouted as he exited the basement. A large flame blocked the way, momentarily delaying Voldemort.

He kept running with Draco in front of him, Death Eaters hot on his heels. Harry couldn't see who it was.

"Petrificus Totalus!" he shouted, aiming his wand behind him. He kept running, still keeping Draco levitated and making sure he didn't hit the walls or furniture. Voldemort suddenly apparated in front of him, raising his wand.

"Protego!" Harry shouted, protecting Draco from the green light Voldemort's wand shot out. Harry felt his stomach aching, but he kept running until they were out the building. They had been very lucky so far. He grabbed Draco by his wrist and did the first thing that he thought of: Disapparate.

Harry hadn't chosen Hogsmeade to apparate to – Voldemort would probably check there first – but had chosen a place a bit further away. When they arrived, he checked his surroundings to make sure no one was waiting for them. The darkness that surrounded them was completely empty. His vision focused

Harry's heart skipped a beat. He shouldn't have apparated; he didn't have his license yet. Draco had been splinched.

Large pieces of skin tissue were missing on his arm and stomach and he was bleeding heavily. Harry panicked. What was he supposed to do? Draco needed help. Harry couldn't leave him here alone, could he? He couldn't walk all the way to the castle, either.

Harry knew nothing about healing spells. He smoothed Draco's hair soothingly, which was covered in blood. Then an idea popped into his head.

"Expecto Patronum!" he cast hurriedly. A silvery stag erupted from his wand, waiting for instruction. He told it what to do, watching as it ran into the distance. He hoped Hermione would be awake at this hour.

Hermione had been worried since Harry had left them that morning. She had gone to Dumbledore, but he had explained to her there was nothing she could do to help, since they had no idea where Draco was. She had seen in Dumbledore's eyes that he was worried too. All they could do was wait.

Night had come and Hermione couldn't sleep. She was turning around in her bed, thinking about everything that could have happened to Harry. She couldn't lose her friend.

She leapt out of bed, frustrated with herself. Ron was probably fast asleep, snoring loudly as always. She lowered herself in front of the window, looking out across the castle grounds.

In the distance, she saw a light, floating nearer to the castle. She squinted, trying to make out what it was. A stag. "Harry."

The patronus drifted closer, rising up to the Gryffindor tower and coming through the window Hermione was sitting at, coming to a stop in the centre of the room. She leapt up and walked cautiously over to it.

"Draco got splinched. We need help. We're two miles west from Hogsmeade. Hurry,"it said. Hermione wondered if she were the only one who could hear it.

Hermione didn't hesitate. She rushed to her trunk and looked for her vial of Essence of Dittany, grabbed her wand and ran out of the dormitory and Gryffindor common room. She hoped deep inside her heart that she wouldn't be too late. There wasn't enough time to call a professor, so she made her way through the castle.

When she found herself outside, she hesitated. She couldn't walk all the way to Hogsmeade. She reflected for a while and then came up with an idea.

"Accio broomstick," she whispered, concentrating on the brooms in the Quidditch storeroom. A few minutes later – which seemed like hours to Hermione – a broom came flying towards her. It wasn't a very good one, but it would do.

Hermione jumped on it, immediately regretting her idea. Being in the air was very unnatural to her; she hated flying. There was a reason why people didn't have wings. They were supposed to stay with their feet on the ground.

She managed to send the broom in the direction of Hogsmeade. A few long minutes, she arrived at the end of the main street, jumping off her broom and reaching for her wand.

"Point me," she whispered. Her wand span around in her hand like a compass and pointed to north. Two miles west of Hogsmeade…

She started to run.

Harry knew it would take Hermione some time to get to Hogsmeade, but it seemed to take forever. Panic took over his body. He shushed Draco, who was whimpering, making sure he didn't fall unconscious again. He knew that was important, but he felt useless, not being able to do anything else for him.

