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[cheesy talk show music plays]

Big Speaker Voice: After one of the longest commercial breaks in Hephaestus TV history, it's the show that every godly being has been talking about! We are back on Olympus: LIVE! Let us welcome back ECHO!

[audience cheers as camera pans to Echo's face]

Echo: *fixing hair* Are we on? Oh! *laughs nervously* Uh... good evening' Olympian folks, glad to be back! *waves at camera*

[audience cheers]

Echo: Anyways, this evening we shall be interviewing a quite...er... environmentally driven guest who shall be introduced in this short clip. Please take a look! *smiles and points at screen behind her*

[audience cheers as screen flickers to life showing the picture of a beautiful meadow and river]

Voiceover of a Guy:Earth, a beautiful haven in which us living beings bask in peace and harmony...

[video switches to various clips of beautiful things; flowers blooming; waterfalls tumbling down gracefully; animals playing in the sunlight; enchiladas on plates being served]

[audience 'ooooh's]

Voiceover of a Guy:Ah yes... Or do we?

[video switches to montage of terrible things; trees being cut down; animals being shot; wildfires raging through forests; enchiladas being stepped on; garbage being thrown]

Random Audience Member:


Voiceover of a Guy:
Indeed, mankind has been trashing, destroying earth and all the things worth living for. This cannot continue!

[screen goes black and there's a loud 'poof!' and lots of smoke.]

[audience members scream]

[figure emerges from the smoke; a satyr wielding a tree branch on fire]


If we burn, you burn with us! *extinguishes branch and holds it up*Save the environment and spread the power of Pan!

[audience sits in silence for a moment before bursting into applause and whoops]

Echo:Please give it up for the satyr that loves drah-mat-ick entrances! The ever lovable and amazing GROVER UNDERWOOD!

[audience cheers and claps as Grover steps out of the smoke and sits down beside Echo]

Grover: *blushing*

Aww, th-thank you all! Seriously, y'all flattering the old goat!

[audience laughs]

Echo: *laughs and fans her face*Gods, Grover... that was genius! Channeling your concern for the environment through a little-more-than-Morgan-Freeman-esque video! If you're running for head satyr you've got my vote!

Grover: *laughs nervously*Uh... thanks I guess.

Echo:Anyhow, tell me Grover, it has been nearly FOREVER, how have you been doing?

Grover: *scratches head* Uh it's been good I guess. Ever since the war *clears throat* um, we've been getting many new recruits. I believe we got around twenty new demigods within the first week alone. And-

Echo: *cuts off*How are things with the Council of Cloven Elders? I believe we've heard that you've been made a member.

Grover: *coughs*Actually yeah. We've started this project called Greeks Against Pollution or GAP as we call it and-

Echo: Uh-huh. *giggles*Speaking of which, look at YOU, you hawt lil' goat, I bet you've got tons of goatettes lining up for you! *laughs

Grover: *eyes widen* What? No lady, are you crazy? I-I'm actually in a loving, committed relationship wi-

[audience 'ooooh's once more]

Echo: *gasps*Oh, with who?

Grover: *looks around nervously* Well there's this cute little tree nymph called Juniper and... *sighs* she is the love of my life.

[audience 'AWWWWWW's]

Echo: *wipes fake tear off her cheek*
That is so CUTE! Where is she tonight?

Grover: Well probably out shopping at Goat-Mart (environmentally friendly products 24/7) or feeding the homeless or watering plants or something similarly beautiful. *sighs* She's the tree of my dreams... Who will set me on fire if I say anything otherwise. Love ya Juni! *waves at camera*


So Grover, I've heard many things. You channeled the power of Pan and caused a... uh... Panic, if I'm right, at the battle of the Labyrinth?

[audience 'wwwwwwwwwow's]

Grover: *blushes* Aw seriously, it-it was nuffin'... Just helping speed stuff up, *laughs nervously*Yeah...

Echo: *snaps up*ANYWAY! We've got some questions from our loyal viewers-slash-fans. Let's take a look!

[opens one envelope]

The first question is from a fan called 'Daughter of iris.' *clears throat*

Hi Grover, I really think you're one of the most amazing characters, how did you feel when you and juniper got together, and when you found out percy was taken what was your reaction?

Echo: Good questions! *turns to Grover*Well...?

Grover: *blushes for the infinite time* Th-thank you. Honestly you people are overdoing these compliments!

Grover:Anyways, to answer your first question, when Juniper and I first got together, I'll tell you... I was scared beyond words! A-a tree nymph... totally outta this satyr's league! But ya know, in the end, I couldn't have been more grateful for a loving, supportive hand, especially during my hearing...