Then, all of a sudden, he saw a bush of brown curls fly past. Hermione had squatted next to Draco and immediately started to pour the Essence of Dittanny on Draco's injuries.

"Hermione, thank you so much!" Harry breathed, keeping Draco still for her. Hermione didn't answer, her attention was focussed on healing the splinched Slytherin. When she had finished, and Draco was unconscious again, she sat up and looked at Harry with anger glinting in her eyes.

"Harry Potter! You're such an idiot!" she hissed. "Running off without telling me, apparating without a license! You could have been killed!" Harry had seen that one coming.

"I'm so – no, I'm not sorry, Hermione. I needed to do this." Harry stood up, lifting Draco with him. He was surprisingly light. "We need to get help for Draco first. The splinching is not the only thing he went through." He started to walk, not wanting to waste any time arguing with Hermione.

"I'm really glad nothing happened to you, Harry. And I'm glad Draco is going to be fine too. I was really worried."

"Thanks for coming, Hermione. Without you, he wouldn't have survived." Hermione blushed and they walked in silence. When they finally arrived at Hogsmeade, Harry saw the broomstick Hermione had used.

"Three don't fit on a broom. You can go ahead and we'll be right behind you," Harry gestured, but Hermione shook her head. Draco moaned softly in Harry's arms.

"No. You can go with Draco. I'll go on foot."

"No, you put in all that effort to get here –"

"I hate flying. I'm not mounting that broom again," she said firmly. Harry nodded and sat Draco on the broom with a lot of effort. He had shrunken his Firebolt to fit in his pocket, but didn't want to enlarge it again. He didn't think he could handle the Firebolt's poweful flight and keep a hold of Draco at the same time.

Awkwardly, Harry and Draco flew off. He went straight to the castle, to the window of the Hospital Wing. It was difficult to fly whilst grappling an unconscious person, but he managed to get there without incident. He tapped the glass a few times, hoping that Madam Pomfrey would still be awake. After hovering in the air for what seemed like days, she appeared at the window and hastily opened it up for him.

It surprised Harry that she wasn't more shocked at the fact a student had just flown through the window. "Oh dear. Be careful. Bring him in," she whispered. Harry dismounted his broom, lifting Draco off as he did so.

"He got splinched, but otherwise I have no idea what they've done to him."

"I'll do what I can, Mr. Potter. If you would excuse me now, I've got a patient to take care of." She pointed her wand at Draco and Harry watched as he floated out of his arms and onto the bed. She rushed to the main door and opened it.

"Go on. You'll be able to see him soon." Harry wanted to protest, but remained silent as he exited the room.

With one last glance at the Hospital Wing, he made his way to the Gryffindor Tower.

Hermione was already waiting there for him, having apparated just outside the Hogwarts grounds and sprinting the rest of the way. "Harry! Where is he? How is he?"

"Madam Pomfrey is taking care of him. We can't see him right now," Harry answered disappointedly. Hehad risked his life for Draco, and still he wasn't allowed to stay?

On the other side, Harry understood. Draco needed care and attention.

"Well, I'm glad he's being taken care of. He's been through a lot," Hermione sighed. It was late, so the Common Room was completely empty. No sign of Ron.

At that point, someone came down the stairs. "Harry! Where've you been? Me and Hermione have been so worried about you, mate." Ron said as he joined them.

"Ron. I'm –" Harry walked up to him and hugged him. "I'm glad you're here."

"Thanks, mate. I think I just dozed off for a while, but I heard someone downstairs so I figured I'd go check it out. Where's Malfoy?" The fact that Ron was there made Harry a lot happier than he was before.

"He's at the Hospital Wing. Harry apparated to Hogsmeade. Draco got splinched," Hermione answered, with a disapproving glance at Harry.

"No way. How did you manage that?" Ron asked, looking at his friend in awe.

"I didn't have a choice. Voldemort would have killed us both if I didn't get out of there. I was desperate." Harry repied.

"You're lucky he's still alive. People can get seriously injured, getting splinched mate," Ron mumbled, shaking his head.

"I know. I'm glad I'm back. Let's go to bed, and then go and see Draco tomorrow, okay?" His friends both nodded and climbed the seperate stairs. When they entered the boy's dormitory Harry felt exhausted. It was already two in the morning and he still hadn't slept, and even the night before he had hardly any sleep.

He was asleep when his head touched the pillow.

"Goodnight, Harry," Ron whispered. There was no answer.

It was only seven o'clock, but Harry was already wide awake. He wanted – no, he needed to see Draco. He woke Ron, who didn't seem very happy to be woken so early.

"'Sup?" he mumbled, still half asleep.

"I'm going to check on Draco. You go back to sleep. Tell Hermione where I am, okay?" Harry whispered to him.

"'Kay," Ron muttered, his eyes closing again, his snore filling the room instantly. Harry made his way to the Hospital Wing as fast as he could. He knocked, and entered.

It didn't surprise him that Madam Pomfrey was already awake, but he hadn't expected to see anyone else but her.

Dumbledore sat on a chair next to Draco's bed, smiling at Harry as he came closer. The Headmaster always knew what was going on in the castle.

"Good morning, Professor," Harry greeted sheepishly. He didn't know if he was allowed to be here at this time. Or if he would be punished for leaving the castle.

"Good morning, Harry. I see you brought back Mr. Malfoy?" Dumbledore's blue eyes glistened.

"Er, yeah," Harry mumbled. Madam Pomfrey looked at him unhappily, but Harry ignored her.

"As Draco is still very weak, We shall go to my office and you can tell me what happened. When Draco has recovered enough, we'll hear his story, too."

"How is he? Madam Pomfrey?"

"He's very weak. The boy needs rest, so I would prefer no visits at all, for now," she replied, looking displeased at Dumbledore's presence. Her look told him to get up and leave.

"Of course Poppy. Come, Harry. We won't be of any help around here."

Harry sighed loudly as Professor Binns went on about some wizarding war in France. Hermione sat next to him, taking notes for them both. Harry was grateful, he wasn't in the mood to be in class.

That morning, he had revealed everything to Dumbledore, The professor was glad they were both alive, and he had summoned the Order to check the house immediately. Of course, Dumbledore knew that Harry had gone the moment that he left the previous day, but it was one of the things he knew Harry must do, alone.

Of course, Voldemort wouldn't be there anymore. But they had to search it, since the body of Lucius Malfoy could still be there.

He would go see Draco at noon. Still one hour to go.

Finally, Professor Binns allowed them to put away their books and quills. Harry ran off to the fourth floor. As Harry knocked on the door of the Hospital Wing, Madam Pomfrey's voice told him to wait until eight o'clock to return. And to not come before that.

Disappointment filled Harry's heart and he walked off again.

Draco's head was aching. Where was he? Was he still alive?


That was all he could remember. He had seen Harry. He tried to sit up, but his body hurt so much that he sank back into the cushions.

Cushions. Was he in a bed? How? Draco tried to open an eye. The bright light was too much and he closed them again.

He remembered pain. Pain and Harry. Harry, he had been there. He had come for Draco. Or was it a dream? Draco couldn't tell. Why wasn't he in that room anymore? Or was he? His headache increased as he tried to think, so he stopped thinking.

He fell back into a slumber.

He woke up again. There was someone with him. He could sense it. His body tensed. Who could it be? Had he dreamed of that bed? No. He was still in that bed. Maybe his father had found him after all.

"Draco," he heard. That voice. It was so lovely. Harry. He was dreaming about Harry again. Was he dreaming?

"Draco," the voice called again. Draco smiled. His Harry called for him. This was peaceful. He wanted to stay like this forever, with that soft voice in his head.