[audience coos in affection... Well the females anyway]

Grover: And the second one... WOAH! Hold your horse hooves! Percy's missing? But... what... when? When did this happen? (1)

Echo:Umm... Grover, I- Oh do stop eating that furniture! Anyways, next question, from a fan named 'annabeth65' what is with these people's names? Here we go:

grover-have you ever saved any famous people? or are you to young still/

(Running through Spellcheck. Result: Grover- Have you ever saved any famous people? Or are you still too young?)

Echo: Interesting... Well?

Grover: *sheepishly
* Ah well... I am a pretty young satyr but... ya know that singer? Uh...something Bieber?

Female in Audience: *screams* I WUV JUSTIN!

: Yeah...Turns out he was a son of Apollo. I brought him to camp when he was around ten-ish. However we had to move him out because several people said his singing caused brain damage and hearing loss so we gave him to one of our demigod associates who raised him. Apparently his singing attracted international attention and he is now a respected *coughs* hated *coughs* musician worldwide. Well I hope that answers your question.

[audience sits in silence]

Girls In Audience: *singing*You know you love me, you know you care. Just shout whenever...

Echo: *plus ears and screams*SILENCE!

[singing ceases]

Echo: Now before WE have any brain damage, onto the last question. *clears throat*This is from... uh 'Guest.' It's part of a message so we'll just skip that. Ah here!

What's it like being Percy's best friend? Is it...well, is it weird? (Is that even the right word?)

[audience 'ooooh's]

Random Guy:
Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!

Echo: *whistles*

Grover: *gapes* Uh well... *scratches back of head* It-it's a bit... demanding I'll say. With Percy's regular life-or-death experiences, I'll admit I feel very concerned for him at times. Yes it can be... weird for the lack of a better word at times, I mean he's the Hero of Olympus! And I... I'm just a wimpy lil' satyr. I'll admit I feel a bit... shadowed at times. *coughs*But ya know, Percy is a guy who has your back no matter what, whether it's with a sword fighting off monsters or helping you wake up from a month long sleep and finding a so-called dead deity. *bleats*

[audience cheers and whoops in approval. Someone screams: "PERCY AND GROVER, BFFS FOREVAH!]

Echo: *laughs*

Sweet. Now Grover, tell me, any words on a certain Cyclopes son of Poseidon?

Grover: *sighs*
Uh, Tyson? Well... he is one mean, lean, fighting machine. A great friend... If a bit overwhelming at times. He's awesome! However, warning: his hugs can uh... at times crush your rib cage or fracture your horns. He can be scary at times too...

Echo: Okay, now for some back-and-forth direct questioning. Starting... NOW!

[audience cheers]

Echo: Are tin cans tasty?

Yes! A great source of nutrients and minerals. They're like crunchy snacks. My mama goat used to say, "A tin can in your belly and you'll never be smelly!"

Echo:What's it like having goat fur?

Grover:Imagine wearing thick velvet... forever. It keeps me warm but the weekly bug rinsing does annoy me at times.

Echo:What's your opinion of Gaea, evil mother earth?

Grover: *shivers* She gives me the goatie-woaties. Seriously, she freaks the Hades outta me. *makes three-clawed gesture over heart*

Echo:Is it true you have bunny phobia?

Grover: *bleats*Leave that out of this!

Echo:Coffee is...

Grover:Diiiiiiiviiiiiine! Best taken with enchiladas!

Echo:If you could vacation somewhere for a whole year, where would it be?

Grover: *scratches head*Umm... I've always wanted to go to Costa Rica, you know the Eco-friendly tourism they have there is amazing. I wouldn't miss a chance to head over to Angel Falls, Argentina either. Highest falls in the world. Ah, South America's a great place for greenery.

Echo:Favorite musician?

Grover: Well... *blushes* I like Hilary Duff, Jesse McCarteney, Willow Smith, Taylor Swift: I love her, I also enjoy the classics: Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and all that... *sighs*

[loud ding rings]

Echo:And that folks, is what I call the end to this interview. Grover, thanks for being with us! Any parting words?

Grover: *nods and gets up* Stay safe and go green! *pulls out reed pipes*We aim for a green Olympus!

[Grover starts playing 'What A Wonderful World' and audience sings along]

Echo: *humming tune* Beautifully done. Anyways, next up folks, is a girl who literally turned half our security guards to pulp because she refused makeup. A kicking daughter of Ares up next!

[imagine of a brown-haired girl halfway punching the camera appears on screen]

Echo: It's Clarisse la Rue, people! Don't miss the exclusive interview... right after these messages! *smiles and sings along*

[screen fades as commercials come on and singing ceases]

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