"Wake up, Draco. I'm here," Draco could hardly understand what the voice was saying. Then he felt warm lips on his. This was Heaven. For a moment, he felt nothing but that kiss. All the pain ebbed away.

Was it Heaven?

It must be. He opened his eyes a little and saw green. The room was very white. They must be at the entrance of Heaven. Or didn't it work that way? Draco became tired of his own questions.

"Are you awake?" He heard. It was Harry. Harry.

"T – Thi – Thirsty," he managed to bring out. He felt something cold against his lips. Water.

"H – Harry?" Draco asked after a moment of silence.

"Yeah?" Harry whispered. He could feel Harry's warm breath on his skin. He was so close that Draco could smell his scent.

"Don't go," he choked.

"I won't," Harry responded. Draco smiled and fell asleep.

Harry sat next to Draco, his hand in Draco's paler one. He was still very weak. Harry hoped that he didn't have nightmares. Oh, right. That was impossible. He was taking Dreamless Sleep potion.

"You'll have to give him some rest, Mr. Potter," Madam Pomfrey ordered after two hours. It was getting late. Harry was fighting his tiredness, still observing Draco silently.

"No. He asked me to stay," Harry responded firmly. "I'm not going anywhere until he says I have to leave."

Madam Pomfrey looked anything but happy, but walked off again, knowing there was nothing she could do. So, Harry was allowed to stay. She returned a few moments later.

"You're not sleeping on a chair. Here." She waved her wand and elongated the chair Harry was sitting on until it was long enough for him to rest his legs on, like a chaise-longue. Harry was grateful. He was tired.

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey. He relaxed without letting go of Draco's hand and fell asleep only moments later.

[insert line break here]

Harry woke up next to Draco. It had been two weeks since Draco had been kidnapped and he had been sleeping in the Hospital Wing ever since, because Draco had wanted him to. He had to admit he didn't mind at all.

Draco was already up, watching him silently.

"Hi, Ferret Face," Harry greeted, teasing his lover.

"Don't start, Potter. In your position, I wouldn't dare to call me that."

"And what would you do, Handicap?" Harry smiled. Draco narrowed his eyes, but smiled nevertheless.

"I would make love to you until you begged for more, Potter." Harry's morning hardness twitched and he sat up.

"You can't. You're still too weak."

"I'll catch up on that later. Make up for lost time," Draco laughed. Harry smiled at his boyfriend.

"You still haven't told me what they did to you," he whispered softly. At this, Draco's smile disappeared.

"No. I haven't."

"You'll tell me in time?" Harry questioned. He understood it was hard for him to be reminded of it.

"In time, yeah."

"I'll get my revenge on him, Malfoy. You can be sure of that. I'll kill him for what he has done to you."

Draco smiled again. "You're so cute when you're angry."

"Maybe I'll distract Voldemort with my cuteness," Harry said, shooting Draco a death glare. He didn't like to be called cute.

Draco leant forward and kissed Harry on the lips. "No you won't. You're mine."

"Am I?" Harry said, leaning into the taller boy. He caught Draco's lips just in time, preventing him from answering.

"Mr. Potter. You are not allowed to tire my patient. Get into YOUR bed this instant," Madam Pomfrey barked. Harry hadn't seen her coming. Wasn't she still asleep?

Draco pointed his tongue at Harry as the Gryffindor crawled into his bed, his face as red as a tomato.

"Don't be sad, Harry. You'll be able to tire me out when I'm recovered again," Draco said teasingly.

At that, Harry wanted to jump onto the Slytherin, but that was impossible with Madam Pomfrey there.

"I'm serious, Potter. If you can't stay in your own bed, you won't be allowed to sleep here any longer," Madame Pomfrey said, as if she could read his mind.

Draco smiled, his eyes glinting as Harry's green eyes – clouded with lust – shot fire.

"You're not rid of me yet, Malfoy," Harry whispered.

Draco smiled. That was exactly how he wanted it.

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